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  1. Wow, whole lotta cynicism in this thread! Posters are posting based on years of experience that the buyer apparently doesn't have. So I think calling him stupid, idiotic, moronic, whatever is unfair. He sounds like a newbie who thinks an old car daily driver would be cool, but doesn't understand the limitations outlined in the OP. I suspect his experience has been only with modern cars capable of coping with those limitations. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just call him naive. Granted, he didn't do due diligence, but one has to know at least enough to know what questions
  2. I had a Fiero with a compact spare under the hood. But the road wheel wouldn't fit there - had to haul it in the trunk which was just big enough for it. We drove the car on vacation with the trunk (and every other available space) crammed with luggage. Fortunately, we never had a flat - would've been screwed if we did because the stuff we had in the trunk wouldn't fit in the spare tire space.
  3. Before I retired, I had a hot rod coupe as my daily driver. My boss asked what I got out of driving such a car. I told him that after a stressful day at work, I'd put on my black leather jacket, hop in the coupe, and I was back in high school when my only worry was getting my next date. 😁
  4. x2, especially the Olds - I think it's because it doesn't stick out as far as the others.
  5. I missed the pun before - International truck for an international spy. 😁 Out of curiosity, I googled for the ad - amazing how many manure spreaders are for sale in VA. Should have known - my brother-in-law lives there and he's definitely a BS spreader. 🤣 Anyway, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1785608554924800/
  6. Interesting - I've seen tractor-drawn manure spreaders but not one mounted on a truck. Bet you'd have the only one at the show, but I don't think throwing poop at your pursuers would be quite as effective as rockets.
  7. Pretty neat in a kinda morbid way - presumably it would have followed a separate hearse. Probably driver and undertaker assistant(s) in first high seat and mourners in second - even though those seats have steps, I bet getting into them without a stepladder is fun. I think it's way too ornate for 1740 - I'd guess Victorian, maybe even Edwardian.
  8. Model A Ford horn screen has slight dome and edge bent at about 90* angle - not sure of diameter. Dunno if they come in stainless but might be able to get appearance close with paint. Repros are cheap and readily available - Mr Google can tell you where.
  9. Per The Early Ford V-8 Club, model 40 is 1933, but 1934 is 40A.
  10. Yes, BUT... the discussion isn't about a modified vehicle. A newbie asked for advice on the value of a car being sold at auction and about auctions in general. That the car in question is modified is irrelevant. The discussion would be (and has been in similar threads) the same if the car was bone-stock and numbers-matching. In any event, posts have tended to encourage the OP to look for an unmodified car. That seems to be according to the rules.
  11. Yup, Kerner, Walker, Ryan, Blagojevich, various state, local and Federal officials, the Daley machine, the Madigan machine - Illinois corruption has been rife since before statehood.
  12. You will get at least as many definitions of "coupe" as the number of people you ask. But traditionally they have a fixed roof, two doors, and one row of seat(s) not counting rumble seats. By the late-30s, the rumble seat had been brought under the roof as a full width back seat, or at least jump seats.
  13. 🤣 I'm also in Flaw-duh but my sister lives in the frozen north - I delight in teasing her about it. OTOH, there's the hurricanes... Mine isn't as cool as the Jeep and it runs empty 99+% of the time, but it sure is handy when I do have something to haul.
  14. A car is "worth" what a buyer will pay and a seller will accept. I'll have a range I'm willing to pay for a given car and a good idea of its market value. I do ask the seller if the price is firm. If so, I either pay it or walk. If not, I ask the rock bottom price and again, I either pay it or walk. Beyond that I don't play games or "do the dance." If I'm selling a car, I try to price it fairly with maybe a little extra "wiggle room" as I figure some buyers do want to negotiate. But cars are a hobby for me. I'm not in it to make a profit. I think I've done well if I break ev
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