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  1. Hi Boyce, You should have received an email that has a link you need to go to in order to finish registration. Check your spam and trash. It is possible that the email could have landed in one of those, depending upon your computer settings. Loren
  2. The retractor assembly is common to all Buick models for '65. As are the chrome buckle assembly. The Riviera used the same seat belt assemblies as a Skylark with the exception that the Riviera retractor sat on a special stamped steel adaptor to fit the inside door sill shape of the Riviera. It also had a separate plastic cover for that adaptor piece. The plastic cover for the retractor is re- popped in black only. All the chrome hardware pieces are also re-popped. So the difficult part to come up with would be the special adaptor plate and the plastic cover for it. Snake oil can r
  3. The third from top is sold. Knobs can be removed with a little heat for use on a different metal lever.
  4. Just wondering why topics can not be removed by the person that has posted it. It would be convenient to be able to remove a topic when items in a "for sale" topic changed or item is sold. Just asking, Loren
  5. Doors are fairly easy to come by as both hardtop and convertible used the same doors. Also '64 and '65 doors interchange. There is a small difference between the doors in the way the outside lock cylinder is secured. Quarter panels on the other hand, not so easy and the panels available on the aftermarket are ok, at best. With some massaging the aftermarket panel will work to repair the usual rust area. Good luck on your hunt, Loren
  6. Hello Tom, I got the message and sent a reply. I will get it packaged and a total cost for you. Thanks, Loren
  7. Trumpet horn #898 for '64 Riviera. Nice original condition horn. Tested and works well. $125 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Loren
  8. Thank you Steve. Payment received and it will be on the way today. Loren
  9. Here are pictures of the '64 grille [top picture] and the '65 grille [lower picture]. Loren
  10. I have never looked for a part number cast into one. I will have to take a look at one of the three extra ones around here. Physically they are totally different on the bottom ends. The '64 comes up at the bottom end to meet the headlight door and the '65 drops down to meet the headlight door. Loren
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