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  1. OK, I found it in my barn. This is a 3.4L DOHC car. It was my daily driver until about 2009. The neighbors' kids pushed the back window in (not cracked) and I put the car away. Last started about two years ago, but will try to get it to move in the next few days. Just way too many projects and planning to start a 1937 Olds 6 4dr resto in June. I will post pictures in the next day or so. I am in Ambler PA and a 35 year member of the AACA. Wife says car must go and I do not want to send it to the crusher as these were kind of odd new and odder now. I would like to get 500-600 for it. Feel free to e-mail through the AACA forum. Thanks Ray
  2. The radiator is the giveaway. Without seeing the hood sides it is either a 1928 or 1929 Durant.
  3. Here is another image from my unknowns file. I only have this as a digital image and have had it for several years. The radiator and grill treatment is unique and it doesn't look like an Oakland. I have it tagged as a 1917 Scripps-Booth, but really am not sure. I don't recall ever seeing one of their larger models. Thank you as always!!!
  4. This is a well known 40 DeSoto here in SE PA. I have seen this car many times, but not too far away from it another fellow does own a 40 Pontiac Deluxe Convertible, but is a maroon color. The tan Pontiac in the original picture, on the other hand, don't recall ever seeing it.
  5. Not sure how I got this image, but its a large RHD car with 1913 New Hampshire plates. I had it ID'd as an 07 Locomobile, but the more I look at that hood and compare it to images of existing cars, I think its not. The hood and cowl seem all wrong amongst other things. Any and all help appreciated! Have a great weekend!
  6. I think you have it. I kept thinking that the radiator shell was brass, but I looked at a few more images in my files and Reo looks like a fit.
  7. I had this car filed under 1916 Cadillac, but the hood looks a bit more angular than Cadillac (maybe Its the photo). I seem to remember that earlier cars don't have a round radiator emblem. All help always appreciated.
  8. This is an image I had in an unknown makes folder. the car is large and has a chain drive and a unique grill treatment. Thanks for the help!
  9. Looks to me like maybe a 31 Buick with European coachwork and it has an oval plate. The car appears to be RHD, but I am not sure. Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend!
  10. This photo is a Maryland/DC car with 1920 plates. It looks to be a medium at nest sized car. I have a mental block on the radiator emblem, I know I have seen it. Thanks as always!
  11. Just saw the Arbuckle McFarlan in the recent journal and a few old pics, the wheels on the unknown car look quite a bit like those. Trying to find my actual photos of a Dagmar that attended a few Spring meets in Maryland and the DelMarVa region.
  12. Not sure where I came across this, but just like the last post, had this filed with early Cadillacs. Interesting how the front compartments opens to allow for a standing sermon. Any and all help welcome.
  13. I had this image mis-filed with some late teens Cadillacs. Unique coachwork, what looks like cane work and vents coming through the cowl make this look expensive. I seem to remember seeing this image before, but just can't place it. Any and all help always appreciated!!!
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