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  1. It turns out that the belts are the same as those used in a Skylark. There is a difference in how the retractors mount though. The Riviera ones have a separate piece that bolts to the floor for the retractor to bolt to. Just thought I would throw that out there. Just need to come up with the mount piece or make some. Loren
  2. Loren@65GS.com

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    It is reproduced , available from Inline Tube. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-66-GM-All-Models-T-400-Transmission-Kick-Down-Rubber-Boot-GTO-442-Chevelle/201567476446 Loren
  3. Loren@65GS.com

    First Generation Dash Pad

    After nearly 10 months of waiting for the '63 dash pad , it is still not available . I have finally given up on OPGI being able to supply it and now waiting a refund. Very disappointed to say the least. Loren
  4. Loren@65GS.com

    Steering Wheel 31 model S

    Bringing to the top. Still available.
  5. Eric, Here is a link to a thread on v8Buick for the lenses. Well made, but does not have the raised area where the stem goes through. http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/buick-tachometer-lenses.258113/#post-2114132 Loren
  6. Loren@65GS.com

    Buick 7k Tachometer SOLD!

    Tachometer is SOLD Loren
  7. Loren@65GS.com

    Buick 7k Tachometer SOLD!

  8. Loren@65GS.com

    Seat Belt Retractor Covers

    Part Place shows application for '65 through '72. Loren
  9. Loren@65GS.com

    Buick 7k Tachometer SOLD!

    Buick tachometer , 7000 RPM. Nice color , cup has no pits , tested and works. $390 plus shipping lower 48 states only. Cross listed to other forums. Thanks for looking. SOLD Loren
  10. Loren@65GS.com

    65 Special Convertible For Sale in OK - not mine

    Joel, I know you are just forwarding a CL add. No offense intended. But for the record , it is not a Skylark, it is a Special with deluxe trim. A '65 Skylark would have full tail lights across the back. The Model # will read 43367 on the cowl tag of this vehicle. A Skylark Model # would read 44X67. The "X" would be a 3 if the engine is a v6 and if the engine was a v8, the "X" would be a 4. Loren
  11. Loren@65GS.com

    Need help. 1964 Buick Tachometer 7000 rpm

    Here is one that I have available. It has been tested and works good. Loren
  12. Loren@65GS.com

    Fuel injection on 425

    Dave, one of our members has installed the Holley system on his nailhead. Here is a link to a thread on 65GS.com : http://65gs.com/board/index.php/topic,3936.0.html Loren
  13. Loren@65GS.com

    Meet photos from Denver

    X 2 Loren
  14. Looks like a nice turn out. We had planed to be there and the BCA Nationals, but health issue put a damper to both. Thank you for taking time to post the pictures. Loren