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After a couple of weeks of snow and freezing weather,,,a nice day for a Ride....

Is that really what it looked like recently, in your part of the world? If so, I'm sorry but we're all going to have to hate you. At least until about April or May.

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Many of the highway hauler truck manufacturers have toyed with building light duty trucks, at one time or another. Just after WWII, Diamond T gave it a try and even commissioned a one-off woodie. From the front wheels back, it looks nicely conventional, but OMG - What A Front End!


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Since this thread has a historical theme....

The first picture below shows my 37 Lincoln Zephyr in the early 1940s. In 2004, I purchased the rusty hulk of the car from the sister of the young fella with the wheelbarrow. The second picture shows the car in its current form, after its transformation into a custom woodie wagon.



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