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Inside Hood Piece

Fleetwood Meadow

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On 1/22/2021 at 1:16 AM, Fleetwood Meadow said:

On my ‘52 Cadillac there is this loop of metal that can move back and forth about 15 degrees. What is it for? What is the purpose of it?

Could it be to help hold the hood in alignment when closed?  Is there a projection or slot or something on the cowl that fits the loop?

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40 minutes ago, sagefinds said:

Is there any evidence of where a light might have mounted under the hood up more towards center and that loop just guided the wire? And kept it up off the top of the engine?

Looking closely it appears that the washer is oversized to the bolt which, it that is in fact the case would not be factory, and I strongly suspect that sagefinds is onto something with it being a guide wire for an aftermarket under hood light perhaps.

9F92BD0E-BB31-4030-B28F-70232775000E.thumb.jpeg.3741fefada334e5fcdf52e6faa4d9302 (2)_LI.jpg

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I had a '51 and it didn't have a loop like it. If it were something to hang a shop light, I would have expected it to be located a bit more forward on the hood. A lamp would hang kind of low from there. I usually hung my shop light from the hood latch area.

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