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  1. Thank You Stude Light. I have found the four marks above the AD-SP as pictured. Think I'll start with an equal measurement from those above and see how it runs then now I know the area and order is correct I think it will be close.
  2. Can not find the AD-SP marks on flywheel for the distributor timing. Engine starts and runs so I figure I'm close. Can anyone tell me if the marks in the manual picture are in the proper order and location then I will just mark it closer myself. I have sanded and sanded the flywheel more then once have found most all the other marks. Thanks Mike
  3. Received both the gear on distributor and the gear for the auxiliary shaft from Tom Old buicks 2 Thanks for both. Also thanks to Stude Light for the information. Hope to find out if it runs sometime next week.
  4. In need of a Wagner k-97 distributor or just drive gear for a 1920 Studebaker. Thanks Mike
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