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  1. Victorialynn2, this is the best I can do for right now.... fall ? What's that ? ha ha !
  2. Peter, we have found it easier to just trade or sell than to do regular what used to be normal little jobs... new cars are wonderful until they're not.... ha !
  3. I have loved cars.... all cars.... since the 1st one I saw apparently... only had a little over 150 of 'em so far, but do lean more toward things from 72 back. I can NOT leave them alone though, something to make it mine must be done when I get one, wheels, a pinstripe, glass packs, just anything. I've said before, the manufacturers just finish them to a certain point, then we get 'em to "finish" properly, ha ! Now, to put a confessional seal on my car insanity, if a really nice 1961 Falcon Ranchero came up, well, been there and done that, but I love those little buggers ! My favorite 30s
  4. Michael C Wauhop, our salty cars may rust a bit faster, but the best thing to do is enjoy the thing while it's rusting, then get something else. You can own more cars in a salty area because of this, but be sure to ship each of your replacement cars from a dry area, ha !
  5. Couple more pics here for small car comparison...got the 63 Mini out of the tool shed and posed him around a bit ! Beside the 07 Mini, the 2019 Ranger, and a couple other shots. Guess this is another official "plays with cars " day....
  6. My very 1st "ride" was a Railway Express tractor trailer metal truck. No photos of that... Dad worked there and got it for me. My 2nd one that I remember so well and have pics of was a Champion pedal car. Oh, and that is the family Studebaker in the background.
  7. Speaking of small and large. Our real Mini beside our 1st pretend Mini, our later pretend Mini convertible and our "full-sized" Studebaker beside our "mid-sized, used to be usable compact" Ranger. I can rest my chin on the tailgate of this thing...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. Volksminor, that is fantastic ! One of the prettiest little cars ever made and it really looks like you have done it a great re-purposing honor !!!!
  9. In 1967 right after I had my car re-painted, put in a very modified 289 Hi-Po engine, new shocks, springs re-arched, and a fancy set of Goodyear Blue Streak tires, this Plymouth shown below passed us on an straight section of road out in the country with one headlamp and no tail-lights. We all remarked about it and went about a mile on, then there he set in the road... I swerved to the left to miss him, and he stomped the gas and turned directly sideways which is where he still was when I got him at about 50 or 55 mph as it was all too sudden to avoid.. There were 5 of us in my Falcon, two in
  10. Mostly cruising back and forth to work at a nuclear plant that needed LOTS of overtime. Usually in a 61 Ranchero, a 69 Fairlane Cobra, or a brand new 250 Suzuki enduro bike !
  11. Karen is still painting the house, I finished up the valve seal and engine compartment "fixing up" on the 55 Studebaker, and presently being the clean'r/ prep'r/ scrap'r/ screen remove'r, wash'r, and replace'r for Karen.
  12. Mark Gregory, I am getting more than 2 months to the gallon in my Honda Metropolitan....50cc scooter that gets over 100 mpg ! I even take the trash to the dump with it... Our Ranger and Miata that used to be daily drivers are getting none to the gallon as they have been setting, ha !
  13. Our gas is from $2.50 a gal. for unleaded regular at Costco to nearly 4 bucks in town. I get corn-free 89 octane for my oldies and motorscooters at a service area you have to be a member of and today it was $3.33 a gal.
  14. Finished up the "1963 Mini-Fix" yesterday, but had to ask a Proper Englishman over to bring his knowledge and also his "Color-Tune" device for final tweeking. I've changed a lot of worn parts on the little car, and finally satisfied with it to get it back to normal use. Had it since 87 or 88, so kinda' like the little thing. Put it back in the shed, put the 55 Studebaker back in the garage, and working up the courage to start changing the valve seals on it. Sure hate to tear apart something that works so perfectly, ha !
  15. Found this pic of me that is dated 1961 on the back with most of the models I had back then. Don't know where the big submarine was, ( see my other post w/ the 58 Buick pics ) and it looks like I built a couple of bird models too, ha ! Fun days !
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