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  1. Have you tried the forum of the Studebaker Drivers Club yet?
  2. I bet that thing handles like a lunchbox on a rollerskate.
  3. COME ON! It's footage from a video game. If you can't tell the diff, don't post it. First clue - it sounded TOO good. Second clue - look next to the "track", not the car. The landscape is all grainy. The Third clue - I used to watch CanAm racing in the day, and you NEVER saw brakes glowing red.
  4. IN FACT - that photo of Larry Tholen's blue '32 Rockne is from the 2007 International Meet in South Bend.
  5. The blue Rockne looks very much like the one SDC and ASC member Larry Tholen used to own....
  6. Drop that thing about 4 inches and it would handle better...
  7. I would expect nothing less from the guy who wrote the lyrics to "Red Barchetta". Rush – Red Barchetta Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
  8. Boy, are you WRONG! It's the damn smartphone that has eroded communication and socialization skills. All these iPhone users know how to do is text - they do NOT want to speak with anyone using their voices. Just ask the kids - they do NOT want to actually carry on a conversation because it can't be done with emoticons. Get it right, man.
  9. Leave the new owner a message on YouTube volunteering your services in ID'ing the "cool parts". The worst he could do is ignore you.
  10. The new owner posted video today.... This yard is legendary.
  11. In the future, some kid will get misty-eyed thinking about Grandpa's Lexus SUV and determine to bring it back to life.
  12. I have 2 online stores, and have used the Post Office, FedEx, and UPS - they all lose stuff, break stuff, and lie to my face. They are all crooks.
  13. "Star Trek Voyager"? What you pictured was the Enterprise. This is the Voyager.
  14. Looks like a Spartan to me. Made in Tulsa.
  15. Guys, lighten up. It's a design study, and MB has no plans to tool up and build them. I think it's cool.
  16. Gary has performed an awesome feat. I am green with envy.
  17. Go edit your profile.... Re-enter your location. Or not.
  18. Seriously? You realize most cops were IRISH back then?
  19. As mentioned previously, many older drivers find larger steering wheels easier to handle. Simply compare a late model steering wheel (on the fat side) to a 30's, 40's, 50's, or 60's, steering wheel. Which one is more comfortable? You seem to be forgetting something.... These old cars were made to drive, and if they are easier to drive - all the better. You can do what you want, but don't sneer because someone else made an adjustment in order to enjoy his or her vintage auto.
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