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1940 Packard Super Eight Limo

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My comments:


1.  These are GREAT tour cars.

2.  You see 10 Cadillacs for every Packard.

3.  Front seat in divider car can sometimes be an issue if you are tall.

4.  This is a horrible advertisement.




has a 356 C.I. Inline 8 Cylinder w/ Stromberg Carburetor, 3 Speed Manual Transmission w/ Overdrive.BuyItNoW Available.






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I have no real knowledge of the seller on ebay or the car itself,  but I am pretty sure it was for sale in the July print edition of Hemmings for $36,500. How many green 1940 Packard 180 limos could there be? A quick google search shows two dealers with this car (both marked sold) with lots of pictures and details.  The ebay auction could be an attempt at a quick flip (quite a gamble with a pre-war car) or a scam.  Not saying it is either but an interested buyer should probably ask a lot of questions...

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Come on, everybody knows that if you want to learn more about this Packard you have to . . . . 

. . . Ask the man who owns it    

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In my humble opinion, a scam!  Other than the fact there are no pictures of the interior or mechanical components and almost no description of the car in general, the seller titles the auction as a 1940 Packard Super 8.  It is not a Super 8 (160), it is a Custom 8 (180).  If he really owned the car, he would know the difference.  Also a little unusual to have an eBay listing of a very nice and relatively valuable car with no reserve.  As for the 180 limo that was being offered by a dealer for $36,500 (sold), that is not this car.  Yes, a second green 180 limo being offered at the same time!  But that one was being sold by a legitimate dealer in Southern California.  That car has the rare 1940 Packard air conditioning, and it is even functional!  The car listed in eBay is featured in a YouTube video from a few years back and at that time it was in Missouri, not sure who owned it or if they still do.  I wrote to the seller while the eBay auction was going, asking the model number and more info on the "buy it now" he mentioned.  Ever since he has been trying to get me to wire money without any contact info to see the car and without answering my questions.  In fact, he wrote to me today after the auction closed, saying the winning bidder fell through (the winning eBay bidder realized it was a scam?) and he's still trying to get me to buy it!  I just checked the now closed eBay auction, and eBay has deleted the page entirely!!  I have rarely seen eBay do this in my 22 years of using eBay.


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This appears to be same scammer that haunted Craigslist with pre-war Packard listings with scant information and picture he had swipe off other sites.  We constantly flagged his postings as scams they eventually disappeared.  It helped when CL started charging $5 a listing for cars for sale.   Ebay on the other hand will take any listing to fill out the auctions.

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