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  1. This is on my dream car list. I grew up around Dad's 69 Firebird, I have a weakness for Pontiacs. If i had crazy money, it would be interesting to play what-if with each brand's version of the car.
  2. I got the Delco MC, so that adds up. I'll start looking for a Bendix. I got up close and personal with the frontend, while replacing that brake line at the crossmember. Looks like one of the PO's rebuilt the front suspension and brakes. Sitting for a decade dry rotted the rubber hoses a little, but the rest looks great. Rearend bushing need replaced, but i'm grateful about the front. Tom - I may take you up on the block, but i'm hoping I can get the fitting out of mine with some persuasion.
  3. When I was shopping for a Riv, I was also looking for a 64 GP or Ventura, and the 61-63 Thunderbird. If I ever got money, i'd own all of them. In my opinion, the 60's was the best decade of auto design.
  4. I'm replacing my brake lines, and converting my single master cylinder to a dual chamber. I bought a 67 Buick drum/drum MC, but the plunger is different. The 67 takes a short plunger, and my 64 booster has a very long plunger shaft. Easily 3" hanging out of the booster. Did I get the wrong MC? Do I cut this rod, and if so how much? Search function helped some, but i'm still not clear on it. Anyone know what the fitting sizes for the MC lines are? They're considerably larger than the 64's. Any junction blocks I should use? Maybe Impala? My original is kinda not usable, the rear line fitting is seized in it. Might as well replace it with something that works easily with the dual MC.
  5. Considering that the AACA is about restoration, it makes sense. Another car forum I go to has a model year cut-off (64 and earlier), and are very aggressive about enforcing it. Previously, when they were lax about the rules it was getting over-run with off topic car post (late models). When I first got on the internet in the late 90's, car forums were few and far between. But now, you can find one catering to almost any subject. My 64 is slowly turning into a restomod. I come here for information about the stock aspects of it, and go to hot rod forums for the mod aspects.
  6. Comes in a roll, and you glue it into the channel. I used 3M weatherstripping glue to hold it in. It was harder to clear the channel of old stuff, than to install the new.
  7. I almost bought the aluminum batwing, but wasn't sure it would fit under the hood. It's my understanding a regular batwing doesn't fit without serious base mods. I went with a Cal Custom "Shaker Scoop" for mine. With a 2" tall 10" diameter air filter, it clears the hood by almost a inch. The filter is undersized by a couple cubic inches for the engine size, but I prefer the looks than full on performance. Inbeween the fins is going to be painted teal to match the motor. Matching valve covers eventually.
  8. My Dad's 69 firebird has been apart for 30 years now. I come by it honestly
  9. It's the perfectionism that stops me. That, and "for a dollar more". I bought my 64 thinking that it needed some dry hoses replaced and it would be a runner. Found that the starter and charging circuits were partially burned. So that turned into learning about wiring and loads and wire gauges. So then I had to find the right crimper, and wire type, and next thing I know i've rewired most of the frontend. Then I found other stuff that I might as well clean and upgrade. Three years down now. I definitely slaughtered a cow, when I just wanted a hamburger.
  10. I noticed that about the annuals, they're pretty expensive. I sold a few others I had years ago, got a good trade out of them. I suspect the 65 is a modified 63-64 mold, so the 64 will probably never see the light of day again. I did find some nice resin castings a while back, but didn't jump on them. I'm trying to avoid getting back into the hobby. It's addictive! I'm kinda disappointed by how expensive the diecast got. It was reasonably priced when it came out. Too expensive now.
  11. Funny this post came up. I used to build model cars, at one time I had 300+. I was thinking about picking up some 64 Riv models on ebay, to try out some ideas. I have the 65 around here somewhere. I also have the 1/18 diecast, I really like it. Great model.
  12. The 2" drop looks great. I want to do that on my 64. It's basically at that height now, the stock springs are sagging badly. I ran KYB gas-a-just on a 67 mustang, they were great but they seem to last for about 6 months of daily use before going soft. You can get Viking fully adjustable (both up and down) shocks for $700-ish. They could be tuned to preference. Seems like a much better deal that the bilsteins. I have the factory adjustable shock package on my vette, it's pretty slick. Turn a knob on the console and they go from reasonable to firm to stupid hard. The hard setting is pretty useless unless you want the fillings rattled out of your teeth. There's kits on the market now for coilovers with a small hydraulic ram on them. Lets you lift the car a few inches without affecting spring or shock rates. About $5k and some fab work.
  13. The door window rubber didn't make sense to me either. I had to drill out the screws that hold the outer quarter window chrome trim. I found brass screws the same size at home depot. I replaced every piece on the sides, it was quite the PIA.
  14. man, those look killer. I consider going wire on my 64 someday, but they seem like it would be hard to keep them clean.