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1965 cruise control - beaded chain


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Hi all


I inherited my car with a broken beaded chain coming from my cruise control power unit ..you’ll see it hanging down in attached pic.


Would any member have a complete one including throttle fitting assembles hanging around unwanted 😀

reckon it will be hard to find but thought I’d ask you chaps first….I believe this option shared with other Buick’s as well?…


all the best







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1 hour ago, moran75 said:

what’s significance of HD/Lowes?

HD = Home Depot (more for the Do it Yourself-er)

Lowes = Lowes (caters more to contractors)

Both are BIG box stores;  each carry everything for the home/project guy who is redoing/rebuilding/replacing nearly anything

Everything: buy a door or door knob or hinge or striker plate or door stop or new glass for it or paint or stain to cover it or a door mat to put in front of it

Either would certainly carry a generic pull chain and -- knowing both of those store chains -- you would have a choice of 17 different lengths in 5 different sized beads

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Thanks for that link @RivNut.  Perhaps that ball-chain situation might be replaced or adapted to a short throttle cable, using Holley items to interface with the carb linkage at the carb?


Ford used a similar chain on their '67-era T-birds with factory cruise, so there might be some adaptation possibilities from Ford?



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