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  1. SJF1948, We were at Crushing the Coast all week and I was in Ocean Springs on Fri as well. Found a parking spot on the gas station lot, ate lunch on their patio and stayed for an hour or so. Actually, made all of the event cruise's. Overwhelming number of cars there, over 8,300 registered and was told many more than that with the unregistered cars showing up. Wherever we went you always could see a classic or hot rod or something. Not many Buicks to be found anywhere and I think mine was the only 64 A-Body Convertible there. I spent most of my time driving so not many pictures. We saw many 60' stoplight drag races there, I lost twice!! This cruise was on my "Bucket List" of things to do and very glad I attended, quite the party. I'll post some pictures once I get them out of my phone. Next year thinking about going to Hot August Nights in Reno. Been wanting to do that one as well, been there many times but without the Buick. We have friends who live there in Sparks so while twice the distance for us from Kansas City, the hotel expense would be a savings. By the way, I had my fair share of shrimp and oyster po'boy sandwiches and gumbo there.
  2. Update Cruisin the Coast. Not many Buick's here although there are some, most I have seen were modified or customized in some way. Very few original Buicks. I've not seen any 64 or 65's Skylarks, Specials or any 65 GS's. There was a C&C post of a White 65 Skylark but I have not seen it yet. Over 8,300 plus registered cars here and I'm trying to make all of the venues and at least cruise through them. First time attending so finding my way around and picking the right time/ day to attend some of these . Went to Ocean Springs Fri and that is quite a show venue, very nice area, old town with large shade trees, shops and restaurants. Very well organized for a group this size, the organizers have this down pretty well. There are some lines and it can take awhile to get into some of the venues and highway gets backed up with bumper to bumper traffic in places but again over 8,000 registered cars! If the Buick gets too hot (only happened once) I just pull over under a shade tree and watch the cars go by. Going to the auction and swap meet today and check that out.
  3. Ok, thanks for getting back. Sorry the 53 in not making it. So Friday is the day to go to Ocean Springs show? How early does one have to get there in order to get a good parking space? I have a feeling I will be lost most of the time but that’s the fun of driving a classic car. My email is Caravan of classics going south on 55 out of Memphis. Pretty cool a bunch traveling together. See you down there. You know what my Buick looks like. Most likely will be the only 64 Special Convertible, thanks
  4. SJF1048, It's been awhile since I checked back here on the original post. I'm leaving Kansas City for the coast this Saturday going to take a couple of days getting there. Maybe we can hook up in Ocean Springs or one of the other venues there. My first time attending so will have to find out what all goes on. I heard on the website there were over 8,000 cars but information is kind of sketchy. We will see. Diffidently down for the Gumbo and Po Boys! I'll be on the lookout for you and maybe another Buick or two.
  5. ssmock

    vintage 14" ww tires

    Anyone out there know what vehicle had H78 x 14" tires as standard equipment. From a conversion chart I believe this size was a 8.50 x 14 prior to 1964 and a 855 x 14 after. I may have a vintage set for sale and wondering what vehicles had this size tire as original equipment. Thanks!
  6. Just made my regeneration for next years meet. Had to call hotel directly to make a group reservation. They said only a couple of rooms left, they (she) couldn't believe it either, almost a year in advance.
  7. Roy, Great, thanks for the update. Great father son time driving across Kansas.
  8. Roy, how many cars are signed up?
  9. Driving tour and keep the AAA membership updated. Besides, with Pete there breakdowns should not be an issue!!
  10. Circling back on your post. It doesn't look like there has been many comments. I am sure some Buicks will be there with 7,000 or 8,000 cars attending. Pretty big commitment with a week's stay in a hotel and because of the popularity of the cruise the prices are out of sight. My other bucket list for the Buick is Hot August Nights in Reno. Held every year the first week of August. Been there a number of times but without the car. That is also a week long event. Now I'm looking for a trailer so I can do all of this, a lot trailers out there. I'm just too picky and cheap I guess. Hope to meet you there!
  11. I have signed up. This cruise is on my bucket list of things to do. Have already registered. Coming from Kansas City, we will be staying at Hollywood Casino in Bay St Louis Monday thru Sunday. Going to trailer the Buick there as its more comfortable driving my Expedition tow vehicle. Where are you coming from?
  12. ssmock

    1964 Special / Skylark Engine

    Yes, I believe this was just the usual car show conversation and the guy was not trying to sell me anything. it was interesting what he said, then I remembered that article I read about those two mystery engines in 1964. That on top of sitting here online all weekend due to the non stop rain we've been having. One never knows what will come up at a car show, I guess that is all part of the hobby we have chosen.
  13. ssmock

    1964 Special / Skylark Engine

    Two crabs? that's classic!!
  14. While at a large car show I was approached by a guy who said a friend was restoring a numbers matching 64 Buick Special. He said it had a larger V8 with 2 four barrel crabs. I said that Buick didn't offer this engine in 1964, only the 300 V8 with a two barrel or a four barrel and he must be talking about a 65 GS. He said that no it was a 64 and it was one of two vehicles produced with this engine and they had a letter from Buick stating this. Being polite I said if that was the case it's a very rare car his friend has. We have all been at shows and had conversations with the "experts" but I have done a lot of research on the 64's and never heard of this. I do remember a post either here on V8 Buick website awhile ago about two experiential engines Buick had in 1964, and no one knew where these engines were. Could there be a very rare 1964 A Body out there?