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  1. And when they were tired of it, they burned it to the ground.
  2. Have you checked with Lark Works in Stockton, Kansas yet? They specialize in most Studebaker and Packard wiring harnesses....
  3. Keep up the good work, Gary. A lot of us SDC folks are waiting in glorious expectation.
  4. Well, I'm a plane guy - so I knew.
  5. She looks unhappy about that Moto-Meter...
  6. Definitely not '49 Champion. Of course - Studebaker also used the hood ornaments from '49 Champions on '57 Transtar pickups, too. Good luck in the search.
  7. Look at those grins!!! That's the look of some happy youngsters!!!
  8. Yup. Easter and April Fool's... all on the same day. So tell your kids to get out there and find all the eggs you hid... AND DON'T HIDE ANY!
  9. Stock or rodded, Rockne's have a great look!
  10. For Studebaker wiring contact LARKWORKS. They are fantastic, but you'll have to wait awhile - he's backed up from all the work.