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  1. Great, Bill! Judy and I bought our '65 on our honeymoon. That was 29 years ago; still have the car!
  2. Bill, One suggestion I forgot to mention before. When you go to glue the front of the top to the bow, open the top about 6-9" and let the top bow rest on something, keeping it paritally open. I think I used an empty paint can. The reason for this is because there is no way you can pull the top tight enough with your hands. When you staple it with about 6-9" open, then close it, the top will then pull very tight. By the way, how much money did you save doing your own paint job? It looks great! Joe
  3. Brian, You will never regret putting a rear glass window in the car, but you will regret installing a plastic (clear vinyl) rear window in just a few years. Good luck! Joe
  4. If you are going to do it yourself, I also have a few suggestions. I have installed three tops; a '65 Wildcat (identical to yours) a '69 Ford Galaxie and an '83 Riviera. First, as all others indicated, have everything working on the top. I used ATF in the motor in my '65 when I first bought it in '83. If the motor, hoses and cylinders are all working, just keep working the motor til you get all the air bubbles out of the lines and motor. Make sure your latches line up well with the windshield header. Adjust and get them opening and closing easily. Assume that the cables will need to
  5. While the question for the discussion is about whether it is illegal to remove or not wear a shoulder belt, the real question should be "why would you NOT want to wear one?" If I am facing the chance of a 7,000 pound pickup slamming into me because the (idiot) driver was talking on a cell phone or texting, I want EVERY piece of safety equipment available to me to be in place and working! As others have said, never remove saftey equipment. And I would add.....USE IT!
  6. I see where Roberta shut down the gripe-a-thon over annual dues (good move!) Maybe there should be a table set up at the next annual where anyone who gripes about annual dues can learn how to save money by making Spam pie? Of course, if you REALLY want to make money, have a booth set up where anyone who complains about annual dues is tied to a post and the rest of us pay $5 to throw a Spam pie at them.... I can see the lines now.
  7. If you can remove the parts you are trying to clean, your best bet would be to buy a disposable aluminum roasting pan, and soak the parts overnight using carburetor cleaning solution. Most of it is still available in one or 5-gallon cans, designed to soak the body of a carburetor for several hours. If your part is too big to go in the can, use the throw-away aluminum pan like the type many chefs use for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. If you are going to soak the parts for several hours or longer, you will need to use it only in a well-ventilated area and enclose the top of the pan in alumi
  8. I've had good luck with Simple Green. The fumes are not as bad as some cleaners out there. As you are saying, most of this buildup is going to be like scraping asphalt off of the car; and some of it may actually BE asphalt! I've also used a common screwdriver to get into the tight areas, in addition to a small putty knife. As for really big jobs, well, there are some people at BP and in DC that would like to know the answer to that one.... Joe
  9. Yep, remember seeing those around. Being from the south, they didn't rust out, so they lasted a while. Can you imagine finding one of those with a perfect body, but a blown engine, then dropping a modern 3.8 Buick V-6 in it with the modern electronics to make it run? What a screamer! Of course, the tranny probably wouldn't take the 205 horsepower for very long, so you would have to have a tranny built to take that kind of power. Joe
  10. Roger, If you don't want your Bugles, please consider taking them to the local VA hospital, or veteran's nursing home. You'll be their hero for a long, long time. If you don't want yours, send them via 4th Class mail to me and I will deliver them for you. I have one of each (VA hospital and state veteran's nursing home) just a few minutes from me. If you have a PayPal account and let me know how much the envelope and postage cost you, I'll reimburse you. You may also be able to donate them to your local high school auto crafts class, public library or give them to a visitor at a local
  11. Ultimately, the membership issue is going to come down to some realities that none of us can do anything about. They include the following: 1. Dwindling pool of potential members. Buick's market share is dwindling every year, and there are fewer and fewer well-cared-for older Buicks on the road every year. Hence, fewer potential members. 2. GM's diminishing of the Buick brand. Buicks used to stand for "Premium American Motorcars." The names Lesabre, Electra, Century and even Park Avenue had as much as a 50+ year heritage that stood for a person moving up in income and prestige. Now,
  12. I didn't mean to be insensitive or flippant. But there is one thing to remember when complaining about rising prices: Pick Your Battles Carefully Anything else is little more than tilting at windmills. And, no, I don't like rising prices more than anyone else. A few examples: When Wal-Mart raises the price on an item I've bought many times from 99 cents to $1.25 almost overnight, it doesn't do any good to complain, either to them or to others in a forum like this one. I may go a little more out of my way to buy that item at another store that has it on sale, or find another way to
  13. Barney is right about being in a leadership position being a thankless job. You listen to the data, reports, presentations and analysis and make a decision that will best serve and preserve the organization you are trying to promote......and then wait for the criticizms to come. And they come...... As for BCA membership, I guess $50 is relative to what you pay vs. what you get. For example, consider these average 2009 prices: 1. Movie ticket: $7.18 (6.93 movies for $50 for ONE PERSON, not a family of 4) 2. Restaurant meal: $10 each per person, with a range of $5-25, depending on which
  14. THAT was a Buick! http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_1934-Buick-Roadmaster-76-C-1949.html
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