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  1. I still want the same car I seen on the road in 1966 for the 1st time..... one of the 1st, small block, Ford GT-40s. Totally impractical, way too expensive, but easy to maintain,engine-wise. Yep, still in love with an untouchable. Oh, by the way....never try to catch or keep up with one of these when you are 18 years old and in your 63 1/2 Falcon Sprint, ha !
  2. This is either my grand-dad or one of his brothers in the Turpin family of East Tennessee.
  3. OK Victorialyn2, here is Karen and I with our 55 Studebaker..... the 63 Mini has flames, so it might get boo'd off this group, ha !
  4. Trini, thanks. Another gent has posted on the private message part, and with all you guys help, perhaps Ian can get his old buggy running. He is still not back from SEMA, but I dropped by the shop anyway and the old car really looks neat. It almost looks like it has never been restored, but if it was, it was long ago, but still looks good.
  5. Jon, thanks so much for the info about the old crumbly Marvel carb for my friends Essex. He is a mechanic (and a good one), so he should have no trouble adapting something.
  6. Jon, thanks so much for the info about the old crumbly Marvel carb for my friends Essex. He is a mechanic (and a good one), so he should have no trouble adapting something.
  7. Trini, I hope you don't mind, but since Jon the carb king is already on here, I have a question too. Jon, I have a pal over here in Hawaii that is trying to find a carb for his Essex. I believe it is a 38 model, but not 100 % sure. He is at the SEMA thingy right now, but would you have info to help him ? I will tell him about you when he gets back. Oh, he says his carb is cracked....???? I'll check back in later, thank you too, trini !
  8. Victorialynn2, try the Classic Tractor Fever website and Aumann's Auctions, they are some good people and there is a lot of interest in some of the older John Deeres. I sold my 420 without a bush-hog in '08 for $2500.00 and it didn't look near as nice as yours. Here is a site with some values too.
  9. LarryCarol and Tinindian.... from Aug. of 63.
  10. OK Tinindian, here ya' go from Feb 64.
  11. Vermontboy, I suppose the thing that got me started in my "car life" was getting to go to work with my Dad so many times. He worked at some Studebaker dealerships and I was absolutely fascinated with everything about the places ! I became sort of a "helper" to a couple of the guys when they knew it was something I wouldn't get hurt doing, and I loved every minute of it all. I had surgeries almost every summer from the 5th grade through 12th for polio problems, so I got to go to work with him quite a bit. I always asked for magazines or model cars for all normal kid events like birthdays and Christmas, and haven't let up yet, ha ! Best life ever for a poor kid from East Tennessee is my take on those years. I ended up with so many books, magazines, dealer folders, and newspapers about automotive stuff that I helped re-stock a flooded book store in Nashville, TN. when we started selling things and down-sizing to move here to Hawaii...... then what do I do ? Started over, ha ! ( been bringing home hundreds of books and magazines from a really good, but older than me, friend that is now down-sizing ) "Car" people are the best, and my car-people-wife thinks so too.
  12. My 1st memory of a car change scene was an early "Highway Patrol" TV show starring Broderick Crawford. he nearly always drove a 55 or 56 Buick in the shows I watched ( I was a kid then ) and in one scene he was chasing a big dark car that I remember looked like a limo, and when it went off the cliff in a sharp curve, turned into a Studebaker starlight coupe ... Daddy told me to never mind, it wasn't real when I asked him about it as it happened. We had a 50 Studebaker at the time, so I was upset, ha, ha !
  13. Surely everybody over 50 has a Mimi pic or two ! From the June of 65 issue.
  14. Nick, the opening of my garage is 17 feet back from a rock wall, the available space inside is 10 feet, my Studebaker is right at 18 feet long, and I can only back it in, and it almost always takes two "moves" to get it straight. My wife won't even try it. That was all I had to work with, and thankful for it, but it is more than a little trouble. Oh, the rock wall doesn't have any "give", ha !
  15. Matt, there is a fellow over here with one of the old straight 8 Spitfire engines, and his lettering is really faded red. However, I have seen one that had yellow letters too, but the only V-8s I have seen that were detailed had it in red. In some of the early "hot rod" type books, the black and white pics of road tests of new cars usually have dark letters which I would assume to be red. I'd go with it, ha ! By the way, your car is gorgeous !