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  1. Buick35, if I remember correctly, it was a Rover.
  2. Addition to my post above, check this out, and notice the yellow highlighted section: https://fixautousa.com/blog/stop-rodents-from-chewing-car-wires/#:~:text=Why Do Rodents Chew Car,appetizing for rodents to chew.
  3. My wife's new Ranger has that stop the engine feature and thankfully she hates it as bad as I do. Also thankfully, Ford provides a button to disable it. It has WAY too many electronic things, voices, lights, etc. for me, I wanted a "new" 61 Ranchero, ha ! Oh well, we still have the old Mini and the Studebaker, as well as two really simple little motor scooters to drive if we don't need to use the truck.
  4. My list has been about the same since my teen years. We have been able to own some of my dream cars, but they have come and gone already, so we've been lucky or fortunate. I changed my priorities of keeping my dream cars by selling them to be able to get this place in Hawaii, and don't regret anything about it ! My big luxury dream car is a huge 30s era Packard 12 cylinder, and my WOW ! dream car is still from the 1st pic and the 1st time I saw of one, a REAL GT-40 Ford small block or big block, (but small block actually preferred) from the 64 to 69 era. My "show my immaturity"
  5. It's getting there ! Looks almost like a driveway all the way 'round the house now ! Anxious to finish up and bring a car or two around and in the "to be finished" under house garage.
  6. When I was a kid, on a family trip from Knoxville, TN. down to Chattanooga, TN., we went up a street in Red Bank, TN. and I saw a big 30s era Packard that was parked in the street. It was long, so I imagine a 4 door, had twin side-mount tires, and was painted gold. We only seen it a couple more times, then the folks we visited moved. After I got my drivers license, of course I went straight down there as soon as I got a chance, and have to this day, never seen it again. I still want one just like it, and I am 73 now. I finally did get a Packard, not exactly the same thing, but it was as goo
  7. This might not seem car related, but rest assured, it certainly is ! Access to the side and back of the house, hooray ! Here's our guy "haulin' grass, and "pullin' stumps".
  8. House of the Rising Sun..... Hey, I'm a Tennessee boy, had to out Dolly's version out here too, ha ! https://www.google.com/search?q=did+dolly+parton+sing+house+of+the+rising+sun+%3F&oq=did+dolly+parton+sing+house+of+the+rising+sun+%3F&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i22i30j0i390l4.25166j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 AND 1st... https://www.thevintagenews.com/2017/01/21/the-original-song-the-house-of-the-rising-sun-is-older-than-new-orleans/
  9. For the folks that don't remember POCO, the smaller long haired guy in the Eagles, Timothy B. Schmidt was POCO's lead singer. They had some good songs. I'm 73 and still a huge Pink Floyd, 10 CC, Beatles, Santa Esmeralda, Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra and many others fan. Shoot, I even like the Ink Spots and It's A Beautiful Day groups, ha ! Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, The Shirells, The Toys, Everly Brothers, Righteous Brothers, and all the groups and singles like that were my favorites during my earlier "got my own radio and record player days, ha ! We do love our music, here's mos
  10. I am moving my battery from the left hand front (over the power steering unit) to the right rear in the trunk in our 55 Studebaker coupe. Hey look, there are two more spark plugs under where all that mess has been, and the car was yellow from the factory, ha !
  11. Yep, drove mine to the car club breakfast this morning.... time for a "nature-wash", ha ! On the way home I came back down by the ocean and it was raining so hard the road was puddling badly in places, so it got an underneath nature-wash too !.
  12. Last time I washed the Studebaker, it started raining pretty hard, so I backed it out of the garage, grab'd the microfiber towel, and had at it ! Our city water is horrible about spotting, rain is better. Then, pull it back in the garage and dry it off. This is the way I did it when I spray'd on the Mequiars Ceramic too, EXCEPT.... let the rain dampen it again after cleaning/drying it, then spray on the ceramic stuff, let it rinse again (or just spray it off), and then microfiber it dry. Good results.
  13. I just listen to whatever comes on this old thing, normally on the station I leave it on, it's late 50s and up rock.
  14. Matt, I've been saying it since I bought a new 74 Ranchero GT and the seat belt, seat empty, seat loaded, door ajar, and other crap I don't remember started going off. Back then fortunately, none of it was hooked to the engine, transmission, dealers place, manufacturer's watch line, or "the cloud", so I cut all the blasted bells and alarms off with wire cutters as I found them. HATE being controlled by someone else's idea in a machine with bells, whistles, voices from a computer, screen, or flashing lights in my own space I'm supposed to be controlling. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Still hav
  15. edinmass, the Mazda dealer wanted 400 and something for a new key for my wife's Miata. I told her to forget it, I didn't need one anyway, but she decided to lookit up on U-Tube to see if there was a fix or some other thing to replace it. Super simple, almost stupidly simple procedure, and took no $ and about 2 minutes ! Try that..
  16. Pfeil, I know about the lifting over stuff, ha ! We had a normal Ranger...05 I think, before this one, and it was fairly easy. My best "easy to use" trucks were an F-350, ( my fav "real" truck of the bunch, shown below) two F-150s, a 66 F-100, and an 84 long bed Chevy, all with a "Tommy Lift" !!! Love those things. All my Rancheros and a 56 F-100 were really easy to load/ unload too, and the Studebaker trucks were reasonable height too, but just never used either one of them for big load or hauling duties. We worked for an old man on a farm when I was a kid, my dad did the heavy lifting and
  17. My wife bought a new Ranger. I absolutely hate every single thing about "controlling" it, but will admit it is nice riding, handles OK, and runs like a muscle car (turbocharged)...... except for the gas not being "let off" the instant you get off the pedal. BUT, if I want to do anything with the radio, adjust the mirrors, try to get a fan / heat, or air adjusted, re-set the mileage for gas fill-ups, find the clock, or almost anything else, it is much safer for me to just stop, figure it out if I can, or forget about it and just go on. Oh, I am able to roll the windows up and down now, but the
  18. That is a great find and score ! I thought those days were over, ha ! In 68 thru' 70 there were old cars and pieces of old cars all over Texas around the Ft. Worth region. Fun days !
  19. Since I finished the disc brakes on the 55 Studebaker, the new window motor on the 07 Mini, Karen came up with a new idea..."hey, I need a new fancy pants stereo that does everything except use the bathroom for me put in my Mini"...sheesh. Oh well, got that done and the darn thing worked 1st time ! We do, however need a small, pre-teen child to tell us ...well, her, I ain't fooling with it.... how to operate all the functions. Then, after having such good luck with that, I decided to put the little plastic louvre looking "design feature" back in it's hole it fell out of beneath where there us
  20. My answer is just simply that I enjoy everything about this group. Learning from shared experiences is so good !
  21. Padgett, glad you told that Harley story, it reminded me of one of my worse embarrassed moments. I had bought a 750 Honda chopper that really needed a lot of cosmetic work, and it took me several weeks to get it all apart, painted, (my 1st custom paint job) and re-assembled. I was working at Browns Ferry Nuclear plant in Athens Alabama at the time, and there were a lot of us making decent money back then spending it on cars and bikes. I was the only one that fixed up a Honda chopper at the time, and several of my pals had stopped by the house to see my progress. I was on 2nd shift at the tim
  22. We have a 1963 Mini with sort of a wild paint job...neat and clean always, but we understand it's not everyone's "cup of tea". My license plate in TN was "NOT 2 BIG" since after all, it's a Mini. Setting at the red light on the way home from work one day, a huge Oldsmobile that was in really terrible shape with a bunch of rather drunk guys in it pulled up beside me, one leaned out and hollered "Not too purty neither", and they all were really laughing hard ! They took off, and I had a really good laugh over it too. At a gas station one day in our 63 Avanti, a fellow pulled in bes
  23. Put a disc brakes kit on our 55 this week... love it so far, thanks to Turner Brakes !
  24. Wow, that is a curious thing. The Mustangs from that era couldn't have a simpler path for the gas to flow, and as the tank is flat on top, it should just keep filling until it runs back up the curved filler. Now if it was a Falcon wagon or Ranchero, they are real slow to fill. Let us know what you find out huptoy. Only thing I could imagine might be possible is if the gas is going in WAY too fast.
  25. I turned 73 in Dec., and my mind hasn't realized my body is that old yet, so simple things take much longer and the "lay down a minute" areas get more work-outs, ha ! BUT, I'll keep thrashing, I love fooling with them, just try to prep myself that it is going to take a LOT longer than it used to,and keep the pain creme and non-aspirins with a bit of black coffee handy. Doing a power window install and a "better radio" as she says install on the brides fake Mini ( BMW version ) and have a brand new disc brake kit for the 55 Studebaker to install next !
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