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  1. I didn't think a Mustang would prey on the chicken until I realized it is a Cobra.
  2. Meh - to each, his own. But what I meant is the chicken looked primitive, as in not realistically painted. The truck also looks better with its fresh white and black paint instead of the yellow and red patina although I doubt anyone would confuse it with a new car. For the record, I also like the "primitive" look of antique cars, but I like them shiny as original.
  3. It's a neoclassic replica of the 34 - 36 M-B 500K, likely to garner much dissing on this site because it's not "real". I wouldn't mind owning one but then I'm a philistine. Anyway, there were/are several manufacturers of turnkey cars as well as kits, all using a bit different trim, various power-trains, etc. Heritage may be the best known but I don't think yours is one. They're usually not daily drivers so they're low mileage and in excellent condition. I've seen those mostly around $30K asking - dunno what selling is. Yours looks to be very nice but you didn't describe power-train, accessories, etc - dark blue is somewhat unusual as most are lighter color. All that may affect price, as will an engine that is not a V-8 and/or not installed. The price I mentioned is for a running, driving car.
  4. One of my cars came with mounts on each front corner. They are just short pieces of pipe/tubing with one end plugged and a tab welded on the side - the tab has a hole that uses the same bolt that attaches the bumper to the bracket. The flagstaff just sticks in the tube (may have to fit it by wrapping with tape or whittling it down as needed). Mounts probably were homemade and shouldn't be hard to duplicate.
  5. Eggcellent restoration! Seriously, I like it - may be updated but original looked pretty primitive. I do think they should put the sign on the side - it was built originally as an advertisement and doesn't make sense without that context.
  6. I wouldn't know a vintage Morgan if it bit me, but comments under the article say it was a 2018. Probably when the reality hit. Dad had a serious accident but fortunately was not injured. He drove the damaged vehicle home and calmly told us about the incident. Mom exclaimed, "You could have been killed!" He said that's when it hit him - he nearly collapsed.
  7. AMC: Another Major Catastrophe BMW: Broke My Wallet Chevrolet: Shove Or Lay Chrysler: Company Has Recommended You Start Learning Engine Repair Dodge: Dead On Day Guarantee Expires Edsel: Every Day Something Else Leaks Fiat: Failed Italian Automotive Technology Ford: Fix Or Repair Daily GM: Great Mistake GMC: Got Mechanic Coming Jaguar: Junk Always Going Under At Repair Shop Jeep: Just Empty Every Pocket Mercedes: Many Expensive Repairs Can Eventually Discourage Extra Sales MG: Mostly Garaged MGB: Might Go Backwards MOPAR: Miscellaneous Odd Parts Assembled Recklessly Oldsmobile: Old Ladies Driving Slowly Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Everyday Plymouth: Please Leave Your Money Out Under The Hood Pontiac: Poor Old Nerd Thinks It's A Cadillac SAAB: Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown Triumph: Tried Repairing It Until My Parts Hurt Volvo: Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object VW: Virtually Worthless
  8. Several variations of that - e.g., Bachelor seeking wife with horse...send picture of horse.
  9. When I was in high school, we guys were car-crazy like most teenage boys. There was a friendly Ford vs Chevy rivalry (with a few MoPars thrown in). A good-natured insult the Ford guys used: Why do Chevys have magnetic rear axles? To pick up the parts that fall off!
  10. Could be. Unfortunately, Mr Google doesn't know about that either.
  11. Definitely a birth announcement and a cute one. Robert Richard Archer isn't an uncommon name but whitepages shows one in West Peoria, about 75 miles north of Springfield. Age is given as 70s which matches up with birth date. Sign on top of gas station says Aerope? Gasoline (?=can't make out the last letter(s) in the name - maybe "U"). Mr Google didn't find any info on it.
  12. Never thought of them as "cartoonish", but yeah. Anyway, like I said, I like them. Course I'm partial to "true" coupes - i.e., one row of seat(s) not counting rumble seats - especially 3-windows.
  13. Yeah, it'd also work with a Tesla S and probably others. But escargot is French and I also could get in the "Sacré bleu!" - love that expression.
  14. Puns are the lowest form of humor: A French snail bought a new Renault and insisted the dealer paint a big red S on the side. When asked why, the snail said, "I've moved slow all my life. Now when I drive by, people will say, 'Sacré bleu! Look at that S-car-go!”
  15. I wasn't offended by your OP but turnabout is fair play. An guy is cruising his Ferrari about 20 over the limit when he sees red lights in the mirror. He stomps it and is quickly up to 150. Realizing his stupidity, he pulls over and the cop pulls up behind. Cop: “What were you thinking, taking off like that?” Guy: “Well, a highway patrol officer ran off with my wife.” Cop: “What does that have to do with anything?” Guy: “I was afraid you were bringing her back.” And the obligatory blonde joke: A blonde calls her husband in a panic, "Honey, I locked the keys in the car!" Hubby: "Don't worry, I'll unlock it with my key when I get home." Blonde: "But it's starting to rain and I left the top down!"
  16. To me, the turret on 40s MoPar 3-windows looks out of proportion - too small. But I still like the cars.
  17. Rosie the Riveter heading home in her 39 Ford convertible after a long day at the Willow Run B-24 plant - maybe instead of getting pushed out of the car, he bailed out of one of those Liberators.
  18. You'll get at least as many opinions as replies - mine is to turn it over occasionally. I figure it can't hurt and may help - also replenish the MMO as needed. And plug all the water inlets/outlets, manifold ports, etc - aside from dust/dirt, various critters like to nest in them. Again, opinions vary as to whether to stuff them with rags, steel wool, etc.
  19. Why yes, yes there is. 🖕
  20. Took me a little while to figure out the visual pun - pretty clever. 🤣
  21. My dad had a 61 Plymouth wagon when I was dating - had a lot of fun with the back seat folded down.
  22. Here's the taxi with obvious blinds: and here's the Pontiac (not Chev as you can see the end of the Pontiac hood trim). Enough of the back window is visible to tell there are no blinds. So I'd say the scene is in the taxi. And I think it's the real car, not a mock-up - at least it looks that way in this pic: Although the blinds may well have been closed to block the view out the back window. Finally, are we sure the taxi is a DeSoto? The rear window and trunk don't look right - nor does the front end, especially the hood badge:
  23. True, and every one seems to like a little different level - still something a potential buyer would want to check out.
  24. The same is true of most, if not all, A and AA commercial vehicles - 28-29 styling (with minor changes like the gas cap) didn't change over until mid-30. "Deluxe" refers to stainless, as opposed to painted, radiator shell, cowl band, headlights, and taillights. Cowl lights replaced the parking light bulbs in the headlights. They were available at extra cost - dealer-installed or I think factory-installed on special order. Braces were factory-installed in the cowl - just had to drill the outside sheet metal to install the lights and wiring.