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  1. i may have the glass you need.. if your still looking
  2. Have woodie wagon parts? I will be at hershey in space obh 9 and 10 looking for ANY ford wood, any GM wood and possibly any mopar wood for use as patterns.. OBH 9 and OBH 10 or email
  3. No idea.. I'm still searching for a owner or a 41 pontiac wagon for myself!!
  4. Both are still available.. one buyer from the Netherlands was to purchase the rear.. so the rear fender is on a box and ready to ship, the front is still in storage.. hoping I can help someone who needs a really nice fender
  5. 40+ members have responded that they are attending.. I hope you are able to convince mr HOUSE.. to attend..
  6. i have at least 3 motors mike.. all used. you are welcome to any jeff
  7. so.. my friend bought a "terraplane" at auction .. he believed that it had been a wagon.. and its possible, however SO little of the car survived.. it would be hard to determine if it were in fact a terraplane.. I believe most of the car was scrapped before the auction.. my friend HAD part of a cowl.. but no numbers etc..