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  1. I have tried vinegar, muriatic acid and Evap-O- Rust. All with limited success. The issue even after cleaning the rust off is that there is no longer the tin plating left to protect the fuse clips from further rusting. I do a fair amount of work making new harnesses for the '65 Skylark Gran Sports and repairing the dash harnesses and have found a source for the fuse clips . They can be replaced, but the clips are not available in a retail market and are now even becoming limited in supply on a wholesale level. Added to all this is cost and minimum order . Loren
  2. These are used but are in very nice shape for the age with minimal wear. The chrome is clean with no pitting. Shield logos have some minor wear but look good overall. #1 and #4 each have a mounting tab mossing. #3 has 1 mounting tab missing and the ring is loose. Overall very nice pieces. $65 shipped to lower 48 states.
  3. As I recall, it wasn’t too much trouble to mount the Procar seat to the original seat tracks. Yours would take a bit more work along with another set of seat tracks and also welding bucket seat mounts to the floor. Both the tracks and mounts are reproduced. Loren
  4. Jim, Take a look at Procar seats. A friend and I did three days of the Hotrod Power Tour in his '65 Gran Sport that he installed the Procar 80-1400 seats. I found the seats to be very comfortable. He chose to use the low back style seat because they look similar to the original bucket seats. Loren
  5. Shifter and console would run $350 plus shipping Loren
  6. Ok, so you are looking for the original long floor console that was used in the A bod Buicks 1965-1967. I have a couple of them. Where are you located ? Shipping can be real costly for one . Takes a large box! Then you also need to get an adaptor for the shifter to work with the 700R4 tranny. Link to Shiftworks : https://shiftworks.com/collections/conversion-kits/products/1964-67-buick-skylark-factory-shifter-conversion-kit Loren
  7. My apologies, I didn't notice your reply. I'll message you the details. Loren
  8. Interested in the air cleaner. Could you find out what shipping would be to 68358 , please. message sent Loren
  9. On the Roadmaster, there is a restrictor built into one of the heater hoses. It will crack and cause a leak. I chased a slow leak for quite awhile until it finally failed completely. Loren
  10. There are a couple of ways to post pictures from your iPhone. You can transfer pictures from your phone to your computer and then using your computer to post to a thread. But , it is quite simple to post directly from your iPhone. First it depends on whether you want to start a new topic or want to reply to a topic . After making your choice you just follow the steps. As you scroll down the page on or phone you will come to where you can add your pictures. It is highlighted and says " Click to choose files " . Tapping on that brings up a selection of three choices [1] Take Photo or Video, [2] Photo Library , [3] Browse . Pick one of those and then make your picture selection by tapping on the picture, it will automatically upload to your thread. The final step is to tap on "Submit Topic ". Hope that is of some assistance, Loren
  11. FOR SALE Fuel sender for ‘65 Riviera with AC. Very good condition. This is a 90 ohm sender. Tested and works well. $75.00 plus shipping from 68358 Loren