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  1. Huh? How did you get that from what I said? victorialynn2 said she got chickenpox as an adult and got very sick - I said that's often the case when adults get so-called "childhood diseases" like chickenpox. It's the same virus but kids seem more resistant for some reason. Apparently when you get the virus as a child, it stays in your system and can reappear as shingles in adulthood. My wife and I both had chickenpox as kids. She had shingles before there was vaccine and was miserable with it. We both were vaccinated with Zostavax, then with Shingrix when it came out later - n
  2. Hmmm - sounds like something I may not want to know. 😮
  3. It is more blessed to give than to receive. 😁
  4. Yeah, adults frequently get sicker from childhood diseases than kids do. I had chickenpox and both kinds of measles as a child - don't recall any of them being that bad. Never did have mumps though. You may know shingles is caused by the chickenpox virus - have you had the vaccine? I got it and haven't had shingles. Wife had shingles - it ain't fun.
  5. Before my wife and I retired, we worked in education so we had a couple weeks off between Christmas and New Year to take a vacation. We'd put some sandwiches, whatever on the defroster when we left in the morning - the food would be nicely warmed by the time we stopped for lunch.
  6. Yep - probably from pickling his throat with all that White Lightnin' 🤣
  7. In the 70's I was older than the kids in the OP pic. But I remember the 50s when a kid got a childhood disease like measles, chickenpox, etc, the assumption was it would spread - moms would visit with their kids to get them infected and "get it over with!" Yeah, different times.
  8. And the cleaning woman found him shot in the November 7 episode, so they drew it out over less than a month. Nowadays it would be the season finale cliff-hanger - we'd have to endure summer reruns and probably a couple new season episodes before finding out who shot him.
  9. I don't need anything from Amazon but I'd be most appreciative if you'd send me your retractable. 😁
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh5jfvNOwK0 😉
  11. More than once when I was 17, ten feet tall, and stupid. Now I'm older, shorter, and wiser (a little).
  12. Tilt Ray was used by Guide Motor Lamp Co to refer to its head lamp that used a two-filament bulb. It "tilts" by lighting one filament for low beam and the other for high beam, driver-controlled by a dimmer switch. Guide supplied headlights for several OEM makes and I think for aftermarket. It was acquired by GM in 1928 so your Cadillac guess may be correct. I'd guess the visors are aftermarket but no clue what they are supposed to do.
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