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  1. Chad did you ever find an engine? i can’t help, but I’m looking for an inlet manifold. Do you have or know if anyone with one that they would sell? regards wayne
  2. Does anyone have a good inlet manifold for a 1932 Nash standard 8 engine? thanks in advance wayne
  3. Does anyone have a good inlet manifold for a 1932 Nash standard 8 engine? thanks in advance wayne
  4. A friend in the UK has a Chrysler 77 roadster for sale. This is closer than America and you could visit and view the car. If interested message me your email and I will pass on his details. Regards Wayne
  5. Bob, the pulley where the fan hub is located is on an eccentric, loosen the pinch bolt and rotate the large nut to slacken the belt, the hub will probably need sliding forward in the housing so that there is enough room between the pulley and the cylinder head, to squeeze the belt out. Then you need to undo the rubber/canvas couplings on the drive shaft running alongside the engine. The belt can then be removed. When doing mine I mark everything with tipex so the shaft goes back together as removed. Regards Wayne
  6. Would a Chrysler 77 roadster be of interest? A friend here in the UK has his for sale. His asking price is £50,000 (approx $67,000). If interested I can get pics and more info. Regards Wayne
  7. My 1929/30 Gj commander is on 19” wheels with the same hub caps as in your pic. My 1928 GE dictator is on 20” wheels with the smaller hub caps. thanks
  8. Im looking to buy a set of 5 tires for my 1928 Studebaker Dictator. I am wanting wide white walls, but am having trouble finding something suitable. The car is currently fitted with 5.25/5.50 x 20 tires. I believe the original size to be 5.50 x 20. Could 6.00 x 20 be used? I currently have lester's fitted, but don't want to go with them again. Reason being the set on the car have been on there for at least 12 years, but I replaced one about 5/6 years ago and within a couple of months it cracked all the way around the whitewall, the tire was replaced, but replacement did exactly the same, this too was replaced, the new replacement again cracked and this time I was told it wouldn't be replaced. The side of the tire is slightly different to the older tires on the car, with the originals being in fine condition, Im just replying them as they are now getting old. My other Studebaker had Goodrich Silvertowns fitted, these perished when about 8 years old. I replaced these with Firestones, which seem, great, but this car is on smaller tires and I cant find Firestones in the correct size for my 1928 car. Any suggestions greatly received. Wayne
  9. Looks similar to the footplate on my 1926 Studebaker
  10. In your photo it would appear that three have brake drums. The wheel far left is a front wheel and it has a drum attached. Could it be one has had the drum removed? wayne
  11. These are not the same as the 1926. The 1926 would have rear brakes which are external contracting bands, 1928 has more conventional rear brakes within the brake drum. Also if the 1926 has front brakes the car won't have wooden wheel, they should be metal disc wheels. If however the car has wood wheels then it won't have brakes, these wheels are for a car with four wheel brakes. Hope this helps Wayne
  12. John I would like the material if possible. How much would it cost to ship to Texas? can you confirm it is green as it's hard to tell on my screen if it's green or gold. I assume PayPal is ok for payment. Thanks wayne
  13. Did you sell these parts? I am looking for some wheels for a 1932 Oldsmobile. I currently have wood wheels fitted and so would either consider the same or wire spokes, I need at least 4 wood rims and if wire I need 6. I want to renovate a set of wheels and then swap them over so that my car is not off of the road, as it is used most weekends for weddings. Thanks Wayne
  14. Damien, I haven't yet used the engine, but I run a wedding car company so this is a spare in case I need it in an emergency. As for the hand brake, my cars are all left hand drive, having been imported from the USA. Are you in the UK? Wayne
  15. You'd be surprised, I currently have the four above, and sold my 1928 GB commander recently, plus within a couple of miles there are 2 more 1928 GB commanders. So 6 1920's Studebakers all local to me. wayne