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  1. It was poured into the oil pans and was basically fine silicon grit that turned into glass, ruining the motor. It got into everything. Ruined the block, the pistons, the bearings.... The salvage yards hated the program because there were no parts to resell. Mythbusters were doing was science on that show, I remind you it was classified as a reality show. Meaning it was anything but.
  2. My grandmother was born in 1898. As an adult in the 80's, I asked her about all the things she had seen come to pass, inventions and things like going to the moon - what one thing affected her life more than anything. She thought for 5 minutes, and finally declared she didn't know how she had ever gotten along without tin foil. She was serious, and the longer I considered it - I realized she was exactly correct. She used for everything - in the kitchen, on the rabbit ears, in the garden. She was a simple woman, and it served her needs well.
  3. Nope - max weight is 45,000 lbs on a collapsible container (which these are not). A Sikorsky Skycrane is rated at 42,000 lbs of lift. The Russians make an even bigger version that can lift 55,000 lbs.
  4. I've seen lots of old flathead Fords running irrigation pumps in the fields. Have you ever seen the videos on YT of old air raid sirens powered by Hemis? Even Don Garlits has one in his museum he restored and takes to car shows.
  5. I can't figure out why they don't have helos out there pulling containers off the ship and stacking them in the desert until the ship floats higher in the water - then just reload it, and resume the transit of the canal.
  6. If you are a car or truck guy of ANY age, Big Red is unforgettable.
  7. Check the Rockne Registry link on the webpage of the Antique Studebaker Club.
  8. I thought you meant Peerless written on the side....
  9. Years ago I had my 1966 Wagonaire at an all makes show, and a Chevy lover had a fit seeing my car. He thought I had done a great job customizing a Nova station wagon. When I pointed out that it was a bone stock Studebaker, he calmed down.... Then he saw the 283 motor, and it started all over again. At a gas station it would attract old men (What is it?). At the grocery store it would attract old women (Love your car!). At a car show, the kids wanted to climb the little step-ladder and stand for pictures in the cargo area (with the roof open). Driving that car was never boring, you
  10. Mother Maybelle strumming the big archtop. I can't identify it, she usually played a Gibson L-5.
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