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The long answer is :  I would like to return it to the stock AM.  But I live in northern Michigan so all I would get is news and modern rock which hurts my head.  So I guess I'm looking at upgrading to at least  AM / FM...........................................THANX  !


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As soon as you say AM-FM everything is open. One favorite is to leave the stock radio in the dash and put something more modern in the glovebox. Some even have remotes. Another is to have a good tech tie an aux input jack to your amplifier/speaker system. Then you can do anything and not change the dash.


Sam's has a photofact (index at https://www.samswebsite.com/en/photofact/resources) but need to know the manufacturer (label on side of chassis).

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Have it rebuilt by radio guy, keep it as stock as poss....lots of options...

if radio is clean and fresh from a car, shouldnt be a tough repair...i would call and talk

to the several people mentioned-- ask what they do..Im skeptical about little circut boards to replace 

original stuff w/ add on fm...

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Located in the pacifc NW  you can keep your stock radio as far appearance and fit restore it and add an fm tuner keeping it all original. And you get a free SS vibrator so you will never have to replace it again along with an aux jack to play your cd cassette or sirius xm. We use the Aurora Design product. Nothing out there beats it.






360 427 0513

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