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  1. I should have put this pic with the one I've already posted, but I didn't take my test in this car, I just owned it ! Two of all drivers controls, 53 Studebaker, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, Acme Drivers Training car from Antioch, TN. ( part of Nashville by now ) When I bought it, the trunk was full of old empty oil cans. The guy wouldn't sell the car for years because he couldn't find the title..... I went to look at the car, folded down the passenger side visor, and the title fell in my lap ! It sure was strange with two steering wheels, and I bet the previous owner had a lot of fun driving from t
  2. Craig, that is my favoriteMcCartney song. I believe Wings member Denny Laine (an ex Moody Blues guy) plays the pipes.
  3. This old Lark was the one I took my driver test in.
  4. Thanks Bhigdog, will watch for the pics !
  5. Bhigdog, guess I just can't see it, but how do you adjust the space between the wheels ?
  6. You're welcome sir. One of the guys on the Stude forum told me to make sure the throttle to tranny adjustment was done 1st, but I haven't done that yet. I'll go ahead and send it too.
  7. Here ya' go checker, a page shot and a couple showing the instruction. Good luck.
  8. Hey Checker, if you have the shop manual, it also tells how to do it if you don't have that tool. It's a very simple instruction. If you need a pic of that paragraph, I can run out and get my manual and copy it for you.
  9. Hmmm, this is strange, as most of the folks I have met are just neat people that lots of other folks know their names. Anyway, here are the ones that really meant or still mean a lot to me: Dick Scritchfield ( L.A. Roadster founder and great friend), Jack Roush (met at the Great Race stop in Florence, AL.), Don and Pat Garlits (met him at races, her at the museum), Connie and Scot Kalitta (met at races and worked on some of their aircraft), Paul Adams (one of the head guys at the old Ford Plant in Sheffield, AL. and also was part of the Pantera manuals program for De Tomaso), Bob Bourke (at t
  10. Victorialynn2, this is the best I can do for right now.... fall ? What's that ? ha ha !
  11. Peter, we have found it easier to just trade or sell than to do regular what used to be normal little jobs... new cars are wonderful until they're not.... ha !
  12. I have loved cars.... all cars.... since the 1st one I saw apparently... only had a little over 150 of 'em so far, but do lean more toward things from 72 back. I can NOT leave them alone though, something to make it mine must be done when I get one, wheels, a pinstripe, glass packs, just anything. I've said before, the manufacturers just finish them to a certain point, then we get 'em to "finish" properly, ha ! Now, to put a confessional seal on my car insanity, if a really nice 1961 Falcon Ranchero came up, well, been there and done that, but I love those little buggers ! My favorite 30s
  13. Michael C Wauhop, our salty cars may rust a bit faster, but the best thing to do is enjoy the thing while it's rusting, then get something else. You can own more cars in a salty area because of this, but be sure to ship each of your replacement cars from a dry area, ha !
  14. Couple more pics here for small car comparison...got the 63 Mini out of the tool shed and posed him around a bit ! Beside the 07 Mini, the 2019 Ranger, and a couple other shots. Guess this is another official "plays with cars " day....
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