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  1. Nah, get your coffee at McDonald's, then you can sue them for millions. 🤣
  2. Are you implying equivalence? I guess they both are geezers. 🤣
  3. I remember a TV show (60 Minutes, I think) that showed her not so long ago tearing across the Scottish moor in her Range Rover. 😁 That would explain the left-hand drive. Looks like Charles has the pedal to the metal and Camilla is waving with one hand while holding on for dear life with the other. 🤣
  4. Model A has a spark arrestor under the gas cap: although it may have been discarded in the last 90 years. Dunno if it's true but supposedly salesmen would allay customers' fear by removing the cap and striking a match over the opening - the result was a blue flame but no explosion.
  5. Dunno. My "38 Special" wasn't a gun, it was a cassette tape by these guys: At least it was appropriate as the car was a 1938. 😉
  6. Not belittling Anthony Schmidt but I don't think he's the same as the person whose link I posted. From some of the descriptions of that Anthony's cars, I believe he is an adult living in the Netherlands. He builds as well as photographs his cars and dioramas.
  7. My first new car had white letters but there was no choice of brand, you took whatever the factory put on. Course I was real proud of the car and took it to show off to my Dad. He was supportive but he hated Firestone tires, a grudge from a long-ago dispute with a dealer. He took one look at those screamingly obvious white letters and said, "Why'd you get those damn Firestones?" 🤣
  8. Bumblebees and wasps...alive and ANGRY! 😲 I did find a 38 Special (the band, not the gun) tape in one car - a hot rod with a cassette deck. And a handwritten bill of sale in another for what the guy I bought it from paid the year before - less than I did. 😒
  9. Yes, they are - some authenticity mistakes but the guy's craftsmanship is admirable even if one isn't a modeler. And be sure to check out the Ford garage under "Dioramas" - the detail is fantastic.
  10. The body obviously is a fiberglass replica of a 26-27 Ford roadster. I suspect the name comes from the engine. The description says it's an "Iron Duke" which was developed by Pontiac. It ended up in Buicks and all GM marques except Cadillac, as well as AMC. Course the Buick badge on the radiator shell further confuses the issue. I suppose it is whatever it's titled as. It's a cool little hot rod. I like both hot rods and antiques. In any case, no Buicks or Fords were harmed in the building of this one.
  11. Apologies if this site has been posted before - I just ran across it: Anthony's Model Cars Some pretty awesome models and dioramas, e.g.,
  12. Hey now, Florida has hills, even some mountains: https://peakvisor.com/adm/florida.html They're just not very tall. 🤣 What I mean is a film may be made in Florida, or it may be portrayed in the movie regardless where it was filmed. The location portrayed may be integral to the story or just incidental. Actually, "Live by Night" wasn't filmed in Florida but its portrayal is an integral part of the movie.
  13. True: Films set in Florida What I find interesting about "Live by Night", it's not just set in Florida, the story is about Florida (or at least 20s-30s gangsterism therein).
  14. I hear ya. OTOH, they were just old (not antique) cars in 1932. What really makes me sad is a new movie in which antique cars are destroyed. But I guess they can't all be saved.
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