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  1. Here's another link to a story about another company that offers them. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/inside-look-hydraulic-solution-air-ride-problems/
  2. I don't think i've seen any bolt in options for coilovers. Although I feel like the rear shock mounts are strong enough to allow mounting. When I was shopping for a Riv, there was a 65 listed on the LA Craigslist with coilovers at all 4 wheels, but no pics of the installation. Looking back, I wish I had gone looked at the car, it was a good deal at 15K. Looks like it's possible, although I suspect the front frame mounts would require some work. There's a company that offers coilovers with a hydraulic cylinder at the spring, to allow 3 or 4 inchs of lift. Similar to what supercars
  3. Did someone create that headliner from foam sheet? I'm wanting to do a modern style hard headliner, probably from ABS plastic sheet covered with some black material. It's not in the style of this forum, but i'm wanting to do "starlight" headliner, using fiber optics. Pretty neat stuff.
  4. For whatever its worth, I installed vent window motors meant for a 57 chevy. I had to clock the shaft on the window a little to make it close fully, but other than that they were easy. Motors are a lot cheaper than the square ones meant for the Riv. The wiring connector is different, but i'm having to make a harness for it anyway so it doesn't matter to me.
  5. There's a pair of them on ebay right now. Ok quality, price is a little high. I'm shopping for the switches, but they're very expensive.
  6. I love old cragars, I was considering going with those. They're the old school lowrider wheel of choice. Also a big fan of Keystone Klassics. I'd love to have some chrome reverse steel wheels. The Wildcat wheels I have now are starting to grow on me though.
  7. Some time ago I bought a set of Kelsey Hayes "Stripper" wheels for my Riv. Don't have them mounted yet. They're 15x6, with a 5x5 BP. They're crazy rare, and not supposed to exist in that BP size. Mine look like they've never been used, there's no wear on the lug holes from nuts or anything. Attached is a bad photoshop I did of them on a Riv. I like them because they're stylistically like a wire wheel, and the finned look works with the finned covers on the fenders.
  8. I ran KYB on a old mustang, I found them harsh until they broke in, then pretty good. I'm eventually going to do the swaybars and steering box on my 64, looking forward to having it on the road and see what the baseline is. My father is a retired diesel mechanic, it was great to have lots of tools around.
  9. good idea, and its a lot more useful than plugging in a adapter
  10. I'm looking for the seal at the end of the steering column, the one that seals the column from heat coming up the center of it. Search showed mentions, but I can't find one listed. Anyone have a link? Or do you make your own seal? Thought about using a piece of thick rubber floor mat (the interlocking tile type), but i'm not sure if its heat resistant.
  11. was it a low rider? Back in my home town in the 90's, they outlawed undercar lighting. Never understood why.
  12. jsgun

    Tom T

    Typically you can click the "forgot password" link, and they offer a few ways to reset the password. Works best if they have a cell number to text to, or an alternate email address to verify the account with.
  13. Been considering going with Viking double adjustable shocks. About $200 more than Bilsteins, fully rebuildable.
  14. If your keeping the car, you may want to consider modifying the firewall to pull the core out on the engine side. After taking mine out the "correct" way, I trimmed the firewall opening with a dremel, and made it so it can easily be removed by taking off the engine side air box. I don't understand why Buick engineered it like that, it makes no sense at all. I got lucky and found a good 65 core and interior air box, mine was rusted out.
  15. Gene helped me out with a quarter window guide, top notch guy. I'd like to put the "b u i c k" letters on my trunklid, replacing the Riviera script. Always preferred that look.
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