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    Need a few spare parts for a 32 Buick

    I also have a couple of vintage heaters, but they need restoring / assembly; do not appear to have any core leaks. Came with my collection of 1932 Buick parts, but not necessarily for a Buick. Pete Phillips
  2. Pete Phillips

    Need a few spare parts for a 32 Buick

    Here is what I have. Contact me for prices. I have learned from experience not to post prices for all to see, thanks to unscrupulous folks who come along and undercut me after I do all the work of finding the parts, take the photos, post them, etc. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  3. Pete Phillips

    need tail light bracket for 1931 Buick

    These are two extras I have, but for a '32. Do not know if '31 is the same. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  4. I am at the last straw with this sorry Holley 4-bbl. on my 1958 AMbassador wagon with the 327 V-8. What can I replace it with that will have similar hookup locations? Holley carbs have got to be the sorriest carburetor design ever made. Pete Phillips 1958 Ambassador 4-dr. hardtop station wagon Leonard, TX
  5. Pete Phillips

    Function of this 1932 part on 344cid ???

    That is part of the "Wizard Control" or automatic clutch control. Most of them were disabled and disconnected many years ago because the Wizard Control is complicated and didn't work after a few years of use or disuse.
  6. This large room at the convention center is where the indoor swap meet vendors will be--large enough to have all vendors in one room, with larger than usual spaces. Pete Phillips
  7. Pete Phillips

    Need a few spare parts for a 32 Buick

    Quite sure I have a spare speedometer/odometer; believe those are all the same for 1932, regardless of series. Will look when I get back to my shop on Monday. Last crank hole cover I had went for over $300 on Ebay. I don't think I have any more of those. They have a bad habit of falling off when the car hits a bumpy road. Might have some of the other stuff, but it is scattered among four buildings, so it takes me awhile to find it. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  8. Pete Phillips

    53 buick straight eight and a 4bbl. Does it exist?

    All '52 Roadmasters have the 320 straight eight with the four-barrel carburetor. One-year-only. Their intake manifolds and butterfly valve housings are almost "unobtainium". 1951 Roadmasters used the two-barrel carburetor. And the '53 Special used the two-barrel carburetor on the smaller, 263 engine.
  9. Pete Phillips

    34 Buick

    Gert, The big Boston Buick dealer was Noyes Buick (pronounced the same as "noise"). I did an article on them in the Buick Bugle a few years ago. Noyes was the Buick distributor for all of New England in the 1920s and 1930s. Their main building is now owned and used by Boston University. That's a beautiful '32. I have its close cousin, a 56-S, also unrestored and with its original black paint. Pete Phillips
  10. Pete Phillips

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    My parts list says I have a new front U-joint for 1958-60 and also a U-joint repair kit. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  11. Pete Phillips

    1920s carburetor?

    This came with a bunch of 1932 Buick parts that I bought last week, but I think it is a lot earlier than 1932. Marvel carburetor, and the latest patent date on it is 1921--any educated guesses as to its year? Thanks in advance. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  12. Pete Phillips

    WTB 1956 1957 1958 starter relay

    Still one more hurdle before I can get this 1956 Buick Special to run and crank. None of the area auto parts stores have this relay. It mounts near the top of the driver's front inner fender, under the hood. Looks like 1956, 1957, and 1958 are all the same. Anybody have a good used one they would sell me? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  13. Trying to identify this. Thought it might be 1937 or '38 Buick, but the front end is too snub-nosed compared to the others, which come more to a point. Maybe some other late 1930s GM make? Or is this really a Buick lens and I have the wrong ones on the '37 I am working on?
  14. Pete Phillips

    Is this a Buick parking light lens? Or another make?

    Will see if "1939_Buick" wants it first--he spoke first. Thanks for the help. Pete
  15. About half of the 1963 Buicks have turn signals with amber lenses; and half have clear lenses but with amber bulbs. I can't remember which one came first but the lens color was a mid-year production change. Red wheels were an option on Buicks for many, many years. I don't think the wheel covers in that photo are correct for 1963, but it's not a very good photo. Never heard of a red line underneath the '63 grille. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  16. Pete Phillips

    1912 and 1913 Buicks for sale. Touring and a runabout.

    No photos; no location, very little description--good luck with your sale (you'll need it).
  17. Pete Phillips

    windshield removal help

    I think he has passed on. Last time I talked to his wife, which was about a year ago, she told me that he was not well and was under hospice care. The '49 Special has another owner, but I cannot recall whom.
  18. Pete Phillips

    1953 Body Flat Rate Manual, rare piece

    OK, Gary, sold. Pete
  19. First one of these I have seen, so it must be a rare piece. Something chewed on the upper right corner, otherwise it is perfectly useable. Gives the normal hours expected for various body repair and replacement functions. First $7.00 plus $2.50 US postage; foreign postage a little higher. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  20. Pete Phillips

    Claimed. Free Two straight eight heads

    The 1256754 is a 1932 50-series head. Just checked and that's the same # as the one I have on that car. The other one I cannot identify. 1289261. Can anyone identify it? Have an acquaintance who is looking for a 1940 small series head. Pete Phillips
  21. Pete Phillips

    1950 model 46-D sedanet $4200 in Texas

    Ben, The bumpers and grille are very nice; couple of small dings in the grille but you have to look for them; no pits to speak of. Lance, I don't know the original color, but I can look at the data plate tomorrow and de-code it, unless we get ice and sleet as predicted--might be a few days. Pete
  22. Not mine, but a local friend/body shop owner pulled this in last week; been sitting awhile, not running but the 248 straight eight turns, standard shift (despite the Dyna-Flow trunk plastics), very solid Texas car but someone attached the rear quarter panels without the proper fender welting, and then used a light coat of filler to fill the space. Very solid car, couple of finger-sized rust holes in trunk floor would be easy to patch. Looks like someone from south of the border did the upholstery. All glass is good. He is asking $4200. Located in Bailey, Texas 90 minutes northeast of Dallas. I can provide his phone # for those seriously interested. I can also get more photos for those seriously interested. Everything under the hood is untouched, unrestored. First thing it needs is a new wiring harness--lots of bare wires under the hood in the original fabric-covered wiring. Front bumper and grille are very nice. This is the deluxe model with the extra stainless trim around the windshield, side windows, and beltline. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  23. Pete Phillips

    1948 water pump rebuild kits?

    Anybody know of someone that stocks and sells rebuild kits for water pumps (1948 Super)? Most places I have checked either sell the entire water pump or will rebuild yours.
  24. Pete Phillips

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    I can't figure out how to get the video down-loaded, but if the interior is there and is new, then it's just a matter of installing it and installing the wiring harness, $1500 for the wiring harness purchase and another $1500 to install same. Looks like engine is done and ready to be hooked up. I can get a good paint job done around here for $6000-7000, maybe less since the primer looks like it is already done. Chrome plating is expensive and I'm not sure how much of that has been done on this car, but if you are okay with just polishing it up or just doing the bumpers, that is another way to save some $$$. The car doesn't have to be 100% restored to be driven and enjoyed. Purchasing and installing a new convertible top will be around $2000. Again, you can put it up and down manually if you want to save $$$ and not get the hydraulic cylinders done, but the windows need to work and those are probably hydraulic and on the same pump. If the upholstery material has not been purchased yet, you can save some $$ by not doing it in leather; do it in vinyl instead. Depends on how correct you want it to be and what your goals are for the car. I just purchased this unrestored gem over the weekend, so I have an original to go by now, for reference! Ben Bruce and I are only about 130 miles apart. Maybe he and I could split the work, as my shop is completely booked up and out of room until the BCA national meet is over with in mid-June. I can get you some storage that is a lot cheaper than what you are paying in N.Y. And the guy who paints cars for me currently has room for another project. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas 1946 model 76-C (newly-acquired) and other Buicks...
  25. Pete Phillips

    Wanted - 32 Buick Exhayst Manifold for 57S Series

    I have several for the 50 series. Go down a few topics to the guy who wants a 60-series manifold and you'll see a photo of one of my 50-series manifolds. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard TX arts wanted ad: Wanted for 1931 model 54: Need instructions for how to make side window curtain frames. Need help locating inner column ignition parts. Dennis Poletti, BCA #45553, McMurray, PA 15317, cell phone: 412-352-4399.