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  1. Is this official, and if so - when did it begin?
  2. My father lives with me and he records a bunch of old black and white movies... I sometimes sit with him and look for old cars. He'll gladly back it up a bit so I can ID some of the cooler cars.
  3. That was the real start of the new millennium.
  4. So...... Turn one INTO a radiator mascot and cause a buzz at the next car show you attend.
  5. That rear bumper is too large... I liked them better when they used Cougars.
  6. That was the Rolling Bones racing team.... They applied a little too much nitrous for a second too long.
  7. Everyone that disagreed with OP is in that party....
  8. I have a blind 2nd cousin who worked at the local Volvo dealership for many years doing repairs. He was quite good with his hands, but he couldn't gap a sparkplug.
  9. I used to renew my leather with Meltonian Leather Balm, but it's hard to find these days. In a pinch I used some of my Gold Bond hand lotion that worked pretty well.
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