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  1. On my '56 there is no bracket at the rear of the radio. There are brackets on either side of the radio. Jim Yergin
  2. I am in Warrenton, Virginia. If you are looking for an engine machine shop near Woodbridge I highly recommend Dave Lucash in Opal, Virginia (http://www.proautoperformancecenter.com/). He did my 1941 Plymouth engine (included re-sleeving one cylinder) and my 1956 Thunderbird Y block. He was very timely and I was very pleased with his work. Nice guy to work with. Jim Yergin
  3. A while back I took the Friday afternoon tour of FantomWorks that is conducted by Dan Short. At that time he said he actually lost money on the TV show. I wonder if Motor Trend cancelled the show or he just chose not to continue with it. Jim Yergin
  4. I noticed that the painter on the show used to be the painter on the Fantom Works show. Jim Yergin
  5. Edd China has produced his own show. https://youtu.be/IaW9Sg5NPyE?t=23
  6. John, I was under the impression that the "T" on the Virginia plates signifies they are for a truck. It could certainly be a wrong impression but you may want to verify with the DMV that you may use them on your car. Jim Yergin
  7. John, I am the owner of the 1941 Plymouth wagon. It was fun on Sunday and nice to spend time with everyone there. I look forward to future gatherings but unfortunately I will be out of town on November 9. My car is actually a collection of parts from various cars. I acquired the first one in 1988 in Ohio and towed it home to Virginia. I spent 20 years getting the car on the road. Over the years I acquired additional cars from Maryland and South Dakota to provide needed parts. Jim Yergin
  8. John, What time is the show in Winchester on Monday? Jim Yergin
  9. Have you seen Jay Leno's recent feature on his 1914 Premier posted on his Jay Leno's Garage web site? Jim Yergin
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