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  1. I have a nice Chevy bezel on the radio. The problem is it's for a GMC. Will trade or buy. contact info: bill@billtheradioguy.com Thanks
  2. No sorry. Too bad you don't have the head. We can make it work wit a project box w/o the console. The control heads have cables running to the console. The cables are such that the ends of the cables can only fit the match at each end. That's why you have to have the head designed for the console otherwise they will not sync. The wiring is a harness that connects the power and speaker. The cable might have a spade type terminal at the ends to fit the shaft at the other end or an end that has a U shape to fit the controls. Basically it's for the volume control with or without a switch and another cable for the tuner. Sometimes a third cable for tone. You can look into the console with a flashlight to see the type of fitting used. If you're looking for it to be correct than that's the combination. There are lots of universal radios combined with heads that might fit. They come with heads cables and consoles. You'll need to measure or modify. Many of these were made like this. All having different configurations. Something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264516141889?hash=item3d96640341:g:neQAAOSwoahducLN Bill
  3. If you have the Philco C1550 console then you can use one of two heads as pictured. They are actually 38 heads but will work with the console. One is the DeSoto: The other for Plymouth: No reference for the 1937. Hope this helps Bill
  4. Does not have to work. Need core parts Mopar 920 HR Pictured is the C5705. Not the T & C HR one. Bill
  5. I Bill The Radio Guy have this radio being worked on. Ed does not describe it as a 5 band 908660 model Buick radio. We started with a bent tuning rod of which we have a video and can forward it but do not know how to submit it here. No action on the 5 band switching only to discover the oscillator coil was shorted requiring the whole the tuner to be taken apart to clear the short and resolve band issue. There was no local oscillator until the short in the coil was repaired and now there is audio but weak and trying to get it resolved. It's also was not mentioned someone had been into repairing the radio and gave up on it. Something I had to do also to get a break from it. We're almost home not to mention how many hours have been put into this project and will never recoup. Here are some picture's of Ed's radio If this isn't enough to make me want to give up on pre war radios and learn my lessons then I'm just another sucker for punishment. So Ed if you want to give up on this and find another one I can stop driving myself nuts trying to get it right for you.
  6. That radio has a wire connector in the back that plugs in (bayonet type) with a fuse to supply power. Fuse might be blown. If so why? Put a new fuse in if it blows again there's a short in the radio. You might be able to get at it without removing the radio. bill@billtheradioguy.com
  7. Tested and confirmed lots of audio smooth tuning receives on all bands. 7 tubes so that makes it a late 50's as the output is transistorized. Fits Porsche Ferrari Benz and others. 6/12 volt switching. Uncut original wiring. Has that old time patina. $700.00 shipped CONUS
  8. Picture of it: bill@billtheradioguy.com Thanks
  9. If it's any help here are the model numbers you need; Buick 1973 Century, Regal AM-FM PB radio 12V Delco 34AFP1 7935014 Buick 1973 Century, Regal AM-FM stereo PB radio 12V Delco 34AFM1 7935024
  10. The model is D0WA A Mustang radio is similar Looks like this:
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