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  1. Senior Member Members 28 526 posts Report post x #16 Posted 5 minutes ago Hey Guys, any updates??? I am retired now and living in Jamaica where it is warm year round!! But, no Woodies in sight!! I sold all to come here to spend my golden years with my Jamaican wife, June...no regrets, but do miss those old Woodies!!! Update me, OK??? Cheers, Mike
  2. Hey Tom, any updates??? I am retired now and living in Jamaica where it is warm year round!! But, no Woodies in sight!! I sold all to come here to spend my golden years with my Jamaican wife, June...no regrets, but do miss those old Woodies!!! Update me, OK??? Cheers, Mike
  3. I happened upon this thread, from years ago, and wondered how are you all??? I am retired now, and living in Jamaica, where it is warm year round, but, no Woodies!!! So keep me in the loop about your Woodies, OK???? Cheers, Mike
  4. Hey Countrytraveler, I'm with you!!! I hauled antique cars on a lesser scale, just one or two at a time, but my observations are the same... Too much traffic, and grumpier drivers than ever!!! I retired a couple of years ago, and moved to Jamaica, to enjoy my "golden years", but, here I am envying you!!! Here, antique cars aren't seen much, but there are some collectors, which, I have found!! (Darn it) I recently bought a vintage 1989 Argosy Motorhome to get me at home here, in style... It is in Kansas, and I contacted an old friend who hauled old cars to get it running (fairly low mileage, but it has sat for 12 years) and get it to Florida, but it is not easy to get it here, to Jamaica. My wife and I want to set it at a beach, and enjoy that scene, but the weather is wonderful here, always unless it rains, Hey, oldtimer, doesn't the cold mess you up each winter?? It does me, but it is warm here, year round!! Sorry about the underline, can't get it to stop!! Cheers, Mike
  5. Well, guys, I am out of here end of this week... No more Woodies...they became more of an anchor than a love. All have been grabbed up, at very low prices, but all is good, they are in good hands. I enjoyed saving some of them, but now it is up to others. I will stay in touch, as much as is possible while basking in the sun!!! Cheers, Mike
  6. Well, I am out of Woodies, as of today, the last one leaves here today! I have watched my shop disintegrate before my eyes...it was hard, but as we age, times change. I am looking forward to leaving here by the end of this week, Woodie-less!!! Except for some memorabilia!!! LOL! Cheers to you all that hung in there for me, it is truly a blessing that I will keep forever, thanks so very much. I am outa here!!
  7. Thanks for the good wishes, Thriller, same to you. Still have the 50 Roadmaster Woodie major project...could be free...up for grabs!!! Cheers, Mike
  8. Thriller, The 53 left here today, I bought it for 5G's, sold it for 2...but it's going gets me that much closer to my wonderful wife, and a new adventure in Jamaica. Yeah, they all need to go...any reasonable price accepted, and some unreasonable ones also!! Cheers, Mike 661 766 9141, anytime...for a while, anyway!! LOL
  9. To all, My friends here... My Buick "pickup" is now in another Buick nut's hands, and he loves it immensely, just as it is, but he is capable of returning it to a wagon!! However, he also bought my 1947 Roadmaster Woodie project, so who knows where he will go??? I am selling all to go to Jamaica to be with my recently acquired wife, June, who I am head over heels in love with!! I have known her for 20 or so years, and visited her last year, got married, and want to live out my final years with her...no more Woodies! She returns my love, the most Woodies ever did was cost me $$$, and break down when I least expected it!!!! LOL, not really!! But, sometimes!!! I am outa-here to Jamaica, but I will try to find the time to check here, and respond...we do have the internet over there!! Cheers to all, Mike
  10. Hey guys, a lot has happened in my life, and I am officially retiring...70 years is enough!! The owner of this 52 is giving up...he is older than me...and so it goes. I am selling up all, and moving to Jamaica, to be with my wonderful Wife. I have many Woodie projects, in various stages for sale at reasonable prices, including the following: 1950 Buick Roadmaster Woodie (2) 1948 Pontiac Woodies 1951 Buick Super Woodie 1953 Buick Super Woodie And many Woodie only parts, hard to find stuff...all must go, I have sold my shop, and anxious to leave!!! Several parts cars also. Lots of original wood, some restorable, some for patterns. Machines, equipment for wood and stainless steel restoration, which I did for 12 years before getting into wood. I will not ship anything, but can refer a reputable shipper for cars, parts or equipment. Contact me, Mike at 661 766 9141, or Carl at 661 706 8105 Cheers, Mike
  11. Tom, we used Captains 1015, which is noted to have amber tone, on the can. It sounds like you have much more experience with varnishes than I do, but I enjoy it all. We recently had the 49 Buick rear quarter original wood returned for refinishing, so I checked the quarter belt wood... It was originally, like the door belts, made from ash with a mahogany veneer added in the recess. Good luck with your project. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I have been consumed with personal issues... Like finally marrying the love of my life!! Sorry, she replaced Woodies, the previous love of my life, LOL!! I am headed to Jamaica for a four month honeymoon in about a week, but will try to keep up while there. Meanwhile, progress on the 49 will continue in my absence, and I'll try to add pics as I get them. Cheers, Mike
  12. Greetings Tom, I am currently working on a 49 Roadmaster Woodie, with just gorgeous original wood. Pics to follow soon... The green one we finished had some wood made when it came here, the owner had died, so it sat in probate for several years, then got sold. So the wood he had made had naturally aged, and the new pieces we made to complete it didn't match the "aged" wood he had made. We found a "Minwax light oak" stain made all the wood match well, after trying many options. Usually stains aren't used on Woodies, this was a unique case where some older wood had to match some new wood. Then, of course it was finished with many coats of marine varnish, by the way, this wagon had "Captains Varnish" used, which I highly recommend. It seems to dry harder in less time than other varnishes we have tried, and just seems to make the project finish better. But, truthfully, the stain brought out the grain!! Which is tempting me to play around with that more!!! As far as the mahogany, that is a different story. I am not sure if it is Honduran or African mahogany, but it is gorgeous, wherever it is from. The wood on the 4 doors are made of ash, and a mahogany veneer is glued in the recess. However the rear quarter panels actually are made up of 3 pieces of wood: the top is ash, center is solid mahogany, lower is ash, all laminated together. I am not sure if that is how the factory did it, but the previous owner did it that way, and it worked for us at the time. The 49 we have here now, does have all original wood, and my old memory doesn't remember if it is the same. Right now it is away getting it mechanically sound, so I can't just hop up & see, but it will be back hopefully soon, and I will fill you in. Feel free to remind me of this, since this old guy has a fading memory...LOL I hope this helps, Tom. Cheers, Mike
  13. I recently got the pleasure of restoring a 1949 Buick Roadmaster Woodie, and it is missing the lower tailgate hinges. These are unique to only 1949's. If this project is still around, perhaps they would sell them to me if they have them. I would totally appreciate any help from you, 48woodie. Cheers, Mike
  14. What have you for Buicks, and how much? Any 1947, or 1950-53? Cheers, Mike
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