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  1. CHuDWah

    Ford Utes

    Yep. Or like this one I posted on your FordBarn thread - it's on display at the Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL.
  2. CHuDWah

    Ford Utes

    General Electric liked it well enough to order a fleet for use as refrigerator delivery/service trucks. So Ford ordered 325 bodies from Briggs. Apparently, the public wasn't impressed as they bought only 99, leading Ford to cancel the Briggs contract. Total production was 293 - presumably the GE contract accounted for the other 194. I suppose one could have been used as a flower car but they were rare from the outset, especially in private hands. Further, pickups weren't the status symbols in the 30s like they are now - quite the opposite if anything. If an undertaker was flush enough to afford a dedicated flower car, I suspect he would have opted for something classier than a Ford pickup, even a snazzy Deluxe one. BTW, there also was a larger version of the Deluxe Pickup built on the AA truck chassis and called the Service Car, often equipped with a wrecker boom.
  3. CHuDWah

    1920 Elgin Six Touring

    I can see that for the rear hole, but the forward hole is pretty much centered on the running board. That would be a mighty long spring from front or rear. What am I missing?
  4. CHuDWah

    1920 Elgin Six Touring

    Color scheme may not be authentic but I like it - kinda sporty like an open car should be. What are the two oblong holes in the splash shield above the running board?
  5. CHuDWah

    Please help ID this DeSoto item

    Radio delete plate - covers the holes where the radio dial and knobs would go...
  6. CHuDWah

    Those Pesky Wheel Ants

    And then there are those pesky metal-mites that eat holes in your car's steel - especially prevalent in snowy climates and along seacoasts. 🤣
  7. Antique car theme bar/restaurant? Those balconies would make great semi-private dining/party rooms.
  8. CHuDWah

    1936 Chrysler Airstream Convertible

    Same for most, if not all, late-30s ChryCo coupes - did it have the shelves on the driver side? That's a nice car - I can see why you regret selling.
  9. CHuDWah

    1932 Buick model 56 Coupe, $16550.00 OBO

    Why are all the nice cars and good deals always clear across country? 😞 Oh well, good luck with the sale (although I doubt you'll need it!)
  10. Was there a correlation? 🤣
  11. The Howard Motor Company building is gorgeous and your night photo is really cool. Too bad about the ugly chain link fence and street light in front but I suppose such things are necessary nowadays. Wonder if they had cars on those balconies (ramp or elevator)?
  12. CHuDWah

    Motor upgrades?

    Fair 'nuff. If you're like me, there's TOO DAMN MANY cereal choices. 🤣 Anyway, I take it you have general automotive/mechanical knowledge/ability. There's tons of SBC-specific info out there - if you're not familiar with it, getting familiar is a good place to start. It was the same basic engine for 45+ years so there's also tons of performance parts, and this forum and many others to get answers to questions.
  13. CHuDWah

    Motor upgrades?

    The Generation I Chevrolet small block was used 1955 - 2003 with the same basic block in several displacements and it's still being built as crate engines. You can pin down exactly what the engine is but casting numbers don't tell the whole story. There should be several numbers on the block - google for their locations and how to decode them. Folks have been hopping up the SBC since 1955, so there's plenty of knowledge and parts available - again, Google is your friend. You can do a lot with bolt-on fuel intake/exhaust and ignition - I'd start there before getting deeper into the motor. Dropping the pan is the only sure way to tell if it's a 4 bolt main. If you can't find SBC parts at Summit, you aren't looking very hard, e.g., No offense, but do you really know what you're doing? A lot of this is stuff is pretty basic. The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked but maybe the best place to start would be reading everything you can find on the SBC.
  14. CHuDWah

    What kind and year is his car?

    You guys are wrong - not a Pontiac. Obviously a Hopewell - says so on the radiator! 🤣
  15. CHuDWah

    Can I interest you in a 30 Caddy roadster ?

    My Dad's favorite description of any fast, thirsty car, "It'll pass anything on the road except a filling station." 😁