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  1. I guess I can put K2 hubs on the front and a K2 axle on the back and there is a disc brake conversion kit. I am very fond of brakes.
  2. Thanks- Yep- it is very primitive indeed, but kind of cool due to that.
  3. Wow- Do you know where I could get one of those?
  4. On most woodies I have encountered, "C" clips hold the interior door handles and window cranks in place. On my '41 International with a Campbell body, I found there were no "C" clips. So I contacted Mark Miller, who is a well known maker of wooden bodies and particularly has made the Chevrolet Country Club wood kits, for help. Mark told me that there is a drift pin, found when the ferrul around the handles is depressed, that secures the handles. Pushed out the pin, and voila! Just some information for others who encounter this. Also, a bit of a plug for Mark Miller in
  5. Thanks- I tried the International dealers and they were not able to help. However, on the "oldihc.org" site, a few guys gave me sources/contacts to be able to get the brakes redone by a shop and a few guys who had some K3 parts to sell. Looks like I will be able to use the K3 wheels, axles and brakes, which is a big plus. It would have been a shame to ditch the original stuff just due to lack of brake parts. For those interested, the '46-'48 ford front drum shoes (12X 1 3/4) fit the K3. Also, post war Dodge Power Wagon drum shoes are 14" X 2", which fits t
  6. Well...……………………….. it turns out that they cannot make custom kits for the K3 for disc brakes. It creates somewhat of a problem that I see others have experienced with K1, K2, and K3 model internationals. The problem is lack of parts to maintain the existing drum brakes, yet no real solution for disc brakes. For those interested, THERE IS a conversion kit for front disc brakes for the K1 and K2, but not the K3. The K3 have those weird, big 6 bolt hubs and more robust axles. It appears as though many K3 owners, faced with this, have changed the front and rear suspension
  7. Thanks Matt! The price is not a big deal. I'm glad the custom work can be done. I've gotten a little spoiled by disc brakes and really think drums are a little dangerous in this day and age. Thanks for the suggestions! I have a note sent into Wilwood to ask them- hopefully they will be able to do it; if not, I'll get a hold of the other two. I'm having general spring make the rear leaf springs, as I can't find any leaf springs made today with the same dimensions. Kind of weird- with a zillion types of leaf springs one would think that there would be a substitute out t
  8. For the ford, here is the direct category/product on that site: https://cgfordparts.com/ufolder/showproducts.php?c=1&s=58&g=493&t=6399
  9. Also, despite being Willy's, I like these better: https://shop.willysamerica.com/Glass-Pull-p/664475.htm
  10. Try here: https://cgfordparts.com/ufolder/cart.php
  11. More K3 questions- The K3 has hubs with 6 bolts, as opposed to K1 and K2s, which have 5. I have found a wildwood disc brake application for the 5 bolt K1, but not for the 6 bolt K3. I would like to retain the original hubs, if possible, and find a disc brake application. Having been spoiled by discs, I am a little reluctant to keep drums on a vehicle. For that matter, shoes and drums for the drum brakes appear to be a little hard to come by. Any thoughts on disc brake applications for a K3? I have contacted Wilwood and asked if they could custom make an applicat
  12. I guess then ANY after market bumper would be appropriate, even using a front bumper on the rear. As the vehicles we restore would be parked in towns, a rear bumper would be helpful.
  13. For those looking in the future- The rear leaf springs are 51 inches with the "A" and "B" arms of equal length. One simply needs to find leaf springs from ANY manufacturer with those dimensions and the appropriate width for the hangers. Off the top of my head, I believe that is either 2.5 or 2.25 inches width. General spring out of Kansas City says they can custom make such springs. I do not know the price yet, but that is probably what I will do. I was able to secure some NOS knee shocks as well. Those are a little tough to find and I assume that people would be looki
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