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  1. I'd rather have a push button for the starter mounted in the dash rather than on the carburetor. My '53 Buick has the switch on the carb , but it'll likely be in the dash in the near future.
  2. The author of the Craigslist ad has removed his contact info and has SOLD written 7 times throughout the ad, so I'm just assuming that it has been sold.
  3. Other than being a post car with an automatic, this one seems close to what you're looking for. It wouldn't be too difficult to add a clutch and manual transmission.
  4. If that car were a bit nearer to NC I'd probably be interested in it. I would remove the trailer hitch , skirts and possibly the visor. I've got a black '47 and they would go good together.
  5. Ford Motor Co was a sponsor of the Andy Griffith show, that's why the sheriff's car is a Ford.
  6. I believe that one is an automatic. When I zoom in the picture I think I can see the end of the selector lever in the Park position.
  7. I have one that looks exactly like that one, less the blue dot lights. He doesn't have that car over priced.
  8. The bumper brackets sure look like 53-54 Chevrolet to me.
  9. I like the cordless drill, I've got one just like it.
  10. I've got a 53 Buick special sedan, the chrome looks different just below the window, but it has the straight crease.