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  1. A. Ballard 35R

    1913 Mercer Gas Cap

    Check with Fred Hoch.
  2. A. Ballard 35R

    1913 Mercer Gas Cap

    Check with Fred Hoch.
  3. A. Ballard 35R

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    Please don't limit your comment to future generations of MEN. As previously mentioned the WOMAN driving the orange Duesenberg racer certainly seemed to like the car as I watched her start it up an incline and drive off as impressively as man would have done.
  4. A. Ballard 35R

    Markup In The Automobile Business

    Interesting point, Bob, but my question is why the subject of dealer mark-ups on basically new cars has anything to do with AACA or its stated mission? I'm sure that many will think otherwise. 😀
  5. A. Ballard 35R

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Matt- welcome back ! Your informative well written comments have been greatly missed. Glad that things are going better for you and am looking forward to hearing about your ongoing activities.
  6. A. Ballard 35R

    Willys Aero Eagle info needed

    Great looking car with the most desirable engine and transmission combination. Must be a blast to drive and see people surprised at the acceleration and cruising speed. If that OD is similar to the earlier Jeepsters it is possible to shift into OD in second gear, assuming you don't mind the high revs for the long stroke engine !
  7. You may want to post on one of the many Bimmer forums. The BMW Classic Club people might have an interest.
  8. A. Ballard 35R

    What type and age is this Packard?

    1929 model 645, very desirable.
  9. A. Ballard 35R

    1930 Packard 733 Roadster

    No, hers is a 740. Dont't think a restored 740 roadster has been available for under $100,000 for many many decades.
  10. A. Ballard 35R

    Before and after

    looks great and represents a lot of time and elbow grease on your part.
  11. A. Ballard 35R


    Ed, I assume that you are using 32/50 CP bulbs which are pretty decent and what was in my 645 Packard DC that I used for everyday transportation in high school in the mid 1950's. They do a great job if the reflectors are not tarnished.
  12. A. Ballard 35R


    You have a nice tour planned and hopefully the remnants of Florence will stay to the South.
  13. A. Ballard 35R

    Model 20: Successful Tour

    Excellent description of how to double clutch when down shifting. Simply a case of getting two spinning objects to engage at approximately the same RPM's. Learned to drive on cars with straight cut gears and this practice was the norm. Interesting in that in all these years this is the first time I've ever heard the term "declutching" used.
  14. A. Ballard 35R

    1932 Auburn

    That is a White engine and a White generator and I can not tell how much of the original cowl has been changed. It appears that in spite of dozens of letters to and from the Patent Office there was never a patent issued. The basis for the patent is confusing at best but apparently involves the circulation of fuel and water to the generator burner. Perhaps it ran under steam power but very doubtful if it was very successful.
  15. A. Ballard 35R

    1932 Auburn

    Wonder what exactly is the steam conversion and what does the patent cover? Is there perhaps a Doble engine hiding in it and what is the boiler/burner design? Did it ever run after steam conversion? Also, I couldn't find the asking price. Since steam conversions were generally unsuccessful the question is how much of the original Auburn was modified. How much work would there be to take this great car back to the original.