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  1. Hi if you have a trunk shield emblem and/or 2 Rallye wheels (driver quality is okay) that you would like to sell or if you know where these are available would appreciate your advise (recently purchased car, it's not show quality but decent driver quality) Thanks! Mark
  2. thanks for all the data plate info, very interesting! some pics attached of popup center armrest (thanks for pointing out didn't realize it did this) and front (plastic) and rear )metal) seatbelts
  3. Wow thanks for all the info, very interesting! Can send seatbelt pics tomorrow, noticed previously they look a slightly different color than the front belts(?), can't remember seeing a rear center arm rest, will take pic of area also Seems like the outside color still very similar to the original which is nice and am happy the engine matches the car
  4. Took picture of body plate, looked all around distributor couldn't find a tag on it
  5. Thanks for your note, will take data plate pic when can get back over to storage place in couple weeks No history except bought it from a local couple who were very nice but had no clue about Rivieras except they saw one in the movie Roadhouse and liked it. They bought it at local collector car auction without really understanding much about collector cars
  6. Next time am over at the storage place will look for this tag ( have a feeling several good bits sold long ago, the only thing the last owners knew is "thought it was maybe a buick engine, didn't think it was a chev engine" ) Thanks
  7. Thanks for the feedback as am definitely not an expert on this, some more pics enclosed Took picture of transmission tag which has a BT code If engine had dual fours etc they are long gone
  8. Could use help figuring out which engine my 1965 Riviera has (just purchased) Am sure it's a 401or 425 as the numbers on drivers side of block match VIN plate The heads casting numbers are 119614 also indicating 401 or 425 Not sure what to make of the numbers on the passenger side of block, per pics it's L followed by a gap then X117 Thanks! Mark