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  1. There two tubes that go to the exhaust manifold. The fresh air tube ed is referring to connects from the passenger side of the top of the carb and runs almost straight down to the front of the crossover tube. That tube uses filters fresh air from the air cleaner down to the cross over where it is heated by exhaust gasses and then back up from the rear of the carb to the choke housing as routed in the pics I posted. Two different tunes. Many guys don't run the fresh air tube and in my opinion it's not needed because you will have a slight vacuum draw there too which will offset the vacuum a
  2. You can remove the choke and pass a thin wire though the passage to make sure its not clogged. As long as you have action in the choke and it opens as the car warms up, I wouldnt sweat the vacuum part, you have heat getting there and thats all you really want
  3. That is the basic repair, some of us have plugged the holes in the intake so the exhaust gases dont flow through the channel. Replacing the plate fixes the problem but in a few years it will get eaten away again.
  4. Im up in Vegas, temps are about the same. Its awesome in the garage this time of year. Getting so much work done.
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