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  1. My 64 had exactly the same stuff on it. Same color and everything. I thought someone added it, but now that i've seen yours i'll say it's factory. FWIW, I used duct sealing putty to replace it when I reinstalled the trim.
  2. Is this car in LA? I think i've seen it on CL. If it is, it started out on the AV's CL for a pretty reasonable price. Looked like a nice car.
  3. As an aside, does anyone know if the TH400 dipsticks fit the 64 ST400's? The handle broke off mine.
  4. I've heard of guys spending 5K+ getting 50's era bumpers done. Chrome can get crazy expensive, especially in CA it seems. Some guys take their stuff to mexico boarder towns to get it plated because it's considerably cheaper.
  5. For me, the GS is just an interesting package, but nothing I want. My 64 will be a semi-daily driver, i'd only take a dual 4bbl if it was given to me and then i'd sell it to a collector. The power to fuel economy ratio isn't worth it. I like the idea of the suspension package that came with GS's, and i'll eventually do mods to mine to get at or past that level. But the GS premium just isn't worth what you get. The Riv doesn't have an equivalent, but most of the SS cars, Judges, and GTO's used stiffer station wagon spec parts for their handling packages. There's a lot of Rivs in SoCal, and they come with SoCal prices. I feel I got very lucky with mine at $9k, and I know how to deal with its problems. I did see a 65 GS listed on CL that was half restored and half apart for 14K, and I wish I had at least looked at it.
  6. That's surprisingly cheap, I was expecting around $2500 and higher. One reason I bought my 64, was that the bumpers had been rechromed, and very well.
  7. I really like the large sweeping lines, and silver with black fades looks incredible. I'm pushing around ideas using long curved lines, but filling in the spaces in between with geometrics. All in shades of dark blues. My big plan for my riv is a Larry Watson style panel paint job, in medium and dark blue metallics.
  8. "Counts Kustoms" from whatever show built a boat tail for himself, it has one of the most amazing black and silver lowrider paintjobs i've ever seen. Absolutely love that car. That guy seems to actually build stuff.
  9. That richard guy showed up on a hot rod forum I go to about 12 years ago or so. Bragging about how he was building cars and selling them. If I remember correctly, some members ran in the same circles, and called him out and proved he was buying local built cars, then saying he built them, and flipping them online. A complete lying con artist.
  10. I really like chrome powercoating, it takes on the look of polished aluminum. I had forgotten about that process, that might be ideal for my interior window trim. I like the brightwork, but the chrome seems blinding. Maybe with powercoating, I could get the bright look, and still keep my retinas.
  11. Funny this car came up, I ran across the youtube video of it a couple years ago. It was a little rough, and way too low in the front. Looks like someone was putting in the effort to make a mild "paint" custom, and gave up or had to sell. Seems reasonable for the initial price of 8K. I think the 35K is the TV price. That front crossmember is a little worrisome, i'd want to get the frame checked for straightness.
  12. I'm going to use royal purple break-in oil. Motor only has about 200 miles on it. My understanding is breakin oil has lots of zinc. After about 1200 miles, probably switching to their synthetic. Been running it in my GF's Rav4 since it was new, it's up to 280k miles and no smoke or rattles. Seems to do ok.
  13. They must mean on newer cat equipped cars. I think zinc kills OS2 sensors and cats. Poor wording on their part?
  14. Incredible, I wouldn't have ever guessed that. Could it have been a acid rain type situation, where moisture made it acidic?
  15. If you try picking up the door by the handle, does it have any vertical play in it? I'm thinking it might be a broken hinge pin bushing. If it's the bushing, they're relatively easy to replace, and cost just a few bucks.