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  1. Wandered onto that view too. Love the car. Really love the interior. Kept it Riv, but made it different. Only thing I didn't like was the burl on the steering wheel. Isn't that wheel from a early 70's buick?
  2. Had a mustang with a crane HI6 box, and a Crane distributor. Switched to a pertronix distributor and coil, and it felt like I gained a little power. Started much faster and easier. I don't think I ever had the curve right in the distributor. I put a pertronix in my Riv, but haven't had it running with it yet. Before that, it had a MSD 6A and coil, and 8mm wires. I was fooling around with plug gaps a lot then, got them up to .050. It made a noticeable difference in the sound. At around .055 it would lose power. Had to take it down to .040 with the crane box. I really had no idea wha
  3. Always thought it was weird that edelbrock or someone never made an aluminum q-jet or AFB intake for the nailhead. Seems like there's more of them in hotrods than buicks.
  4. I'll need to do this with my 64's 425. Spoke with a shop that said it should be easy. Looking forward to reading more.
  5. I can't find the link, but I saw sometime ago that testing showed gloss pure white is supposed to be the brightest reflector.
  6. Might be missing the seal between the booster and the MC. Mine was missing, no power on the brakes at all. Pedal was very stiff and slow to act.
  7. Looks like 64 wildcat wheels. Center in between webbing a grey color? Looks like new seat covers too. One hell of a score. The factory repair manuals are available, and you can get a set on CD on ebay pretty cheap. I used those, and print out the specific pages i'll need while working on something. Saves wear on the 50yr old books.
  8. Still are around here, although anymore people don't drive them like they used to. I think that scene from corvette summer was filmed near here.
  9. Anyone know where to get these? Saw them in a old magazine years ago, but never found a source. Only thing I can find is tension locking ones for race cars.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVDtWDbwUlY Here's another one, with actor Danny Trejo and his black 65.
  11. I bought a Waldron's "Arvinode" exhaust for a mustang, it took a lot of modification, and the mufflers fell apart internally (broken welds on baffles, causing a rattle) after about a year. Was not impressed with them. The mufflers sounded amazing before they fell apart though.
  12. The sock is just a type of plastic net, sewn into a tube shape. It's a press fit on the pickup tube. They're very commonly available. I personally wouldn't replace the sender unless it misreads or has dead spots. Like XFrameFX said, put on a voltmeter on ohms, and when you move the sender arm you'll see it change reading. One lead on the sender's post wire, one on the bracket anywhere. It's been my experience that it needs to be held upright like it would sit in the tank, otherwise it misreads. The numbers may jump around on the gauge, that seems to be normal unless it's going from 0 to 30 the
  13. I removed and reinstalled my tank solo, it's deceptively easy other than if there's gas in the tank it gets heavy. I didn't need to raise the car. I disconnected the vent line at the license plate, and then the fuel and vent lines that run forward. There might be a rubber shield at the plate vent, I think mine was in pieces. There's the two straps, at the end near the axle is the anchor bolts. I had to hit mine with a wire brush and spray. I loosened them an inch or two, and the heads of the bolts will slide out of notches in the floor braces. The only trick is to hold the tank in
  14. Never liked having a 140 speedo. It just decreases the resolution for the actual speeds we drive. I had 79 chevy that had the 85mph speedo, I liked it because you could judge down to the individual mph how fast you were going. Anything over 85, I wasn't looking at the speedo anyway.
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