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ME & MY === 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick and……..


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A tale about questioning the state of my mind...


With the pending sale date of my property where I keep the Special (and stuff) looming up on the 15th, I needed to move a snowmobile trailer I have parked there with a home built rail road motor car in it. It has been sitting since 2008 and sure enough the tires were dry rotted. Many weeks ago I changed out the spare and then happened upon a set of used tires so put one on the other side last week.

Sunday I could not get the lights to work (something had chewed the harness) so bought a set of magnetic lights at Walmart for 25 bucks and zip tied them on as there is only wood sides on the trailer.

After checking tire pressures again and the signals I was ready to make the 25 mile trip out to my buddies as he was willing to store it there for me. He thought he might get at reworking the motor car some day to sit on what was left of our rail / train donation we did last year.

Thinking I had covered things I pulled out around 2:45 slowly, going towards the main drag.

Stopped at the first stop sign, no issues.

Came to the second stop sign down the block, no issues.

Made the left and being a bit of a long stretch sped up a bit more and came to my turn to go towards the main road.

Once through the turn I feel a rumbling vibration and by the time I stopped, didn't like what I was hearing and then seeing!


Upon inspection I find the four bolt rim has only ONE wheel bolt and it is Very Loose!!

My first thought (along with others) was what the 'H' happened? and where are the three missing bolts? and so on....

(Hence the opening sentence)

Why I didn't check to make sure the bolts were tightened to spec is a mystery to me but... had to deal with it and move on so to speak.


I had the tools to change out the spare should I develop a flat so jacked the missing bolt side up a bit and then robbed a bolt from the other rim to at least get the loose rim centered again and tightened to move for a short distance.

I then slowly retraced my route and luckily found two of the three bolts in the center of the last turn but that third one was MIA.

I put those into the rim that almost fell off and went back to where I started figuring my torque wrench was there in the garage.


With moving some things out figured it had to be at home so hit it with my four way and with by now being closer to 4 pm, cancelled my trip as I didn't want to be caught with anything else on the side of the road in the dark. 


Once home and calling around to find another bolt, it was too late in the day with stores being closed on Sunday early.


No choice, will get it done on Monday.



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Monday started with a trip to Princess Auto Stores to get a new bolt for the trailer wheel/rim.

Had to buy a 5 pack for 15 bucks but ... now there are spares (to be kept with the trailer...).

Located my torque wrench, checked all bolts and tire pressures again (even on the truck) and headed out about 1 pm to ensure being in daylight hours should something occur.

Being nervous, even more so now, I took back roads and stopped often to check tires and now wondered about wheel being condition. (great time to think about that right?!)

Checking that consisted of holding my hand on the hubs to see if they were building any heat and watching for any new vibration of any kind.

Fortunately, the trip was uneventful and even the constant stopping to check tires and such, driving no faster than 30 mph, time went quickly. Traffic out there was almost non existent which was also good.


Once there I looked around for a place to drop the trailer as this is out in the country with not good drainage and didn't want to make a mess for my friend in the soft ground.



The original plan was to do this on Saturday so he could show me and go for a ride in his 'new to him' Super Bee. Nice condition car if you like yellow but guess with it's hemi explains why it has factory race car type bucket seats. Should be a fun ride! 




As he was at work I had time to look around more. We have not actually seen each other or have been to his place since last January. I had to look over the Packard again that he agreed to store outside for another buddy.



I've posted this before but it is getting worse for the wear now with paint fading off badly.

The mice have increased their occupancy by the looks of it (and the smell). 




When the car 1st came out it was a very nice running / driving car and is a shame to see it left like that. Much like my Nash (only in a mechanical way) it won't be worth a fraction of what it was now. Sad....


Before I unhooked the trailer my phone rang and it was my buddy Rick.

I asked him if his surveillance cameras had picked me up wandering around?

He cautiously said, I don't have those why, are you there?

Yup! Got things sorted out and decided to go for it.

He then suggested where he'd like me to park the trailer, had a bit of conversation and said we would have to get together before Xmas and have a drink together to end this crazy year.

With that I dropped the trailer and before heading home, had to check out his chickens.


Not having been raised on a farm but did go out with grandma as a kid to farmers she knew and bought eggs from, I was surprised to see just how protective that Rooster was of his harem.



While another long afternoon is gone it was at least for the most part uneventful.

Now for another trailer full of stuff to be moved. 


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19 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:

Doug, you have the most entertaining adventures!


Thanks for that Joe!

In a round about way things I post are related to my cars and try to keep it light but do get caught up with the down side sometimes. Don't we all sometimes?


As a far stretch car wise this time, I'm posting a shot my daughter-in-law sent us of our grandson and what I hope to be a Buick fan one day and Wish Everyone here a MERRY CHRSITMAS!



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6 hours ago, dei said:


Thanks for that Joe!

In a round about way things I post are related to my cars and try to keep it light but do get caught up with the down side sometimes. Don't we all sometimes?


As a far stretch car wise this time, I'm posting a shot my daughter-in-law sent us of our grandson and what I hope to be a Buick fan one day and Wish Everyone here a MERRY CHRSITMAS!



Merry Christmas Gramps!  Cute lil guy!  


I was happy to learn my youngest grandson loves the Super!  It's a long story, which I won't bore you with,  but finally after 4 years of life he went for a cruise with me this summer!  It was the highlight of 2020 for me! 

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12 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

Merry Christmas Gramps!  Cute lil guy!  


I was happy to learn my youngest grandson loves the Super!  It's a long story, which I won't bore you with,  but finally after 4 years of life he went for a cruise with me this summer!  It was the highlight of 2020 for me! 



I was going to post a LIKE on your post but that option is missing there somehow so will say it here instead.

Yes I look forward to the day I can do what you have enjoyed so far! 

Meantime with this being our 1st grandchild, every day with him is special. 


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Today started out crazy but won't go into that now.

Needless to say it was another adventure but after the late start finally went over to the property where the Special is. 

The plan was to load up metal that needs to removed so had to start the Nash up in order to get at that stuff in front of her.

Fortunately she fired right up and I gently backed her out of the way as not to get her scratched.




With no hesitation she backed out slowly and I let her idle for a bit before shutting her off to load up.




Have decided, after talking with Don at RM in Chatham, to arrange to take her there and proceed with getting the drive train looked at sometime in January.

He stated after viewing the pictures that it looks like too nice a car to not get repaired and is one that you don't see that many of. So far without the price on parts involved I can't complain about the cost quoted. 
Time will tell on that but know as a project is a hard sell so... jumping in and will see where it ends up.


The guy my son told me who wanted to purchase her said that he would be willing to pay 2,000.00 CDN.  Ah, Sorry NO!



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Doug:  You at least have an offer, sometimes I say" life is good but it is not that good"  maybe get the buyer to accept a counter offer?  Sound as if you are far apart on price but maybe the buyer doesn't realize what antiques cost and if you tell him/her he will appreciate the Statesman more.  Good luck with the car, sorry your city is going into lock down.  I renewed my AACA membership by phone yesterday and Pennsylvania is re entering lockdown too.  Regards, Gary

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Thanks Gary, I appreciate your thoughts. 

Biggest issue is communication hasn't been direct and while I know he has seen the Nash with my son, doesn't seem to want to meet and talk with me. To me it seems more of a fishing expedition than anything serious. Not that I think RM are gods but once I get the Nash looked at there I'm sure being in the business they will have a number for me to digest.


Meantime, my son is considering offering his garage to have the car there. It would help the storage issue but is just a conversation for the moment adding he would have to run it by the wife first. 

At the risk of getting in trouble here, clearly he hasn't been married too long. (LOL)

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The Nash requires some maintenance having clocked 100,000 miles in her life time.

While we have verbal knowledge of it only being driven in the very first winter of it's life from the second owner who Dad bought it from in 1968, right before he gifted it to me she developed some noise in the drive train around 2013. I left her sitting in storage till this year and figure it's either a bad universal joint or bearing in the rear end as there seems to be a rumbling also. This car, like the Buick's, has the enclosed drive shaft system so it's not just drop the driveshaft, replace the universal and reconnect kind of job.


I don't really want to sell her but know that projects don't sell well and frankly, won't have enough storage for all my cars so... going to invest fixing her first, keep my eyes open for storage should my son not be able to park her for me and hope that next year this virus will be under control enough we all can attend car shows/meets and see if it would sell.


I'm well aware of the standing of a Nash on the collectable scale. It's not a C*** or a F**** so pie in the sky expectations are not in my thinking with what to expect but 2,000 just seems way too low for the overall condition it is in with it's original paint and original interior. Shoot, I've seen 59/60 Elcamino's sold for more than that, some without engines and rusted out beds... Again, it's a Nash so...The plan is to get it back to road worthy condition and save it from becoming someone's hacked up mess (or worse).

Thanks for asking Bloo.




Windsor waterfront (Detroit in the background) with Dad, Mom and my oldest son who has given us our first grandson.


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 It's tough selling old cars, if they're not one of the popular models. I tend to agree that selling a decent which runs, drives, and can be safetied without much issue should improve your chances quite a lot. The only thing is how much you have to invest to get to that state vs what you can sell it for. I'm sure you've been turning this stuff over, so I'm not trying to do a car sales 101 on you.

 I think the other big thing for you is you'd like it to go to a good home. Is it possible to advertise it in the Nash Club? Some clubs have policy if you're selling something that is benefit to the members, then you can sell without actually being a member. Some do, some don't. Also hopefully the border will be open again in a few months which might help you get a buyer quite a bit.

 Just my few thoughts.


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While I have been quiet for this past week it is not due to being in LOCK DOWN mode from the official Provincial Order or been busy dealing with snow as we missed most that big storm.

It has been busy though due to the closing sale of my rental property and there is MUCH that has still to be done...

I personally know the buyer and he has agreed to allow me to use the garage till some time in early March but again, needed to get things totally out of the house this week and left in relatively good order. He is contemplating tearing it all down if it makes economic sense otherwise modernising things to possibly rent.

Like with our car saying, He bought it, He can do as he wishes.

 With this sale I'm loosing storage for the cars and trying to get a garage addition built but that is in limbo for the moment due to Lock Down and the time of year and labour shortages and materials...

My wife sometimes has said to me to just deal one day at a time. Easier said than done with deadlines looming!


But today was a pleasant surprise.

Early this AM I received a call from Don at RM Restorations responding to my earlier email saying I would like to move ahead with them looking into the Nash.

He discussed that they have an opening (must be this pandemic holding people off from getting cars ready for shows or Auctions usually done over the winter) and if I wanted to make arrangements to have it shipped to them, they would be willing to store it and possibly start diagnostic work next week. Yee Haw!


Meantime, I had contacted Haggerty to see if I had towing coverage on my insurance with them and the distance that might be covered. I won't go into that conversation except to say I did not have it. Got signed up and again the short story is they were able today to meet me within 45 minutes at the car, load up and make the 85 km (not miles) trip to RM Restorations outside Chatham, Ontario.






One of the changes this Lock Down has brought about is that prior to this I might have been able to ride with the driver and with him being based in Windsor, get a ride back after it was dropped off.

I gassed up and caught up with the unit just as she was being dropped to place inside the Shop.




Talking to Don and a few looking at her hearing that it was quite a rare car, especially being built in Toronto with the condition she was in, I looked around and to the immediate right was a 1929 Cadillac phaeton with it's clean as a whistle flathead V8, plus a late 50's Porsche, a Bentley (not sure of the year?), a newly restored Mini Moke and.... got lost in the conversation with all those beautiful cars in progress to look at. 

There is a large sign saying "no photos allowed" so sorry guys.


After giving my contact information and a basic request to diagnose drive train noise, I was asked if she would run and possibly start with a short run around the parking lot.

Naturally I said, Sure no problem, so connected the battery, climbed in side asking Don if he knew the started button is at the bottom of the clutch? I hit the stater and crossed my fingers... She came to life and with a bit of pedal smoothed back to a nice idle. There were a few smile on guys faces with that including mine!~


I had to back out and boy, dang that thing has a lot of blind spots!

With all that were watching it was all good so Dan climbed in and I drove in 1st gear slowly. Another fellow was down the way and listening too and they almost immediately said in unison that it is definitely the rear end, maybe the pinion, but they would start by pulling the diff cover off and would go from there.


Turning in a wide circle I got it up enough to shift into second and then placed her in neutral letting her coast which I think further indicated the gearing, not a universal joint but... further inspection is going to tell on this.

At the very least with knowing the mileage is accurate at 99,700 miles, if the torque tube shaft has to come off I want new joint(s) put in while it's apart for added insurance. 


With that we parked her outside the Shop and I went inside to talk to the head of the upholstery department about the foam in the Limited seats. It has hardened and Paul said to bring the seat back of the front seat and will see if the covers can be pulled off and put back on without destroying them. (I can't even think about a $15,000 correct re-upholstery job so will see what comes of this.)


With that it was time to head the 85 kms home knowing the car is in good hands.


Notice the car is missing a hubcap and trim ring?

Haven't looked seriously for one yet but anyone have or know of one for sale? 



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As of yesterday the inside of the house is completely in order so dug into things on the outside needing attention.

The buyer isn't interested in keeping and using the shanty I used for my garden tools so... With my buddies place still having some track I called and asked if he wanted to have it out at his place for looks.

He said sure why not, so I spent the afternoon cleaning it out and getting it ready to load up on my trailer.




It is an actual telegraph shanty from a long defunct line in Southern Ontario and was part of the train purchase four of us made from my local Car Club turned Museum & Heritage Village some time ago.

Had I not stacked those paver stones so close to it I might have had a chance to move it around the outside of the tree stump. I tried to bring it between the stump and the carport but it was tight so took my electric chain saw  and hacked off some of the roots.

While that helped some I needed additional help so called my son and he was able to assist me.

Together we were able to squeeze it out enough to back the trailer up to it.




Placing my wood ramps inside the trailer hooked onto the front box we were able to tip it till resting on the ramps and pushing it up till able to close the tailgate.

Fortunately no arms or backs were hurt in this moving so the next adventure tomorrow morning will be a road trip out to my buddies placing it on some railroad ties till the ground dries enough in the spring to put it along side those tracks.




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Good News Bad news Day.


The good news, 

Trip out to my buddies went as planned without incident.




Before I unloaded, another car pulled in to look at some of the RR stuff my friend was liquidating and helped us to set it in place.

After some discussion the question came up about what was going to be done with the shanty.

The one fellow was an ex employee from Canadian Pacific RR and wondered if he could purchase it. The end of the story is we agreed on a price and it is SOLD.


Provenance is proven by the mile location painted on the inside.



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The Bad News;


I received an email from RM that stated "The bearings have left the building."


They sent a video attached of the open differential and WOW! 

Don't know what can be saved or what the damage is to the ring & pinion yet but...


To be continued...

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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

So it is January 3, 2021,

Historically a single calendar date can have a lasting change in ones life so here is hoping this day will be the start to a better year for us ALL!


Of significance for me is a couple of things;

This morning I received a package from the Post Office (on a Sunday - who knew?) containing a used hub cap that @Buicknutty helped arrange contact with a buddy of his, Chris, who has a collection of 1951 Nash's. He sent me a picture of a spare cap he would be willing to let go and we made a deal.  It is definitely driver quality but anything on a wheel is better than the alternative.




Naturally I just had to grab a rag and my metal polish to see how it would clean up.




It has had a hard life but pleased the chrome is shinny at least.

With the full fender skirt look of those Nash's it will hide some of those wear marks unless getting down to look too closely. 




Thanks Keith for steering me to Chris!

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Another thing that happened:


Mom had her 93rd birthday before Christmas and while quiet (due to restrictions in place)

she is doing fine with her cataract surgery having gone well. Phew!

Guess she will be able to see to write her drivers license again the end of this year...


She called me Saturday to say come over as she had something for me.

I also had another birthday (which I'm not saying except to say my age will remain at 65 from now on). 🎂

She handed me a nice card, an envelope and a small box.

Read the card with a message she wrote, then opened the envelope. Surprise! She put bills (money) in there that was surprising!

I then opened the box and a very nice leather wallet was in there. 

Dad always said that when you give someone a wallet you put even a penny in it as a gesture of always having something in your wallet. He carried that tradition on all his life increasing from a penny to larger bills.

Well, Mom did the same thing only I was shocked to find a greater amount than in the envelope!!

I won't divulge the amounts but it will go a long way towards paying for the repairs to the Nash. Thanks Mom!



I need to get the 2 inches of wet snow cleared we had early this morning as my son, wife and grandson are coming for dinner and then get back at the garage clean out tomorrow.


2021 is starting out pretty good.




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Thanks EmTee. I have never attempted to do that before but will admit to having an idea or two how to approach it. As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Unfortunately focus will have to be on the other garage for the next bit and see how progress goes or like you suggest, play with it on a rainy day... 

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Another week has flown by...

It seems the older I get time is getting quicker not slower!

Between dealing with Mom and things at her home I have made several more trips to the metal scrapper after digging into the garage with the Special. It's hardly paying much these days but better than nothing (or storing for??).


I have been spending evenings inside the garage at home fixing up the ceiling and preparing the wiring for the addition that hopefully will start again this spring.




Thought I had a 75 ft spool of wire but it somehow has found a hidden corner so will have to buy another one online as the stores are in Lock Down mode again till the end of February...

I also will have to order two more sheets of OSB that I'm putting up on the ceiling to keep the plastic and insulation from falling down.

Working alone I had them cut into 2 ft by 4 ft sections to make my life easier.

Once it is all up a coat of white paint should help brighten up the place.




As I cleared off the shelf above what will be a small work space I see I have to do some panelling repair.

I figure the holes are from either a raccoon or squirrels when they knocked the screen out on the small gable vent at the back.

I fixed it with a steel vent but that was some time ago sadly.




As I get things tightened up it is getting easier to maintain a good working temperature in there. The outside temperatures have been daytime highs around 35 with night time going down to around 26. Moving around up and down a ladder keeps the blood flowing too.




To be cont'd...

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Your timeline, if things go as planned, will make me a very happy guy.

The original garage is 20 by 24 and the Limited barely fits with her bumpers on, that car being longer than the Roadmaster.

With the disaster it became till this past year, it was impossible to do any work on her and just kept the door closed! Sad I know but let's call it confessions of a hoarder and I'm moving in what I hope is the right direction now. 

The addition has a 4 inch lower pad and my son is making a metal transition ramp as my birthday gift. He might be finished the welding this weekend and hope to get a coat of paint on it. Will post a picture when it is close to finished.

Getting at the wiring tomorrow now that I have more wire.

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Another week has flown by flipping between sorting things at the Special garage, driving Miss Daisy to Dr. Appointments and my garage at home.


Managed to hook up wiring to reconnect the other side of the garage which was disconnected putting in the new door door and prep for the new addition. I currently have a new wall plug connected for some power outside for now. 

The new wire at the top will be connected when I get boxes on the other side of the door (inside) set up to have power along that side of the garage again.

I then re-insulated this cavity, put on vapour barrier and nailed the old panelling in place.

The connection box here is accessible for the wiring to the back in the future.  



Rerouted wire to the west wall. It will be covered with a removable metal box along the top to have access for future wiring and such. A suspended speaker system is going to be a must later!








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Just heard from R M concerning the Nash.

As noted earlier, the carrier bearings were totally worn out so need replacing.

The call was to confirm they have located a set (4) but man are they expensive!

I contacted a Nash Club member advertising parts for sale and said he doesn't show any listed with the numbers I gave him but would go through his yet uncatalogued boxes and let me know. Keeping my fingers crossed...


Amazingly he said that he knew my dad and the car as dad had attended many Club events where they met.

Being an obviously long time Nash owner, hoping Brent will be able to help me out.



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Managed a bit more progress at home today.

Needed to seal up the destruction of rodents above the shelves.




Nasty but the industrial vacuum was an asset before putting another vapour barrier up.




I could feel the difference in the temperature once things were sealed up.





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Moving a hanging shelf down from the ceiling which I had trim on there, I came upon side panels for a Roadmaster  2 dr or convertible.




I was posed the question a while ago if those panels were painted between the aluminium ribs.

At the time I felt they were not painted having seen many original '58 cars that appeared to be not painted but...

These appear to have paint under where the side trim molding would be so would presume the upper models at the very least would indeed be painted.




I'm guessing the years of sun and fade/cleaning removes evidence of the paint.


Wishing the other panel had the script and in as good as shape as this one...



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19 minutes ago, Smartin said:

Roadmaster trim had black paint in the recesses.


Thanks Adam.


That's what I was guessing since my Special shows no evidence of paint at all.


Do you know if it was a gloss black or a flat black?

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Had a productive weekend regarding the garage at home.

With finishing hanging the last panel of the first row on the ceiling turned my attention to the electrical on the other side of the garage.

It had to be disconnected to put the overhead door in and required some rerouting. I also wanted to install two wall plugs outside for the start of powering the back. Eventually I want to run 220 for my compressor and possible mig welder so have installed easy access boxes when that time comes.




Destruct to construct is always fun...


I wanted to put a 5/8 sheet of plywood in the space to stiffen the wall up per advice of the contractor. His theory is that with a 16 foot door in the front and a 9 foot in the back it is better to have the reinforcement for added insurance. For the cost I didn't argue and it will be solid should I want to hang shelves or parts in that corner.

The practice of measure twice and cut once was in the back of my mind when laying out where to cut for those boxes. In fact I measured about five times as nothing is square on this 60 year old building.




It turned out not too bad with just a small fudge but I had the old panelling to put over it and had I not said anything, no one would know.


Of course I connected all the wiring and tested it before installing just to be sure things were correct.  




Things seemed to be going fine till my jigsaw buggered up with the drive motion, then I had to hand saw the panelling. 

It was not all that fun doing that but... it is done and can move on to actually getting the hardware on the door to be able to access the back.



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In other news....


The Nash progress has been stalled with the holidays and parts.

R M asked if I had a source and made contact with a Nash Club member as I posted but came up empty there.

I then decided to call the parts house that helped with my fuel pump for her back in July and Ryan said sure, he likes a challenge.

He called back this morning with a Good news, Bad news story. 


I gave him the #'s from the worn out parts and seems they are Timkin products alright. 

Good news, they are available and could be here in about two weeks.


The Bad News: they will cost me 750 dollars CDN!!!


Waiting for a return call from R M to discuss ...


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While doing the juggling act with life I managed some more late night/morning work this week in the garage at home. Have all but a few pieces of panelling to put above the garage door yet and need to make a trip to the storage container where the panelling was placed when I stripped it off to open up the wall.




The next bit of work will be to hang another row of wood on the ceiling before I can start to get the overhead door tracks installed.




What does one do with big Buick bumpers before you are ready to install them on the car?

Why hang them in a corner out of the way of course.

The hooks are in place but need to purchase a few straps to keep them off the cement floor. They are screwed into a 2x6 rafter near the wall so should be fine strength wise.




Found a good place for the Roadmaster side panels. It helps looking at them to remind me that one day it too will be home to get worked on after I finish the Limited.


Thinking of that I'm reminded of Dad saying not long after he retired that he was so busy he didn't know how he ever had time to work... That's OK as I know I'll never be bored!!




After I return from Mom's today I will finish cutting the ceiling panels that are set up and ready to go. Then it will be cleaning up the saw dust and clear the floor to hang the tracks.

Could be another late night or two...





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10 minutes ago, lancemb said:

Looking good!  It will be great when you're done, and you got to revisit all those cool parts!


Thanks Lance!

I know you get it with your collection of '57's in play too. 

I just wish I had the height you have in your garage to be able to stack another Buick in there!!!

Sounds like you have been doing some remodelling / re-organising too from what I read.

(and know you have a young family to be attentive too along with it all - ain't life grand?)


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Managed another run out to the storage container and picked out a small section of panelling to bring back and cut to finish the remaining piece above the door. 

Before going home I went to the Special garage and dug a little deeper into the mess there...

No pictures of that as it is too embarrassing! 


Started in the garage at home after supper and the first thing I did was to hang the bumpers.

So glad I hung the shelf the way I did as that corner works out perfectly for now.




I then cut the three 4x8 sheets of OSB to get ready to finish another row so I can install the door tracks but where the evening went just can't say... I checked the clock and called it quits as it was 12:30.


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