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Lots of Buicks for sale today at Texas swap meet

Pete Phillips

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I attended a flea market in Fort Worth, Texas today and was surprised at how many old Buicks were for sale there:

1965 SportWagon with factory A/C, power windows, 4-bbl. V8 in decent shape, but the paint was a bit weak, $7000.

1969 Riviera, same condition as the above car, $6500, probably an older restoration.

1962 Special 4-dr. sedan with 198 V-6 and rare 3-speed stick shift, running, driving car in gray primer, $2000.

1939 Special 4-dr sedan, very nice running, driving car with wrong wheels & '53 wheelcovers, "sold" sign on it when I got there

1972 Skylark red convertible, 350-4-bbl., had GS hood and GS red stripes on rocker moulding, bench seat, but no "GS" badges on it anywhere that I could see. It's hard to know when these are the real thing or a clone. Very nice car, $21,000 price and still there at end of the day.

1954 Super 4-dr. sedan, totally original, unrestored car from a local estate, still titled in original owner's name, not running and had some fender & bumper damage at left front, no rust anywhere that I could see, very solid floors, showing 40,000 miles which I believe to be correct, engine turns with effort, needing paint, driver's seat upholstery, and it has no power steering (ugh!), asking $2000. This one was very tempting because it is such a time warp; been sitting since 1977. Has 1953 wheel covers.

I also saw a '56 Special convertible, no top and missing a few trim parts, but solid with new black paint & slightly incorrect upholstery, no price.

Enjoy the photos.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas






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That 1954 Buick Super four-door would make a good start on cloning the 1954 BUICK LANDAU.....add a fourth porthole in the front fenders.......swap the top with a top from a station wagon.....and your almost there ;). A lot less than

$100K !

Al Mack

"500 Miles West of Flint"

"If the top don't drop, it's just another parts car"

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Has Al been in the high octane stuff???

Anything can be done with sufficient funding, initiative, and expertise--forget about doing it for the investment, just do it because it can be done. Cloning the '54 Landau would fall into the "because it can be done" category, I suspect, so why not do a more modern version from a 1969 Electra?

Now those high-class beverage "accessories" of the '54 Landau, they might be worth reproducing.



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Based upon the prices I saw some Buicks bring at the Leake-Kruse auction in San Antonio on Friday and Saturday, you could cut most of those prices by half.

Their auction results are not posted; as soon as they are, I'll provide the info.


I'd have to be hooking up the trailer if the price of the 54 Super were cut by half. That would be an easy restore and a stately old Buick once done. "Somebody" should scarf it up. I have bumpers for it. (right Stevo) :)

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Absolutely correct my friend. Your bumpers are hanging on the rafters of my garage and will be duly removed and moved when we move from this house to the next. Hopefully this will happen in the next 60 days.


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Lamar...let someone else have the '54...you can't have them all, and I suspect you already have more '54s than you can shake a stick at, let alone do justice to, so don't go threatening to hook up the trailer...I may have to send an e-mail to someone sweet to get you more work in the yard just to keep your nose clean...it's for your own good my friend.

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That's my intentions. What part of " I really think someone from Texas should buy that little time capsule" isn't clear? ;) BUT, if no one else does then I might HAVE to. :D

At the first indication of the latter part my friend, my finger will hover over the "send" button on that keeping nose in landscaping message :rolleyes::D

Can't you just be content with being the chauffeur / polish guy for a Motorama car? No...he has to have ALL the '54s for sale ;)

That brings up a thought though. In the grand scheme of things, is it better for the BCA for an existing member to buy such a car, or to let a non-member buy the car and hope that they find us? The ideal may be to slip a BCA membership application into the car so that whoever buys it would consider joining. Or, if you happen to witness the deal, introduce yourself and the BCA to the new owner. In that light, perhaps those of us who have sizeable collections of Buicks may simply be too selfish. Just some Saturday morning philosophizing....

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