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  1. Nick, the opening of my garage is 17 feet back from a rock wall, the available space inside is 10 feet, my Studebaker is right at 18 feet long, and I can only back it in, and it almost always takes two "moves" to get it straight. My wife won't even try it. That was all I had to work with, and thankful for it, but it is more than a little trouble. Oh, the rock wall doesn't have any "give", ha !
  2. Matt, there is a fellow over here with one of the old straight 8 Spitfire engines, and his lettering is really faded red. However, I have seen one that had yellow letters too, but the only V-8s I have seen that were detailed had it in red. In some of the early "hot rod" type books, the black and white pics of road tests of new cars usually have dark letters which I would assume to be red. I'd go with it, ha ! By the way, your car is gorgeous !
  3. 1st date ever, my parents 60 Studebaker Lark wagon. 1st date with my 1st wife, my 63 1/2 Falcon Futura. 1st date with my "now" wife, my 61 Falcon Ranchero street driven gasser looking truck. (straight axle and slicks). Married my "now" wife by driving my 56 Studebaker Sky Hawk with a HUGE hole in the floor in July of 75 around North Alabama trying to find some place that would marry us. It worked, still have her, ha !
  4. Hey Keiser31, did you remember that Ghia did the Pantera bodies too ? Mine had a small Ghia badge on the right front fender.
  5. Keiser31, they are a LOT of fun ! We had ours for 11 years and it was a hoot every time we started it or drove it ! If you are very large, have a stiff back, or have a left leg, they can be a bit crowded tho, ha !
  6. AC Cars Ltd., formally known as Auto Carriers Ltd.
  7. I like Paul Dobbin's answer best, ha, ha ! I always wanted to be a parking lot attendant !
  8. Well, here is one ole' boy that would have bought one, I love it ! The rear glass could also be from a Pinto looks like.
  9. Guys, if you ever meet Dennis in person,you will find he is one of the most enthusiastic, nice, polite interesting fellows you've ever met. ( and he listens carefully to you talking about your car as well as remembers meeting you before if he did that ! ) Here he is with my wife in 2012 at the Cruise Paradise event here on the Big Island of Hawaii we have once every 3 years. His show has been on for 23 years now, it is very popular with an awful lot of people, some who do not even have "collector cars", so I guess he must be doing something right.
  10. And the other neat thing is the little guys fit in your typical lawn mower shed with a 60 inch door !
  11. Pomeroy, we had a black Taurus MT 5, and I still have never seen another one. Folks usually look blank when I mention it, but I really liked that car. It was an 86 I think. Do you know anything about that model ? That is a great story you have posted, thanks for telling it ! Naturally the only pic I have of it has a smear on the side where the emblem was. I was trying to make a different looking center grille plate for the car when I took this pic... didn't turn out too well, ha !
  12. We got this bike out of my wife's Grandad's old "feed house" in Alabama. It was given to her aunt for Christmas in 51 as best we can find out, and went through a bit of use through the years. Her Grandad "touched up" the white paint years ago, we just cleaned it, took off the rather weary stock seat (saved it though), put on new tires with tubes, and the missing rubber hand-grips with new ones. After a good cleaning, I spray'd the bike with a satin finish clear-coat to help preserve it. Neat old thing. We would be glad to receive any other "more correct" info about the bike.
  13. We had this in AL, and also the same name in TN before we moved down to AL . Now, here in Hawaii, they allow only six places, so no personalized plate for him yet