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  1. That is starting to narrow it down for the motor application. Now for the frame . I have a friend that has a '66 Skylark GS , after I get back from the BCA Nationals I'll see if the frames will bolt up to '66-'67 Strato seats. Thanks for the help, Loren
  2. Excellent idea ! I could not find anything on the cables, but there are part numbers and build dates on the motors. The first picture has a P/N 5045530 , build date 2-67. The second picture has a P/N 5045530, build date 9-66. Loren
  3. I have two turbine wheel caps for sale. The first two pictures are of the better of the two. Overall it is in good condition. There is no sign of road rash or bad corrosion. The spinner is in very good condition. All the mounting holes are in good condition . The main body of the cap will need to be polished and painted. The following four pictures are of the second cap. It is not in as good of condition as the first cap. There is one small area at the outer edge that would need to be welded [ see picture ]. It is missing the emblem from the spinner. The spinner has some light pitting. All four mounting studs are in good condition. Asking $250 plus shipping for the pair. Thank you for looking, Loren
  4. I'm not seeing any linkage , fuel line , kick down bracket or dash pot. Figure another $400-$500 if those are not included. I'd also ask about the carb numbers. Loren
  5. Shift knob for '63-'67 Buick automatic console floor shift. Excellent wood insert and excellent chrome. No pitting ! $40 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Loren
  6. Shift knob for '63-'67 Buick automatic console floor shift. Excellent black plastic insert and excellent chrome. No pitting ! In as nice condition as an NOS piece. $35 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Loren
  7. Turn signal lever for '65 Riviera. Black knob is in nice condition, not perfect but not broken. Chrome has some pitting. $20 plus shipping Thanks for looking Loren
  8. 1963-65 Buick Riviera Radio Interior Bezel Mount Trim for AC. Excellent condition, there is no pitting. Wood grain needs to be replaced. $45 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Loren
  9. Like the title says, need help to identify this seat assembly. Holes for mounting the seat measure 13-1/8" side to side and 14" front to back. Adding this photo of the bottom with measurements. Thanks in advance for the assistance. Loren