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  1. According to the commercial on TV, Chevrolet, like a rock.
  2. It hasn't been very long ago that I had a car shipped from Iowa to North Carolina. It was not in running condition. I used a broker, Sweet Spot transport and was very happy with the price, service, updates, etc. I had used them twice before that .
  3. I would be interested in the paint. I've got a 3 window business coupe that will be all black when I get finished with it.
  4. There's a local classifieds ad paper that's available in my area, you can post a free ad if your item's priced less than $300. Anything that's priced at $300 or more you have to pay a small fee. You would be surprised how many automobiles, high end firearms, nice riding mowers, etc are priced at $299. I think the sellers believe they are smart to pull one over on the publisher of the paper, my opinion is that it goes to show the integrity of the sellers.
  5. I looked at some other '52 Cadillac hoods and they also have that spring clip wire, I think it's factory.
  6. David Goldstine of Boston in gospel wagon, 9/18/24
  7. Thank you to all who replied. I've found new replacement mirrors for this frame in the $5 range.
  8. I've purchased several antique cars from out of state. The NC DMV man has always came out to my residence to inspect the cars. Any antique car that is being titled in NC from out of state has to be inspected by the DMV.
  9. I recently bought this rear view mirror supposedly for an old International pick up but I am unable to confirm or deny if that is true. The mirror is 4 1/2" X 2 1/2".
  10. https://boone.craigslist.org/cto/d/wilkesboro-1946-ford-coupe-by-owner/7268335374.html
  11. Here it is again. Vettehound Over 500 Used Corvettes for Sale. Corvette for Sale.
  12. If you rebuild the master cylinder , you'll likely then find that one of the brake lines is leaking. After replacing the brake line, then next up is frozen wheel cylinders. That seems to be the normal course of action for me. Where is the car located ?
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