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  1. Can't say I've ever seen Quadrajet carbs on a 2X4 factory manifold. They should be Carter AFB carbs and are specific for application year. The rear carb is suppose to be the primary one. Loren
  2. We have managed to attend 7 BCA nationals since becoming members in the mid '80s. First one was Flint , MI in '88. Hopefully and God willing we will be able to attend Ok and ones to follow. I think the most memorable was '92 in Overland Park, KS. My father-in-law, my oldest brother and my family all drove our '65 Buicks from MN to KS. All three cars received Senior Gold awards at that meet. Looking forward to many more meets to come, Loren
  3. The intake I have is for a Carter AFB. From your initial post, I understood it was an intake you were looking for. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Loren
  4. It is for the Carter AFB. The '65 Skylark Gran Sports used the Carter AFB carburetor as factory equipment. My Buick parts book shows the manifold for Carter carburetor as P/N 1375548 for years '64 - '66. Loren
  5. I have an intake manifold off a ‘65 401. Should be same for the 425. Message me if you’re interested. Loren
  6. The '63 and '64 units are 30 Ohm . The '65 is 90 Ohm. Because of the Ohm difference they don't interchange from '63/'64 to '65. The sending /pickup unit in the tank must match the gauge in the dash. You need a sending/pickup unit that is 90 Ohm for your '65. Loren
  7. Not mine . There is an NOS one on eBay. Loren https://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-1964-Buick-Riviera-Nos-Heater-Control-Valve/233133676238?hash=item3647d996ce:g:kpwAAOSwDXFcXJiH:rk:1:pf:0
  8. Unfortunately, the male end is unique to this brand of buckle. Here is a picture . Loren
  9. The chassis manual is very good on coverage. The electrical schematic is in section 10 . The only draw back , I feel to it , is that it is in black and white. It is well labeled though. A colored schematic makes for easier reading and are available as an aftermarket source. The turn signal switch is inside the column , not something that is strapped on like an accessory. There were two different switch assemblies used in '65 straight columns They do not interchange. The tilt column was a totally different set up for the turn signal switch. You may be interested in joining us over at 65GS.com . We are focused on the '64- '66 Buick A bodies , which are the Specials , Skylarks and Gran Sports. Loren
  10. The '65 Skylark Gran Sport was built in four different plants. Flint, MI , Baltimore, MD , Kansas City , KS and Fremont , CA. Total production of the '65 Skylark Gran Sport for all three body styles was 15,780. Loren
  11. It turns out that the belts are the same as those used in a Skylark. There is a difference in how the retractors mount though. The Riviera ones have a separate piece that bolts to the floor for the retractor to bolt to. Just thought I would throw that out there. Just need to come up with the mount piece or make some. Loren
  12. It is reproduced , available from Inline Tube. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-66-GM-All-Models-T-400-Transmission-Kick-Down-Rubber-Boot-GTO-442-Chevelle/201567476446 Loren