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  1. and a description of the car, not a complete history of the marque back to when it was horse-drawn.
  2. So, a special shifter in a vehicle that carries dead people is a hearse Hurst?
  3. OTOH, some aren't so conscientious about pulling their ad or at least marking it sold.
  4. Model A Ford parts vendors sell a hook wrench for adjusting the water pump packing nut. It's only a couple bucks but it might not be big/heavy enough for your valve cages.
  5. Yup, same for bank accounts or anything jointly owned. "OR" definitely simplifies inheritance. Course in the event of a divorce or other falling-out, the partner getting there second is screwed.
  6. Wow, that sucks! I was just being facetious about dying in the meantime. When my Dad passed, we sold his truck, which had no great value. We provided the buyer a copy of the death certificate and AFAIK, he had no trouble titling the truck.
  7. I didn't reply when I read your OP yesterday, but I thought the handle looks MoPar-ish. Like you, I've only seen pinned ones. Maybe the screw-on is unique to Power Wagon and/or Campbell? Is the shaft threaded or drilled/tapped? I suspect the latter as the hole in the handle looks chamfered. Anyway, your plan to modify the shaft for pinned handles may be the best option.
  8. Our cars also are titled in my wife's and my names. One time the dealer and/or the state screwed up and the title came in just my name. Wife questioned that but I managed to convince her it wasn't my doing. Corrected it a couple years later when we moved to another state and re-titled the car. Dunno whether that makes it one-owner or two-owner. Anyway, good thing for her I didn't die in the meantime. 🤣
  9. Can't say for sure in this case but often the problem is weak or broken spring and/or lack of lube. You likely will have to disassemble the latch, etc to diagnose and fix.
  10. I always learn something from reading the forum, today it was a new word. 😉
  11. Did not know that - definitely appropriate for such an award.
  12. Off-topic but I noticed the old Selectric in the fifth picture. Those were common when I first started work many moons ago - great old machines and pretty much bulletproof.
  13. I was going to buy a new car this year, then the plague hit. Probably could get a great deal because of it but I have high risk factors so shopping isn't a good idea. Yeah, I know you can buy online and they'll deliver. But that still risks exposure and I won't buy without driving/dickering first, even if it does have a money-back guarantee. Oh well, my 15-year-old pickup only has 83K miles and is still in good shape - it'll just have to last.
  14. Off-topic but are the "quarter windows" in the panel original or a later addition?