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  1. Hi Steven, In my '65 Gran Sport, it is mounted in the cup at the front of the automatic long console. Personally not very practical. For manual '65 and '66 Gran Sports, there was an accessory consolette that had the same cup. For cars without a console or consolette, the knee knocker style cup was available. In the Skylark bodied cars the knee knocker style was hung from the bottom of the dash. Loren
  2. Not a '60, but a very pretty '61 LeSabre. This one was sitting in the same shop as the '65 Skylark Gran Sport I looked at on Saturday. Not mine, but it will be coming up for sale.
  3. WOW! $3500 just for labor? I am certainly out of touch. A ST300 is a simple transmission. I've rebuilt them and with the proper tools it is not a big task. Loren
  4. Sorry, the 7K tach is long gone. I do have a 6K tach. What type of housing are you in need of, the knee knocker style or the console style? Loren
  5. The transmission in both cars should be the same transmission. For the Special, Skylark cars though , basically there were three different ST300 transmissions. There was a MJ model for all 300 v-8 models , except Sportwagon. The Sportwagon used a MR model transmission. I think the difference was that the transmission for the Sportwagon had a long tailshaft. Internally these two used the same torque converter, valve body plate and same number of driven and drive plates in the both reverse and forward clutches. The third ST300 transmission was for all v-6 engine and the model was LS. It had a different valve body plate , identified with a notch in it , a different reverse clutch pressure plate and reverse clutch piston. Also the number of driven and drive plates was one less than the transmission used behind the 300 v-8 cars. From your description, it sounds like an issue with either the idle stator switch being out of adjustment or an issue with the stator valve body or solenoid . The purpose of the idle stator switch is to reduce engine creep, by changing the stall speed of the torque converter. By changing the stall speed, it makes for less force needed to be held on the brake pedal when stopped. My thought would be to check the adjustment of the stator switch first. My thought process may be flawed here, but thinking about your issue, a cold engine and transmission would have a heavier transmission fluid and create a bit more pressure internally. As the engine and transmission warm up, the transmission fluid would thin, resulting in an increase in accelerator to get the car to move. Loren
  6. Available are a couple Little Fuse brand horn relay with battery cable junction post. These have tested and work properly. Repaired as necessary and covers have been re-plated . Application would be '63- '66 Buick. $55 each plus $8.45 USPS flat rate shipping to lower 48 states. Thanks for looking, Loren
  7. Thanks Gene, switch arrived today Loren
  8. Thought I had the rear bumper with the parts wagon I purchased, but it has too much damage to the bottom outside areas to re-plate. So, I'm still looking for a good left tail light lens , the rear courtesy lamp lens and a rear bumper. Loren
  9. Gene, I'm in for one. How do you want payment? Loren
  10. Hi Brian, I've repaired a couple of them by carefully soldering a jumper wire across the burned area. Hardest part was to get the connection area clean. It is the same technique as used to repair a flat ribbon or dash board panel. Loren
  11. I have sent a link of this thread to a friend that has a NOS piece still in the box. Loren
  12. Narrowing the search down. Still looking for a good left taillight lens and the lens for the rear courtesy lamp above the tailgate window.
  13. There are two sets of first gen retractable seat belts on eBay . Links : 1963 1964 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport Original GM Carriage Black Seat Belts | eBay 1963 1964 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport Original GM Carriage Black Seat Belts #2 | eBay Loren
  14. Thanks to Pete Phillips , I have found one of the right hand tail light , but still looking for a few parts for the 1965 Sport wagon I recently bought. In search of : left hand tail light lense Rear interior lamp lens over rear window Thank you for looking, Loren
  15. Looking for a few parts for the 1965 Sport wagon I recently bought. Looking for: left hand tail light lens Rear interior lamp lens over rear window Thank you for looking, Loren
  16. I've used these to restore a Buick tachometer. They are really nice pieces. The pictures in the above posting do not do them justice. Loren
  17. All '64-'65 Special and Skylark two door sedan, hard top and convertible body would be the same in that area of the panel. It does look as though there is also an issue with the rocker area. Doors from a convertible or hardtop are the same in '64 and '65. There is a small difference though with a '64 door. That difference is a slot for the lock retainer on a '64 door, which a '65 door doesn't have. Loren
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