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  1. Dear Mark, Do you still have the CoachCraft Luggage Rack ? Thanks, Mike 708 308 4009
  2. I did not bring up the scooters and golf carts...someone else did. I just agreed with them. Mike
  3. I noticed this year that most electric golf carts and scooters did not have dragging cans making noise. ?? Mike
  4. Tom, The rules are no campers or cars using spaces solely for camping or parking. Read #4. You can park across the back of your spaces and sell in front of the space. I see a lot of people putting out a card table with 5 things on, I wouldn't think this counts. Mike
  5. They are empty "Vendor Spaces". You can start worrying now. Mike
  6. If the rules for Carlisle are the same for Hershey then yes.
  7. It's not a question about parking their cars in the spaces that they are actually vending out of. It's the people that buy spaces just for parking. Mike
  8. Peter, I started a new Tread a few days ago with the same title as this one that was deleted. I have called the phone number provided on their web page and have left messages. I have called that same number and the receptionist says: " Someone will get back to you." (this would be the same lady who referred to me as "That Guy". I have also emailed the address given on the web page...same result...no reply. There are no names of people because no one has gotten back to me. Mike
  9. John, I arrived on Monday and shopped Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to return home Wednesday evening due to a death in the family. Normally I would stay through Saturday. My health and strength are back and I am able to walk the show again. For the first year back from my treatments I parked in the Handicapped parking lot just East of the Red Field. I only had to walk across the street. Yes, other people have issues. Walking all that extra distance past all the campers and all the spaces being used by Healthy people to park is an issue. Just a thought, Mike
  10. At $ 16.00 a day to park, that is an admission fee. That's $ 80.00 for the week. But it's worth it. I guess it's almost cheaper to get a Vendor Space to park. I have been going to Hershey for 40 years. I have a great time and get to see many things that can't see anywhere else. I will keep going until I can't physically do it. I have tried countless times to contact the Hershey Region with no response. Phone calls, emails nothing. Mike
  11. I started a new Thread because the first one was removed ??????? I have tried to contact the Hershey Region many times but have not gotten any response. I did not have a chance to get to the Hershey Regions space this year because I had a death in the family and I had to leave Wednesday evening. I will try again to contact then by phone and email. Mike
  12. Before I get any more rude comments like" Maybe you should stay home" or "Why don't you stay home and shop on eBay" or "If it's to far for you to walk why are you there" or "Why don't you contact the Hershey Region?" I would like to give you a little background on my self. I purchased my first car when I was 14. It was a 1935 Pontiac Convertible. By the time I got my drivers license it was rode worthy. Through high school I probably owned another 25 antique cars. Since high school I have owned close to another 75 antique cars. From a 1903 Ford to a 1950 Spohn. There have been many Buick's, Pontiac's, Plymouth's, Chevrolet's, Ford's, many Woodie Station Wagons, Chrysler Town and County Woodies, Nash's, Cadillac, Muntz Jet, Midget Racers, Cadillac's, Model T's and A's, etc.. Some I restored, some were survivor drivers, some I sold and some I still need to restore. I love the Antique Car Hobby. I went to my first Hershey Fall Meet in 1976 at the age of 18. I drove by myself and slept in the back of my El Camino in 7-11 parking lot. I have only missed two since. One when my Father died and the other when I was going through cancer treatments. In the late summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer. I went through 6 months and caner treatments and had to miss the Fall meet of 2013. At the end of the treatments was down to 119 lbs from 190 lbs. I was barley able to walk to the bathroom with out help. I made some goals. Get back to work in my shop and make it to the 2014 Fall Meet. I started by just walking the 50 feet to my shop. After about a month I was able to sit in the shop and plan which car I was going to restore next. After 4 years I can now work full days at my hobby. My next goal was to make it to the Fall 2014 Meet. I made it but I never made it out of the Chocolate Field. I would walk one row then take a break. I spent most of my time in the Woodie booth or in friends booths sitting. But I was there ! I made it ! This is probably when I first noticed all the Campers and Cars using the Vendor Spaces for parking and camping. When you only have so much energy to use walking the market you what to use it looking at actual Vendor Spaces. I remember looking down an aisle and making the decision on whether it was worth my time to walk down that aisle. Being Handicapped that first year back mades me see things differently. I had plans to stop a the Hershey Regions booth this year but I had to leave Wednesday night due to a death in the family. Since last year's Meet I have tried to contact the Hershey Region by phone and by email about my concerns. They have never responded. It has been mentioned that the Hershey Region does not read these Threads. They do read them. One of the times I called the Hershey Region they referred to me as "Oh, you're That Guy". I also spoke with the hierarchy at the AACA and I was told that they have read this Thread. If the Hershey Region advertises 9,000 Vendor Spaces then there should be 9,000 Vendor Spaces. If they say no Camping or Parking in the spaces then it should be enforced. There are Camp grounds and parking right across the street. Park your vehicle at the back of your space and vend in front. If advertise that you are open Wednesday thru Saturday then you should be. What about all they people that can't take the time off during the week and show up on Saturday only to find half the vendors are gone. Or the students that can only come on Saturday. I would like to see aerial photos from the last 10 years to compare. It's obvious that there is some abuse with the use of spaces being used solely for camping and parking. Believe me, I don't what to be "That Guy". But this needs to be addressed by the Hershey Region. And I understand that Vendors have to use the bathroom, go to meetings, go to events, volunteer there time, they want to shop, have to unload and load their vehicles, that it rains, that they have to eat food, etc.. Have have been vending at different Flea Markets for 40 years, so I do understand. I love this hobby and I what it to be here for generations to come. Now go ahead and rip into me, Mike
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