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  1. What are you wanting to know about them? They fit all series of '56 Buick, but from what I have seen, only came on those with dual exhaust.
  2. Been there; done that. 4-door Super and Roadmaster door handles won't work; has to be from a 2-dr. hardtop or convertible. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
  3. I just looked up Elcar in Kimes and Clark's Standard Catalog of American Cars, and according to that, the 8-cylinder Elcar didn't come out until 1925. 65 h.p. Lycoming eight; 127" wheelbase. Quite an intriguing car! Apparently, headlights and tail lights are missing, as is the spare tire. Elcar was made in Elkhart, Indiana from 1916-1931. All information from the above-referenced book. That rebuilt straight eight has to be worth a large part of the asking price. Man, if I had the space....!!! Pete Phillips Leonard, TX.
  4. Yes, still have all except the parts car in the last photo. The cars are in Bonham, Texas which is about 350 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico/Texas coast.
  5. Where does that attach? On top of the intake manifold?
  6. I can sell you a June 1975 back issue, on behalf of the North Texas Chapter, if you want the actual issue to hold in your hands or for show & tell. Pete Phillips Leonard, TX.
  7. Rebuilding a 1954 two-speed PowerFlite transmission from my 1954 Chrysler Imperial. Looking for another torque converter. Transmission shop says the one on it is too deteriorated from sitting for decades to bother rebuilding. Anybody have one? Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas 75452
  8. Well, I"ll start the discussion if no one else will. I'd like to see some opinions on whether the Buick Club of America should: 1. Proceed with the national meet on July 15-18 in Ohio as scheduled? 2. Reschedule it to the last weekend in August or first weekend in September (host hotel is available then) 3. Cancel it due to health concerns and not hold a national meet this year. Next year's meet is in Charlotte, N.C., so if cancelled completely, it will not be back in Cleveland, OH. in the foreseeable future. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  9. Here's a photo of the flaw, if you want to call it that.
  10. I think this was an early dealer "take-off", because it is with a bunch of other N.O.S. parts, wrapped up, part # on it, but just a little less than perfect condition. One tiny chip which is nearly impossible to see unless it is pointed out. $175 plus postage, before I put it on E-Pay. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  11. Adjust valve lash when engine is warm, not cold. Hydraulic lifters, of course, have no adjustment. You can find out which one it is by listening to each rocker arm through a short section of heater hose or garden hose, held up to your ear. Or, sometimes you can isolate it by simply applying pressure to the spring end of the rocker arm (while engine is idling) and see if the tapping sound changes any.
  12. No pits, no cracks, still in the original Buick parts box. For Super and Roadmaster; will not fit Special or Century. $600 plus shipping.
  13. The Buick Club of America knows of two 68-C 1932 Buicks among its 6,000+ members. Yours makes three! Pete
  14. I think I have some extra 1932 headlight lenses. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  15. Definitely early 1930s/late 1920s, but there are several sizes for different size engines.
  16. There is, or used to be, a '58 Packard two-door hardtop that was painted exactly those colors, parked along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, in front of one of the Art Deco hotels--probably owned by the hotel owner/manager. Somewhere I have a photo of it. It was spectacular!
  17. These have the Ford script on them and came with a box of 1940s and 1950s Lincoln parts, including V-12 parts. The former owner had a '47 Lincoln and a '47 Ford, but there are early 1950s Lincoln V8 parts, too. Can anyone help me identify them and their application? They are a bit smaller than the size of your little finger. Thanks for any help. I am not a Ford guy. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  18. Where is this located, Brian? Not Beverly, Massachusetts--I used to live and work there, and never saw a building like that.
  19. $1250 obo is cheap enough--I think he wants to sell it, just needs to provide some more information. Does it run?
  20. Stuart, Many thanks! I had a hunch it might be for the small series engines--you confirmed it. Your parts book is better than mine. Pete Phillips
  21. I have a couple of oil dipsticks for Buick, part #1326042, that I cannot identify. I think they fit a straight eight from the 1940s or late 1930s? 320 engine dipstick is #1326043, but my parts book has no listing for the 1326042. Can anyone verify their application? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  22. Anyone know if this is still on, or is it going to be cancelled like everything else, it seems?
  23. The May issue of the Buick Bugle magazine is on the 1950 Buicks. The cover photo I had planned to use is not going to work, and I don't have any other good ones. If someone has a 1950 Buick and can take a large photo of it, now is your chance to get it on the cover of the magazine. The photo needs to be taller than it is wide (turn camera on its side) and needs to be very high resolution. Photos pulled from the internet and photos from cell phones aren't good enough to reproduce on the magazine's cover. Deadline is about 4-5 days from now, or March 25th. If nothing comes in, I will use a piece of 1950 sales literature or something like that on the May cover. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338