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52 minutes ago, GARY F said:

I like the address on the post card.


Pavilion is 25 miles straight south of me. I live in a village of 10,000, lots bigger. I have had mail addressed to "Bernie Daily" delivered.


At the top of the hill on RT 63, on the west side of Pavilion, there used to be a truck stop called Texaco Town. It had a diner, truck gear, and western clothing store all in one. It has been gone for a while now. Actually, the only attraction left is the insane asylum. The Asylum hasn't had a cruise in since '15 and I missed it. http://www.rollinghillsasylum.com/


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On 5/21/2018 at 7:53 PM, 50jetback said:



I wonder what the guys whose cars are never washed ( a topic under discussion right now in a different fofum), just dusted off, would say about this. 🤔

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