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  1. Okay, good to know. I've found out it doesn't have a/c or electric windows which are desirable items to have. Some folks have said there is a good market for any convertibles in southern California which seems reasonable. I have pix, and the seller wants $9000.
  2. My nephew is a Corvette guy, but loves working on all old cars. He was just offered a very clean 1967 Olds Delta 88 convertible that will not take much to return to concours condition. He checked for my advice, but frankly - I'm a Studebaker guy and don't know much about Olds values and parts availability (if needed). How deep is the market for this car? Could he resell in the future if it didn't suit him (or his wife)?
  3. I am just ready for that show to be broadcast. All the mini-series in the Fargo canon are terrific.
  4. And when they were tired of it, they burned it to the ground.
  5. Have you checked with Lark Works in Stockton, Kansas yet? They specialize in most Studebaker and Packard wiring harnesses....
  6. Keep up the good work, Gary. A lot of us SDC folks are waiting in glorious expectation.
  7. Well, I'm a plane guy - so I knew.
  8. She looks unhappy about that Moto-Meter...
  9. Definitely not '49 Champion. Of course - Studebaker also used the hood ornaments from '49 Champions on '57 Transtar pickups, too. Good luck in the search.
  10. Look at those grins!!! That's the look of some happy youngsters!!!