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  1. Do you still have the 31 bird mascot? How much would you want for it? thanks wayne
  2. Robert I believe that was me that posted about the big 6 fan. A friend of mine is after one. Do you have a pic of the opposite side of yours. His car is a 1928 GB commander. Attached is a photo of his fan. thanks wayne
  3. did you receive my rely by PM? thanks Wayne
  4. I’m looking for Fan and the hub it fastens to, for a 1928 big 6 engine. This is the one which mounts on the distributor drive housing. Thanks I Peter we now have the distributor inc the mounting tub. Now we are looking for the fan. any help apprecaied Thanks wayne
  5. peter yes I do. I will send you a personal message now. thanks wayne
  6. Looking to buy a distributor tube and fan for a 1928 big 6, would consider the whole assembly including distrbutor. A fan blade fatigue cracked at the rivets and broke sending the blade back resulting in it breaking the cast tube. See red arrow. it has also damaged the radiator but that can be recored. The car is in the UK so I will need items shipping here. Any help appreciated. Wayne
  7. I gave £150 ($180) for it and would hope to get my money back. I can ship worldwide. i am in England. wayne
  8. I bought this radiator shell as a spare when I had my 1926 roadster. it is in very good condition and ready to be replated. i can ship it worldwide, but would need to check on prices. i am in the UK. i also have a rear fender for a 1926 Studebaker. It is new old stock and never fitted to a car.
  9. What condition are the wood wheels? Do you have 5 good ones? How much inc shipping to Texas? thanks
  10. What model Studebaker is this for? My 1928 Dictator only has 4 openings in the dash panel. See pic. I have a spare four hole panel I would sell. it is just the panel, no gauges as I’m keeping the gauges as I have two cars. whereabouts are you? I’m in England. regards wayne
  11. I’m looking for a source for the aluminium drive coupling plus the rubber insert, used on the 1928 big 6 engine. the rubber had disintegrated and broke the aluminium coupling. the pic of the good coupling is from another engine . any leads appreciated Wayne
  12. Is the 1937 windscreen the same as other years? Wayne
  13. Thanks everyone I have now bought the gear from Nyal. All the best Wayne
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