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  1. @Restorer32any chance you have any of these? Or have seen any of these in your searches?
  2. Beautiful. Make it run and stop, and drive it. It is perfect
  3. Sorry Tom that is not correct. The 1949 Oldsmobile body was built by Fisher. It shared that body with Chevrolet and Pontiac. And it was one year only. Buick was built in Ionia and were built from 1949 to 1953. Buick's lasted longer because the wood was more covered by steel and the thickness of the structure is substantially more then the Oldsmobile.
  4. Hand tools, grinders. Bandsaw for the rest so far.
  5. I am looking for this metal that goes between the doors on both sides. Any help would be great. Thank you
  6. Thank you both for commenting. I have wanted one of these cars for a very long time. I had tin woodies, then Ford 49 and 50 woodies, 31 Ford and a 49 Mercury woodie that I have not finished the wood on. But I was always looking for the 1949 Olds88 Wagon. I didn't plan on one in such bad shape but at was mostly complete, except for the pile of fire wood that came with it.
  7. Some day the wood will start looking like this
  8. I got this far and did not have enough experience or template to figure out the back of the car. Off it goes to Ron Heiden. I have built a 1950 Ford, 1949 Ford, 1931 Ford and am currently building 1949 Mercury Woodies. This car is a whole other level of woodworking
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