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  1. A better picture of model number please or write it out Bill N
  2. Bill The radio Guy uses the Aurora Design AM FM Aux FMR 2.7 and the BT 2.5 for Blue tooth. The pkg using your orignal radio is about $600.00. $50.00 more if you want the BTU which adds USB for charging and thumb drives. Located in Washington state and listed as dealer for Aurora design. for more information
  3. Looks like the 840 . Philco also P5605
  4. Preferably working. Am is ok with Ford script
  5. Delco 7262645 (shown) Delco 7262695 Parts unit is ok. Need the dial pointer
  6. Check out this Google website. Lots of info. Possibly 37 Buick Bill N
  7. Hi Robert, If you're getting battery voltage to the radio (can be checked with a 12 volt continuity tester) and the speaker(s) do not pop you could have a bad output transistor or current limiting resistor or other things. If they do pop amp section of radio is operating and you have an rf problem. It's hard to diagnose w/o it on the bench. Feel free to contact me : 360 427 0513 Cell (253) 576 4076 Bill Newman
  8. I have this info on the 30's Cadillac radios as follows w/o pictures. As for the upgrading or conversion we do any radio that's 6 volt + or - ground as well as 12 volt + or - We can give you am fm and aux with a ss vibrator and make it sound like a real one. If interested in more please contact me Full-size How to ID 1930s Cadillac/LaSalle radios by box color 1931-32 Red/maroon 1933 Black (standard radio) 1933 Red/maroon (deluxe radio) 1934-35 Red/maroon 1936 Olive green 1937 Gray Bill
  9. The model number of the radios that were used in the 76 Nova are as follows: Delco 60XFPK1 7933511-1 1976 (shown) Also fits: Pontiac Ventura, Oldsmobile Omega, Buick Skylark Delco 60XPB1 7933241 Also fits: Pontiac Ventura, Oldsmobile Omega, Buick Skylark \ Delco 60XFM1 7933261-1 Also fits: Pontiac Ventura, Oldsmobile Omega, Buick Skylark The first and third are am fm. The second is am only Bill N
  10. The windows and radio may be on the same fuse . You might want to check that Bill N
  11. I can sell you the chrome (new replication) of the chrome ring. Here's pic. Please contact me.
  12. Hi Buck I have installed the Aurora Design 2.7 in many MG Blaupunkts British Motor Beckers and Toyota as well as Bendix radios w/o a snag. The kit is so small it fits in just about anything giving you 4 x 45 watts per channel stereo am and fm. So not only is it louder but you get fm. You can hook it up to your exiting single speaker and turn it up as loud as the speaker will permit w/o blowing it. See:
  13. Located in the pacifc NW you can keep your stock radio as far appearance and fit restore it and add an fm tuner keeping it all original. And you get a free SS vibrator so you will never have to replace it again along with an aux jack to play your cd cassette or sirius xm. We use the Aurora Design product. Nothing out there beats it. 360 427 0513
  14. 981321 bill
  15. You can go to this site and print out for free by joining. The model number is 981321 Bill