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  1. Looking at his profile , CAR2NV hasn't visited here since November 2009. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to hold your breath waiting for a reply. lol Loren
  2. Thanks Steve, I suspected so , but my poor memory couldn't accurately recall. mp67riv, Disc brakes definitely would be a good call. I've done that conversion to one of my '65 Skylarks as have many A body owners have. Should you decide to take on the Sportwagon, I invite you to join us over on 65GS.com. Lot's of good information on the '64-'66 Buick A bodies. We even have a section for wagons. Loren
  3. As Pete mentioned, there are special mounts needed to install the 401. The engine mounts consist of cast iron plates that attach to the block , a vulcanized motor mount and a cast iron piece that bolts to the cross member. In short, there are three separate pieces for each side to mount the 401 in a '65 Skylark. You would also need the GS exhaust manifolds or headers for clearances for frame , steering and cowl. Now that we've got the engine in, you still need to make it run. The starter for a 401 is on the driver side. The starter for a v6 or 300 v8 is on the passenger side. That said, the battery is on the normally on the same side as the starter , so now the battery needs to be moved. There are differences in the wiring harnesses for the engine and the lighting when going from a v6 or 300 v8 to the 401. As for cooling , the 401 needs a bit more radiator then the v6 or 300v8. Early production '65 Skylarks used a down flow radiator. The later production Skylarks used a cross flow radiator. Those early Skylarks also had a different core support then the later production cars and a cross flow radiator will not fit in the early production core support. The rear axle in a Sport wagon has the same bearings as a GS. The Skylark uses a smaller bearing . So, the axle of the Sportwagon will handle the 401. I don't recall if the Sportwagon has a boxed frame. Using a TH400 should not require modification to the tunnel. Installing a 401 will require heavier springs to be installed in the front suspension. As for the drive shaft, my guess is that it may be strong enough but may need modification to length . The engine mounts and exhaust needed are '65 / '66 GS specific, fairly difficult to come by and can be costly. Another option would be installing a 455. The mounts to adapt a 455 into an A body like the Sportwagon are reproduced and readily available. Almost forgot, the brake system would need to be upgraded too. The front brakes for a GS use a larger diameter wheel cylinder then the Skylark. Loren
  4. Ed, I must have missed that you had the carb for sale. I have an intake and have been watching for a carb. Sending a message. Loren
  5. I have tried vinegar, muriatic acid and Evap-O- Rust. All with limited success. The issue even after cleaning the rust off is that there is no longer the tin plating left to protect the fuse clips from further rusting. I do a fair amount of work making new harnesses for the '65 Skylark Gran Sports and repairing the dash harnesses and have found a source for the fuse clips . They can be replaced, but the clips are not available in a retail market and are now even becoming limited in supply on a wholesale level. Added to all this is cost and minimum order . Loren
  6. These are used but are in very nice shape for the age with minimal wear. The chrome is clean with no pitting. Shield logos have some minor wear but look good overall. #1 and #4 each have a mounting tab mossing. #3 has 1 mounting tab missing and the ring is loose. Overall very nice pieces. $65 shipped to lower 48 states.
  7. As I recall, it wasn’t too much trouble to mount the Procar seat to the original seat tracks. Yours would take a bit more work along with another set of seat tracks and also welding bucket seat mounts to the floor. Both the tracks and mounts are reproduced. Loren
  8. Jim, Take a look at Procar seats. A friend and I did three days of the Hotrod Power Tour in his '65 Gran Sport that he installed the Procar 80-1400 seats. I found the seats to be very comfortable. He chose to use the low back style seat because they look similar to the original bucket seats. Loren
  9. Shifter and console would run $350 plus shipping Loren
  10. Ok, so you are looking for the original long floor console that was used in the A bod Buicks 1965-1967. I have a couple of them. Where are you located ? Shipping can be real costly for one . Takes a large box! Then you also need to get an adaptor for the shifter to work with the 700R4 tranny. Link to Shiftworks : https://shiftworks.com/collections/conversion-kits/products/1964-67-buick-skylark-factory-shifter-conversion-kit Loren
  11. My apologies, I didn't notice your reply. I'll message you the details. Loren
  12. Interested in the air cleaner. Could you find out what shipping would be to 68358 , please. message sent Loren