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  1. 981321 bill
  2. You can go to this site and print out for free by joining. The model number is 981321 Bill
  3. I offer radio servicing located in the Pacific Nothwest if you are not wanting to ship to PA.
  4. Fits the 60's Mercedes Porsche and Jaguar. Plays and looks gr8. The next to last fm push button has a broken spring internally and sometimes it stays in a little. Adds a little authenticity to it. These radios sell for $650.00 $700.00. Will sell for $550.00 + shipping. Contact me if interested.
  5. If you have a Zenith one that has a good tuner that's fine. Parts unit. 360 427 0513
  6. Does not have to work. Bill N (360) 427 0513
  7. Does not have to work but please be presentable. Bill Newman (360) 427 0513
  8. Have the 53 54 55 different for 56
  9. The connector on the back part of the radio consists of 4 prongs. One is battery one is ground and one is speaker (one my be for antenna). The blue wire is for rear speaker hooked up to fader control behind tuner. The multiplex has to be plugged into the console for it to work. Send a picture of the 4 prong connector and I will describe which is battery speaker and ground. Bill
  10. I am located in the Pacific NW located in Washington State. Being a dealer for Aurora Design products ( or your radio can be fitted with your desired options with optimal results, AM FM free aux port 4 x 45 watts per channel stereo and hands free voice assist Bluetooth. Please contact me for specifics: Bill Newman (360) 427 0513 (c) 253 576 4076
  11. Looking for a couple of these and or parts. (253) 576 4076
  12. Hi Steve; Looking for a 50 Chevy truck radio. Maybe 2
  13. Anyone have a source for these bulbs. The radio was made by Misubishi. Thanks Bill N