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  1. Put me down for the running boards if they are useable.
  2. I can see me making one of those tools in the very near future, like either this evening or tomorrow. I've been looking at the MT-19-C tool and they are expensive. I just replaced the wheel cylinders on my '37 and need to fine tune my shoes.
  3. I've used Sweet Spot Transport 3 times in the past year. They are reliable and reasonable.
  4. It looks Chevroletish to me. I would like to see a few pictures of it.
  5. I like that Plymouth, looks like the trunk lid needs some alignment. Didn't reach the reserve at 3500, I wonder if 5K would get it ?
  6. I did not know about this one. I'll add it to my list. Thanks.
  7. I was going to say that if you get the handles plated for $30 each, you should share the plater's info. I was quoted $550 to replate a trunk emblem a couple months ago.
  8. There's a NOS set of '37 external handles up for sale now at the large online auction site.
  9. I am not sure about that. It does appear to me that the escutcheon has a collar that is crimped around a groove in the handle.
  10. Per the factory service manual. The handle is held in place by a keeper inside the door lock, to prevent loss of the door handle in the event the escutcheon attaching screws are removed. To remove the handle, remove the screws which attach the escutcheon to the door, turn the remote control door handle to the released position and hold it there- While pulling on the outside handle turn it back and forth to align the door lock latch with the keeper and withdraw the handle. I've got a '37 Plymouth that will need this procedure done prior to painting hopefully in the spring of 2020.
  11. I've got a '37 Plymouth that I've been working on. They do share some similarities . I might be able to help you.
  12. Manual - OEM&utm_term=4576923311559488&utm_content=Chrystler - Repair Manual
  13. # 11 1977 Pontiac Lemans # 12 1977 Pontiac Bonneville
  14. It does not look to me like it's suppose to come apart there. It fits upon a keyed shaft and is likely one piece.
  15. A factory service manual would be a good start if you want to tackle the job yourself.