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  1. Mr. Z., if my GOOD paint jobs looked as good as your "bad" places, I'd be proud. Thanks so much for this amazing build trip you take us on.
  2. John Byrd

    Inspired by Keiser

    It is a Morris Minor ... very neat little cars and trucks !
  3. Hey there Mr. 1957Birdman, is that a T-Bird wagon in the rear of your photo ? Sure looks spectacular from here ! Any more pics or info on it ?
  4. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    chistech, sounds like you've got a great plan ! I would love to have my own one of these, but no room at my place unless I fill the pool....hmmmmm
  5. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    The folks that own the booth had already cleaned the floor and inflated it for me before we got there. It is 110 volt, actually goes up in very few minutes with the squirrel cage type fans that power it the owner said. In these pics, you can see one of the fans, some of the doors, and some of the vents in the overhead hoops. Looks like this unit came from Montgomery Texas..
  6. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Theirs had a LOT of filtered air coming through vents on the upper hoop parts, exhausting out the big doors that were also filtered, and I wear a chemical respirator.... had isocyanate poisoning before from urethane- type paints.
  7. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Zimm63, I had no idea of the cost, so I looked on Google... Looks like from the 9 hundred dollar range on up per size and features. There are some on flea-bay and Amazon also lists them.
  8. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Ha ! Had to look that up, Xander.
  9. John Byrd

    Red translucent lacquer

    Looks great Phil ! I have used "candy" translucent paints for lots of things through the years, and have had good luck with it lasting too. For what it's worth, I normally use 0000 steel wool for my prepping, but as you found, the fine paper works well too. Thanks for putting this on, I didn't know about the Tamiya brand, I'm headed to the hobby shop !
  10. John Byrd

    Show me your Foliage!

    Victorialynn2, not a whole lot of foliage shown here, but you can certainly see two of our climates ! I just re-painted Karen's little car, and she had cleaned it up real good for a parade.... it poured rain on her, ha ! Anyway, it is kinda' lush up where I took this, then down at the coast turning into near desert as it goes toward the north end of the island. We have 11 of the 13 climates on earth here on the Big Island, so we can get almost any type of, fun, fun !
  11. John Byrd

    Inflatable paint booth

    Christech, good timing ! I just used one of these booths for my 1st time just a few weeks ago. We loved it ! It was larger than your dimensions, because it belongs to a friend whose commercial garage burnt, and he got this to "tide him over" until the new building was completed. We had absolutely no issues with it. One thing, we did do our prep and sanding outside before we took it to the booth for the final check, wipe-down, taping, masking, and spraying. It turned out pretty nice, but since it was my wife's car and she was pleased, all is good ! ( except now she has ordered some vinyl flames, ha )
  12. Sure do remember it John S.... the 1st one in town was brought in from a neighboring town, and parked in front of the drug store. It was red and white, automatic, and seemed unreal to me. I was 9, about to turn 10 and loved it ! I got a model car of each year, and only had one real one, a 59 Villager wagon. I still think the 58 Bermuda wagons are one of the best looking cars out there.... but like the other guy, I drive Studebakers and British cars, ha !
  13. Mr. Z, this amazing story of yours is still one of the 1st places I go to each morning, and when you post something there has never been disappointment. When you are finished with this project, I think I will just fold up the laptop and quit looking, ha !. You are truly one of the best sir, and an inspiration to all of us that thought we could "do stuff" with our hands. The car is gorgeous, and I still can't imagine the detail you have went to even though I've been watching from the 1st. Thank you !!!!!!
  14. John Byrd

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    There was a pure stock red 50 or 51 Stude truck sold for 18K so far this morning.
  15. You're welcome Craig, I scratched out (w the computer) my signature, here is the sale "deal". I had a guy from the Fairlane Club of America tell me there were around 19 cars similar to mine, but don't know if that is right. You can see that they had me make (for back then) a large down payment, that was because I specified NO air conditioning ! They said they had not sold a non-air car in years, ha ! Anyway, fun times, neat car, lots of memories. The pic of it in front of the mobile home we had at the time is the day the used car dealer came and got it in March of 72. Took me 3 months to decide to sell it... Oh, I immediately put the Cobra Tach ( they were made by Faria) on my Ranchero, and several other cars through the years..