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For Sale. 1931 Studebaker Four Season

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1931 Studebaker President Four Season Roadster. When is the last time you have seen one of these for sale and a complete original at that. So, here is your chance to own one. I bought it from and an estate. I have already completed all the (California) paperwork and it is in my name. This car appears to be all original but it appears to have had one repaint in its life. It is a California car with almost zero rust (one tiny spot). It also has excellent wood. This Roadster has a very nice body and has its original worn upholstery. The windshield stanchion on the passenger side is broken. Also a couple of pieces in the top assembly are missing. The engine is complete but was told that it is stuck. I have not tried to check it. I have about 50 more pictures that I can email. So if you want to own one of the most desirable Studebakers, here it is. This car is not cheap, $65,000 ... if you are still interested, email studerickpet@pacbell.net

I will also be posting it on Facebook and if still not sold, it will be going on eBay.

The Commander













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What is the price? The Forum rules state that you should include a price in your for sale ad.

These are great cars, very pretty when done. Good luck with sale, if I had another major restoration in me I'd be interested, but it's getting late!

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Don, the original post did not have the price, if you'll note my comment was about the same number of hours ago that he edited the ad.

Yes, restored it's worth $100K plus, being both a Full Classic, and an excellent convertible coupe (with roll up windows, thus the "four seasons" moniker).

I fear it would take more than $65K to get that to a fully restored condition, however; just the chrome and upholstery work would account for two thirds of that figure.....

Great car, hope someone buys it and restores, it's a worthy project....

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Good luck to whoever buys this President Roadster, I have seen them on Hemmings fully restored for $90,000 to $120,000. There's is no profit in this one at a $65,000 buying price. I just finished restoring a 1933 Studebaker Rockne 4Dr Sedan Deluxe all numbers matching automobile and I doubt if I could sell it for the $41,000 I have in it, although I don't ever plan on selling it.

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It's a neat car that needs everything, rather than get into a discussion of what anyone thinks it's worth (which can sometimes irritate sellers, rightfully so), this is one that should go on Ebay.....as criticized as that auction site may be, it reaches a huge audience, and the high bid usually reflects a fairly accurate current market value.

I know what I think the car is worth, but again, public exposure on Ebay would be interesting to watch......

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Well, Commander - as soon as Publisher's Clearing House brings around that check I am expecting, then we'll talk.

Until then - good luck!

65K is pretty conservative for a resto price as it is a pretty optimistic selling price!

I sold a '34 Packard Super 8 roadster to a friend in '13. It was in about the same shape as the President here, and the selling price was $30K. He estimated that he would spend

$150K getting it restored to perfection. He's made remarkable progress on it & plans to show it this Spring.

He had to revise his estimate for restoring it to over $170K.

This Packard would have been a waste of time for a buyer w/less than $200K to invest, and restoration prices are shooting up rapidly.

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I got to see this in person this morning as it was bought by an old family friend.   When he was 14 he owned a President Sedan and now in his late 50s is jumping in the hobby again.   Seeing it in person I can say that it is rock solid.  The door shuts like a bank vault.  His plans are to sympathetically clean it up and get it mobile again.  I think a very smart plan as he could show it this way and it will create quite a stir.

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