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  1. I've been looking for a used set of 6.70 X 15" Cokers. Those are pretty close. Will send P.M.
  2. I'm thinking 1961 Ford Galaxy fender ornament.
  3. On the firewall tag it says, 31 model 8-67, job 31009 , body 16568. The oil filter bracket and bolts are not there. The distributor cap is also missing and the distributor is rusty.
  4. Power door locks - Packard 1956. They had been developed and used many years before, but on a limited basis.
  5. I didn't make it back up there this week, but am scheduled to be there next week. I'll get some pictures then. You guys get first dibbs on any useable parts.
  6. I believe that bracket was used '47 to '53 trucks with a floor mounted starter button.
  7. All original, no bondo, no bodywork.
  8. Today while way up in the mountains I came across a partial 31 Buick that had been converted to a saw mill power unit. The straight 8 engine ,transmission, front half of the frame are still there. The firewall tags are how I figured out what it was. It's free for the taking , I can get a track hoe to it and load it on a trailer. Do you think this is a waste of time, or do you think I could sell a few pieces off it ? It has no hood and has been exposed to the elements for several decades. The oil pan looks ok, clutch + brake levers could be salvaged as well as a few interior knobs , manifold appeared ok, etc. I can't really get a few of the pieces, it's an all or none type situation. I can get some pictures of it next week, but I'm thinking that if I can help supply someone with a needed part or two I'll haul it on in.
  9. One would probably be surprised how much better these cars would look if they were to be pressure washed and put tires on them. Of course being a new seller with no feedback trying to get over 100K doesn't help either.
  10. I recognized that part number as for a Ford tractor. I would be interested in it if you're looking to sale.