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I'm thinking about buying one of these for a camper ?



Mike, I had to reply to your post, here are a few pics of my 1936 Dodge towing my 1940 Wooden Horse trailer with my "Iron Horse" inside, 1951 Indian Chief.





I hope you like.

See Ya!


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I have one of those, but I wouldn't recommend that you spend a lot of time looking around under your tree for it...........However.....

I am not wild about handing my patterns over to UPS, but I could cut out a rough blank, maybe just the inside. The outside shape just matches the sheetmetal so you could get that from the car, you might even be able to make the other side once you had the first one finished.

I sent you some pictures that were too big to post here, I think one of them might have been this part. The email didn't come back, so either you have it or someone else does. I could resend it if you didn't get it.

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Here is a photo of my 46 Woodie back in 1970....I really shouldn't tell you how much I paid for it...But I will...$300.00 Bucks....It had an 8BA flathead the ran like a top...Second,but no third seat...I drove it to pickup my Girl Friend,now wife,and had to leave it running in the driveway in front of the house..It was the "Meet the Parents" date...She was running a little late and I knew I would come out to a steaming radiator...We finally came outside..I wondered what my future mother in law thought when she saw my Pride N Joy idling in the driveway.."Can't you shut it off??"..I told her "Ya but I usually point it down hill so if it won't start,WE can push it".We have been married 42+ year and have had lots of different Old Cars..We both enjoy the car we have now....And I don't have to point it down hill....

p.s. Oh, and the 46,I sold it when my dad told me "your one person and you have 4 cars"big profit too..$350.00...The guy that bought it ,was getting out of the Air Force...He drove it all the way home to Wisconsin,called me when he got home and told me "I Made It!!".... So it's back there somewhere guys..... Carl



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I am restoring a 1949 Buick Super Estate Wagon, and here are some of the latest pics...

It has all new wood, and I try to find some exquisite grain, just to show off the wood at its best.

Only Woodies have that capability!!

It is framed in ash, and uses mahogany panels at the rear tailgate and below, with mahogany inserts along the sides.

Cheers, Mike







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Those surroundings look vaguely familiar...could it be King & Sons?

I was there a few (or more) years ago, and they were working on a couple of T & C's...

Sorry if I am wrong, I am old guy with a sometimes poor memory!!

But every so often it kicks in!! Mike

This picture was taken in my shop (Brussels Wisconsin) but the car left here today on its way to Rockford Il for the next phase.

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KEISER, I wondered how you could tell the year but then I zoomed in on the buckshot holes in the rear fender. Only the gorgeous '42s had chrome strakes wrapping the front and rear fenders - one of my favourite woodies.

Photo of the day - notice the period-correct blackwall tires


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I'll bet that the fella' that bought that Model "A" didn't feel so lucky when he found out that's not an original Model "A" body; he probably paid good money for it too! At least it had an original cowl!

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