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  1. Wanted to let everyone know that I have found a set.
  2. Want to buy two complete Cowl Lights from a 1923/1924 Big Six Touring. I have attached a picture Thanks The Commander
  3. I would like to buy two complete cowl lights from a 1923/1924 Big Six Touring. I have attached a picture of what I need. Thanks The Commander
  4. Hi kclark Which model is it? Does it run? What is the condition? Do you have pictures? The Commander
  5. Great looking car but that is a 1924 Model EL "Special Six" Touring.
  6. As StudeQ commented it is a Model EL Special Six. With a serial number of 3041627 that would make it a 1923.
  7. Here is another place that I have on file. No nothing about these "Kevlar" type clutchs The Commander
  8. Hi Studenut1915, Here is information about cone clutch's I had the families 1917 done but this gentleman He does lots of cone clutch's. We have not had any problems. Make sure you follow his instructions about oiling and care of the leather. Here is the info I have on file: I just got my leather cone clutch relined by Bob Knaak (Orange, CA) and had to say something... It is rare to find someone who does such excellent work, with such a short turnaround, for such a reasonable price! I sent the clutch out, waited about 10 days, then called to make sure he had received it OK. He said "Oh yes. It's already finished and on it's way back.". What I received was what looks like a brand new clutch! The clutch wheel all painted nice, a replacement for a broken spring fabricated, new clutch facing (already treated). All within a very short time! Guys, if you ever need a cone clutch relined, I can tell you, you'll be very happy with Bob Knaak's service! His number is (714) 633-9736 in Orange, CA.
  9. I wanted to thank all the forum people that viewed and commented this post. Just to let everyone know that yesterday, 11/20/2016, the 1931 President Four Season Roadster has a new owner. Here it is being loaded into the new owners trailer and is headed to Massachusetts. Thanks The Commander
  10. Thanks nzcarnerd Appreciate the time Rick
  11. The number 8 72706C was stamped into the block. I will check the casting numbers ... Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys I'm just got a early straight eight engine with markings on the side of the block. Researching the internet I believe it is an early Pontiac The serial number on the engine is 8 72706C Can anyone help me identify the year Thanks Rick
  13. Ok 1922 Model EL, Special Six, 6-cyl., 119” wb2d Rds 660 1,980 3,300 7,430 11,550 16,5004d Tr 640 1,920 3,200 7,200 11,200 16,0004d Rds 680 2,040 3,400 7,650 11,900 17,0002d Cpe 520 1,560 2,600 5,850 9,100 13,0004d Sed 480 1,440 2,400 5,400 8,400 12,000
  14. Hi I just checked the latest "Old Car Price Guide" that I have Here are their numbers for a 1922 Big Six They judge cars with the 1 - 6 method. 1922 Model EK, Big Six, 6-cyl., 126” wb 4d Tr 680 2,040 3,400 7,650 11,900 17,0002d Cpe 500 1,500 2,500 5,630 8,750 12,5004d Sed 480 1,440 2,400 5,400 8,400 12,0004d Spds 720 2,160 3,600 8,100 12,600 18,000 These are their numbers not mine "The Commander"
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