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  1. Thanks to Pete Phillips , I have found one of the right hand tail light , but still looking for a few parts for the 1965 Sport wagon I recently bought. In search of : left hand tail light lense right side vista glass with dark tint handle/ knob for the release lever on the passenger rear seat Rear interior lamp over rear window Thank you for looking, Loren
  2. Looking for a few parts for the 1965 Sport wagon I recently bought. Looking for: left hand tail light lense right hand tail light right side vista glass with dark tint handle/ knob for the release lever on the passenger rear seat Thank you for looking, Loren
  3. I've used these to restore a Buick tachometer. They are really nice pieces. The pictures in the above posting do not do them justice. Loren
  4. All '64-'65 Special and Skylark two door sedan, hard top and convertible body would be the same in that area of the panel. It does look as though there is also an issue with the rocker area. Doors from a convertible or hardtop are the same in '64 and '65. There is a small difference though with a '64 door. That difference is a slot for the lock retainer on a '64 door, which a '65 door doesn't have. Loren
  5. I found both, the nut and the slot. Both retractor and bolt down belts are available. I think they are only available in red and black The Parts Place has both styles. I guess there is one small advantage to restoring Skylarks, I occasionally stumble across similarities to help with the Riviera. I will take a much closer look at the aftermarket covers. I don't recall there being any differences. Yes the adaptor plate does have a separate cover. You are very correct that I will need to restore the adaptor plate as was the belts themselves. Those anchor plates you mention
  6. I managed to come across a set from a ‘65 Riviera. They will go in my wife’s ‘63 Riviera. The floor has the spot already. Here are pictures of the belt assembly. There’s a stamped metal piece that the retractor assembly is mounted to. I would think , that piece could be duplicated. So should the plastic cover piece that goes over it. The retractor is the same as used in all the rest of GM models of this era. The covers for the retractor are already reproduced. As far as that goes, the deluxe seat belts are reproduced and available from aftermarket sources. Loren
  7. Thanks for the replies. I thought I read somewhere, that they were silvered. But I couldn't find that information again. I know chrome won't work from my days of model A and Hupmobile restoration. Loren
  8. What is the correct reflective finish for the tail light housings and signal housings for a '63 Riviera. Loren
  9. I've always liked the woody wagons, but too much of a project and I understand the wood is a big expenditure for them. Loren
  10. They are available at Fusick Automotive Products. Listed under the 1935-60 Oldsmobile Restoration Parts section. Part number is PWSC605. Here is a link to the page http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PWSC605 Loren
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