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  1. We always fill with distilled water to concave cavity just below threads for battery caps. Never had any problems.
  2. Are you at Amelia to look at the auction prospects?
  3. Agree with Matt that the engine doesn't have enough torque for a car weighing in at over 4500 lb.. If D. Cameron Peck did own this car wouldn't it show up in his auction, or did he sell it before the auction? Strange that the auction company could not research this reported previous owner.
  4. Interesting project for someone with very deep pockets who is content to only do concours events. The 3.6 liter 100 hp engine is not going to move that 4500=lb car down the road very well.
  5. Bob, if you go to www.packardsonline.com you will find the complete roster of all Packards through the 1923 3rd series twin sixes. The roster keeper does a great job of tracking these cars and all their owners.
  6. Please don't make this more complicated than it has to be. Start with a Model A if you want to in order to learn shifting. When you are driving a heavy Classic or similar car just remember to turn the steering only when the car is moving. Too many people try to turn the wheel when the car is stopped and realize it is next to impossible. Simply rolling very slowly is the preferred way. Also, if it is an earlier car with just two wheel brakes leave plenty of room to stop. Above all else - have fun and enjoy the experience !!
  7. As usual, what is proclaimed a first is not. A quick google search showed various electric fire engines pre-WWI.
  8. Always liked the Highland green on Mustangs and what's wrong with British Racing Green? Very striking on a big Bentley or a K3 Magnette. A BMW Z3 roadster looks great in a dark green.
  9. i got my license in 1954 and would drive the 1905 unrestored Packard 85 miles from West Chester to Hershey. It would cruise comfortably at 50 and it was fun to pass Model A's on trailers. In those days you drove to meets and on tours. The cars were basically owned by collectors such as my father who wouldn't think of having a car that couldn't be driven.
  10. Practically all of those cars would have been driven to the event. Actually, I'm surprised that there are not more large brass cars since there were many in the area. The early AACA meets in the Philadelphia area always had cars from north Jersey and Long Island.
  11. I recognize quite a few cars and owners. The Pollock Chadwicks are in a well known California collection and I believe Stan Smith's son still has the DuPont.
  12. I assume that you are referring to serial # 20239 which according to a Mercer Associates roster does not go back further than Louis Stiritz, as you mention. There are several people who specialize in this sort of search but they will probably charge for their services.
  13. Great car, Randy. Don't worry about changing you forum handle at the expense of enjoying your new accquistion.
  14. Isn't that what is used to create a google street view?
  15. Matt, if anyone can perform such a monumental (and painful) undertaking, it's you. Good luck !
  16. As you probably know, the tappets expand by different amounts which is why it is always better if at all possible to adjust when hot.
  17. Sorry to learn of his death. His posts were always interesting and informative.
  18. CORRECTION: Upon closer reading of the 840/845 Packard Fact/Data booklet, I discovered the following items: - The "Sport Phaeton Body is mounted on the 840 chassis" and has "a hinged tonneau cowl including a rear single piece folding windshield". - "At each side of the back of the front seat there is a light" and also a large compartment on the back of the front seat. - There is a two position carpet covered foot rail. every Sorry for the misinformation - learn something everday.
  19. The Packard Fact book for 840 and 845 cars does not list a sport phaeton, only a phaeton. The crude cowl support is totally unlike what was on the 645 dual cowl sport phaeton. Odds are very strong that this car did not leave the factory as it presently exists. Or, as Ed mentioned, it would have sold for a lot more.
  20. Yes, I was at that Devon meet and have that same picture of Tom in his Pierce Motorette that had just been finished early that same morning. The little electric car beside him has Jay Van Sciver III in it. I have posted the picture on this forum quite a while ago and it is indeed a great photo. As you probably know, Tom met a very untimely death around 1949 when his Alvis went off the road on the way to a car event in Connecticut.
  21. Thanks for the correction re Frank Lockwood's name. I have several pictures of Frank standing next to Tom McKean and Tom's Scripps-Booth at an early meet. Tom and Hemp Oliver were doth founding members of the VMCCA. Tom's great, great (?) grandfather was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Tom was the 6th AACA president. I remember him from the Devon, Pa. meets that preceded Hershey. Tom's extensive literarure collection is the one being given to the Simeone Foundation and the AACA library.
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