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What is it?


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That's a beer dispenser.  It is voice activated.  You have to say "Buick, pour me a pint".  If it doesn't work, your volume settings are probably off and you have to say it louder.  Was fancy tech for the 1960s.

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As stated, it's the photocell eye for the GuideMatic automatic headlight dimming system.


It has a specific headlight switch and dimmer switch. Look on headlight switch and there should be a "GuideMatic ON-OFF" lever on it. Turn it ON, use dimmer switch to put lights on high beam, and GuideMatic does the rest if it's working and adjusted properly. The "eye" on the dash detects headlights from oncoming traffic and switches the headlights to low beam. After that traffic has passed, it switches back to high beams until it detects another oncoming car.


And people just think automatic headlight dimming is a new thing- it's been around since 1952. I daresay these old analog models work better than the new computer controlled versions too. They're for sure easier to disable than most newer versions.


Words of warning about GuideMatics. Reflective highway signs will drive them nuts!

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