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  1. I should point out there is some disagreement as to production figures. I've seen quotes of ~3200 and ~4900. Those apparently include both slant and straight windshield 2-window blind backs. In any case, it's a rare body style.
  2. The "Attractive Sedan" thread got me thinking (yeah, too much quarantine time on my hands). A coupe is a 5-window with quarter windows and a 3-window without. But a sedan with quarter windows is a 3-window and a 2-window without?? 🤣
  3. Maybe not in the class of some cars in this thread but I think this one is attractive. Rare too - only 750 made out of 5 million Model A.
  4. And the "beam" looks to be about a 2x8 ON EDGE!
  5. Aside from the nude, the clam shell leads me to believe it may have been inspired by Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus. No clue if it's a radiator ornament, trophy top, or what.
  6. These dimensions may be of interest. Town Sedan is 1930 but measurements should be same for 31. Pickup is "round" cab but measurements shouldn't be any smaller than "square" cab. Pickup seat appears to be 1-1/2" farther back than Town Sedan seat in "neutral position" (which I assume is midpoint in the adjustment range). I believe pickup doors are wider also. But there is NO adjustment in the pickup seat, at least not without surgery on the seat itself. I'm 6 feet - many decades ago I was younger, skinnier and owned a 30 coupe with adjustable seat and a 30 "round" cab. As I recall ge
  7. Dang, them old Jeeps can drive anywhere, even on the ceiling! 🤣 There's what looks like a faded insignia on the hood. Kinda like the star in a circle - or it may just be dirt.
  8. No pix but in the 80s, I found a leather key case similar to Keiser's. It was stuck on top of the basement wall between the floor joists of a circa-1925 house we owned at the time. It was shaped like a beer bottle and was from a bar (can't recall the name) in Sturgis, SD. This was in the midwest - wonder if a previous resident brought it back from a motorcycle rally? I may still have it around somewhere. Also in the 80s, my parents bought a new Dodge and got a key fob similar to the Shell one. It had the pentastar and a number registered to them - supposedly you could drop it
  9. And here I thought the ram-air effect of having them open doubled the horsepower! 🤣
  10. The coupe is beautiful, but I count a dozen vents in the hood sides. I'm not a Hudson guy - are they really all that useful? Seems like you could fine-tune the airflow but spend more time fiddling with the vents than driving.
  11. Not 100% correct (as I'm sure you already know) but a sweet little truck nonetheless - all the work you did really shows. Like you, I prefer the square cab over the later "round" one. I also like that the headlights and radiator shell are painted as original, not "upgraded" to plated like many are. And thank you for describing the truck rather than posting automotive history like many ads do - anybody who buys an old vehicle already knows all that, or should. Good luck with the sale - if only I was in the market and not clear across the country... Oh, and just to be nitpicky, t
  12. Just some more feedback - I use method 2 and that was giving the error code 20. All four methods are working for me now.
  13. My post you quoted was a reply to Matt Harwood's post of a graphic I don't know how to interpret in the context of this thread. As to my other posts in the thread, apologies. I thought they were relevant as constructive feedback re the OP since the problem seems to have started coincident with the update. That seemed a reasonable assumption given that the aaca.org link within forums.aaca.org doesn't work. Frankly, I didn't realize they're apparently unrelated. I'll start a new thread if I have further comments.
  14. Yep, same problem with Internet Explorer. If I enter aaca.org in address box or click it in Google search result, I get the Error code 20. If I enter or click forums.aaca.org, it works but clicking the AACA Home tab gets the error - clicking the logo does nothing. I tried signed in to forum and not, and get the error both ways. Same with Firefox - I even tried turning off private browsing but still no joy. FYI, I have Firefox, IE, and Windows all up-to-date.
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