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  1. I was very careful drilling it out , I made sure not to mark the plate at all, then I used some two pack glue to refit it, you would never know. I even drilled some spot weld marks before I painted it. I’m in the UK and once the car is registered over here, the DVLA (our DMV) are not really interested in old cars. We get free road tax and no inspections after a car is 40 years old, all you need to do is insure it. Stay Safe Dave
  2. Hi, I’m no expert, but I couldn’t make out the numbers on my Fedco plate, but being fussy I didn’t want to mask it out to paint the dash, so I drilled out the 2 spotwelds from the rear to remove it, Then when I looked at the rear of the plate the letters and number were as clear as day, even though backwards. I wonder if anyone else has used this method. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi, I’ve been sorting out my friends workshop and found these wheels, he is no longer with us so I can’t ask, I was hoping you guys could tell me what they fit. My friend has had Cadillac’s Chevy’s and Dodge’s in the past. Outside they measure 20 1/4” and the rims are 4” wide, 6 stud and 2 3/4” between studs and 5” stud to stud across the wheel, the hid cap would be about 7”. They are pretty heavy duty and the spokes are quite big. I'm in the UK and was hoping somebody could help, many thanks in advance. Cheers Dave
  4. hi Hi there, I’m in the UK and I’ve been into Chrysler’s for about 20 years,( I’ve got a 48 Windsor as well) last September I finished the restoration of my Model 65 5 window coupe. I’ve just insured it again, even though there wont be any shows to go to. The guy at the insurance company said it would be insured on it’s replacement value. This is my question, I’m always looking for parts and information on 1929 cars but I can’t recall seeing any other 5 window coupes. So does anyone out there know of any cars like mine and if any have been sold in the last few years. I di
  5. Hi, I’m just putting my C38 flathead 6 cylinder back together and in the workshop manual the tappet settings are with the engine hot, how much do you guys add on for setting them when the engine is cold. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there from rainy old England, I’m giving my 1948 Windsor a winter overhaul, and I need some engine parts, I’m going to take the head off to replace the gasket and thought I might as well hone the bores and replace the rings and shells. I’ve ordered my gaskets from Olsen’s and was wondering where to get the other bits from. So any advise on purchasing engine part would be welcome. Many thanks in advance. Dave
  7. Hi, From sunny England, I’ve just finished restoring my 1929 Model 65 and I had trouble reading my FEDCO plate. During the restoration I decided to remove the plate by carefully drilling out the two spot welds. Once removed I looked at the back and I could clearly see the centre two numbers that weren’t visible from the front. It maybe a bit extreme but this might work for you, I kept the plate safe and just glued it back on after painting.. Good luck Dave
  8. Hi, I’ve had a oil leak on the pinion seal for a while, so last weekend I took it apart to replace the old seal with a modern one. On looking at the picture in my owners manual the diff looks to be a different design, the pinion is held in its own cage that screws into the front of the diff housing. I know the car is an early 29 could someone tell me if it’s the correct one. Also the teeth on the pinion are very pitted, I’ve attached some pictures and was hoping someone might have a spare one that I could purchase, I’m in England but would be happy to pay all costs, please m
  9. Hi all, I’ve now got my Model 65 starting well and the restoration is now complete, so I’ve been going on some short trips around the village just to sort all those little issues out. My concern is, it seems very sluggish especially when I come to any incline, I’m not sure how well it should go but it is a 6 cylinder and should have some torque, my 48 Windsor pulls all day in a low gear. My question is when the ignition is fully retarded on the steering wheel, in degrees what should the reading be and the same question for when it is fully advanced. I’ve made a marker f
  10. Hi, Checked it all today, all the above things were good. I did have some success tho, all I did was advance the timing by about 6 degrees and it fired straight up, I’ll leave it a few days and try again. i was told by an old guy to retard the ignition when starting and then advance it once it’s running, lesson learned, I might tinker with it and adjust the steering wheel control so it’s already a bit more advanced when the lever is in the up position. Thanks for all the advise, it’s great to have some help when you need it. In the U.K. we seem to have the same pr
  11. Ok, thanks for the ideas, I check it all tomorrow. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi I’m just finishing the restoration of my 1929 Model 65, all is good apart from 1 thing. After the car has been left for a couple of days, it will not start whatever I do with the choke, ignition or throttle, the only way is to drip some fuel into a couple of plug holes, she then fires first time and is perfect until left for a couple of days again. It’s as if there’s not enough suck to get the fuel uphill to the head and into the pistons when cold. All the obvious are good like compression, the float level, electric pump so fuel in the carb. if any body h
  13. Hi, i was just going through my 1929 Dealer data book, i was working out which options my car had. It made me chuckle when you had to pay to put bumpers on your new car. Then I tried to find some information on the Chrysler dealers of the time. I thought I might be able to find some Old adverts from the local papers but I’m not having a lot of luck. Does anyone have some pictures of old 1929 dealers or their adverts. Many Thanks Dave
  14. Hi All, Just a quick question from sunny old England, were white wall tyres standard on the 29 Coupe or would they have been black tyres. I expect this has been discussed before but I can’t find any details on this model. Thanks for any help Cheers Dave
  15. Hi there from sunny England, Just a quick question for you all, I own a 1929 Chrysler 65 5 window coupe and was wondering how many are left, is there any way of finding out how many there are in America as I doubt there are that many else where in the world. In the U.K. we can check with our Vehicle licensing agency as they know the whereabouts of every car in Great Britain, we often see articles in the motoring press showing remaining numbers of certain models. Thanks for your help. Dave
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