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  1. Back in the 70's I sold my '59 4 door Galaxie 500 to a guy restoring his. Since mine was almost all there, his '59 became the parts car. No drama, just good sense.
  2. Most Gemsa engines I've seen have been in racecars on the salt or dry lakes. For more info - check over on landracing.com - that's where the Bonneville racers hang out.
  3. Simple. They thought a small residue of intelligence would make itself known. Also - they had a little hope. What's wrong with that?
  4. I recommend the SDC forum and Racing Studebakers. Look for members like Jack Vines, etc. Lots of good info out there if you look in the right places. Good luck, and have fun with it!
  5. The double rear windows said "International" to me immediately. Having grown up with tractor drawn honey wagons, I can say that this is a definite improvement!
  6. My Studebaker Wagonaire was cheap to drive, maintain, and own - but the rent on storage led me to sell it to another member. I was having a loads of fun, but keeping it garaged killed my monthly budget.
  7. This is old news. I saw those pictures at least 3 years ago on AutoWeek or BangShift.
  8. What we definitely don't need for moderators.... Butt polishers. They already have an inflated view of their importance.
  9. BDC - You KNOW why, you don't have to ask. We all KNOW why. But if we say why, we get banned. Happens to me all the time - not just here.
  10. Fred. It's name shall be Fred.
  11. Very common in body shops....
  12. Chuck was an American badass - Became an ace in one mission when he shot down 5 planes. Once said, "The first jet airplane I ever saw I shot down".
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