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  1. Last week I took delivery of a 1936 Buick coupe in serious need of structural wood. Ironically a few days later local gentleman came by to purchase some parts for his 1946 Ford. During our visit he took note of the Buick, and mentioned that he owned a 1936 Cadillac in need of wood repair. Now I am tasked with replacement of the wood in both cars. In typical GM style. the bodies have subtle differences in both metalwork and wood. Thankfully, together they provide sufficient details about the original construction processes making wood replacement possible If someone reading this happens to have a wood framed general motors coupe and is in need of replacement wood, send me a P.M. This is a job that may only happen once.
  2. love this stuff.. googled mr lockwood.. apparently his home / shop / collection was on hagy mill road.. unfortunately a fire consumed most of the collection.. according to this
  3. i may have the glass you need.. if your still looking
  4. Have woodie wagon parts? I will be at hershey in space obh 9 and 10 looking for ANY ford wood, any GM wood and possibly any mopar wood for use as patterns.. OBH 9 and OBH 10 or email y2auctions@gmail.com
  5. No idea.. I'm still searching for a owner or a 41 pontiac wagon for myself!!
  6. Both are still available.. one buyer from the Netherlands was to purchase the rear.. so the rear fender is on a box and ready to ship, the front is still in storage.. hoping I can help someone who needs a really nice fender
  7. 40+ members have responded that they are attending.. I hope you are able to convince mr HOUSE.. to attend..
  8. i have at least 3 motors mike.. all used. you are welcome to any jeff
  9. so.. my friend bought a "terraplane" at auction .. he believed that it had been a wagon.. and its possible, however SO little of the car survived.. it would be hard to determine if it were in fact a terraplane.. I believe most of the car was scrapped before the auction.. my friend HAD part of a cowl.. but no numbers etc..
  10. http://images43.fotki.com/v329/photos/4/206474/10593277/IMG_3287-vi.jpg
  11. driver side front Driver side rear. both are new old stock. PM or see east coast woodies.com for contact info
  12. Spaces OBH 9 and OBH 10 in hershey.. MANY 1939 and 1940 chevy parts Doors, hoods, fenders grill.. AND MORE.
  13. 1939 and 1940 chevrolet parts.. obh9 and obh10 I'll be there with my father, we love sheetmetal.. and hope you do too.
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