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1955 Parking at the City Yacht Basin in Downtown Miami just after the decking and pilings of Pier 5 were replaced during renovation. Many people parked here when going on a charter boat fishing trip from this historic pier. 


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My best friend's father owned a service station near Syracuse University.  A regular customer was a professor who always drove a new Cadillac.  His license plate was "HL".  I always thought that was very cool and I've never seen another NY passenger car plate having only two letters.  Apparently he got a 'heads-up' sometime before NY launched its personalized plate program (he undoubtedly had high-level connections in Albany) and he was assigned the plate and never let it lapse.

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On 11/11/2023 at 7:10 AM, dship said:

Undoubtably, that Massachusetts plate belonged to a state politician!

Yes, none other than James Michael Curley, who served as mayor of Boston for four terms and governor of Massachusetts for one term (among other offices).  If you Google "James Michael Curley license plate," you will find a very entertaining article about how Curley obtained this plate (actually a reprint from our own "Antique Automobile").  I grew up in Boston and remember those days before "personal plates" were readily available.  Every once in a while you would see one of these low number plates, always an indication that you were in the presence of some bigwig!

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