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Forum Change?


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38 minutes ago, Mudbone said:

Yep, I still have windows 7. That might be it.

Yeh, might be time to upgrade.  I started running into trouble while on Windows 8.1 last year...couldn't load my tax s/w any longer.  I upgraded to 12 and bought a new laptop to boot. 

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For the past week or so, when I click "Forums", it opens a new page with a different car picture and the forums listed in a vertical list.  When clicking on one forum, the color of that listing changes to an almost unreadably-light color.  Current Windows 10 Edge, or whatever the most recent version might be.


I liked it when putting the cursor over the "Forums" icon and the drop-down menu happened automatically.  Just more keystrokes/clicks now.


Oh well . . .



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