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  1. Yes, it was done during the war by T. Clarence Marshall and has been covered in an old thread. Needless to say it was not a very successful conversion. I remember seeing the car at the time but don't recall ever seeing it running. Perhaps StanleyRegister will provide an update.
  2. I think dusty is correct in identifying the hood bracket as the hood strap guide.
  3. Looks like Bergdoll in the winning #8 Benz at Fairmount Park 1911, last year races were held.
  4. Sure looks like Ron Hausman or one of his relatives on that assembly line.
  5. Are you sure that the S74 was nothing more than a stripped down stock model. I'm not aware of any stock FIATs with the S74 engine.
  6. Probably the best known collector of pre-WWI race cars was George Waterman, a founding member of the VMCCA, whose collection included, I believe, the S74 FIAT currently owned by George Wingard. As previously mentioned, race cars did not remain competitive for long and were usually scrapped. As interesting as the Thomas Locomobile certainly was, there would be very little reason to have kept it since it did not win any major races and was eclipsed by a later factory race car. The case of Old 16 is different since it was the first American car driven by Americans to win a major international race. In addition, the car was used extensively by the company to promote Locomobiles. We are very fortunate that Joe Sessions and Peter Helck were able to not only save it but to preserve it in its original condition. The car appeared at many events such as a New York Automobile show in the 1940's with George Robertson at the wheel, a Glidden Tour, and another appearance at Hershey in the 1980's plus Lime Rock.
  7. In case you are not aware, anyone going on the web site and clicks "Unread Posts" sees everything., I believe
  8. What a fantastic picture that I've never seen before. Several very famous drivers in front of as awesome a row of FIAT racers as you will ever see. Any idea of what the race was?
  9. Most likely a Thomas K 6-70 chassis which were used by Webb. There are some of these around since they make an excellent beginning of award winning Thomas touring cars and flyabouts.
  10. I believe the first American car to win Le Mans was the GT 40 Ford in 1966. Where all did this outstanding car race, especially with your great uncle as mechanician?
  11. I believe Gary is referring to the Bob Valpey Studebaker car that was sold at the Gooding auction last year at Pebble Beach.
  12. Very interesting photo of a Matheson Silent Six of which there is only one survivor.
  13. The Stanley twins built all out speed record cars plus cars for hill climb events such as the 1908 Model K Semi-Racers which competed successfully at events such as Giants Despair. There is a considerable amount of material available, especially at the Auburn Heights Museum in Yorklyn, DE.
  14. Two different cars. Fred Simeone's (chassis #472 engine #1093) is a conglomeration of several T-Head Mercers with a 1911 chassis and a later 35J engine and transmission. The crashed car is not a 1911 since the gas pressure pump is vertical and not on a diagonal. The acknowledged Mercer racing expert has been contacted and should be able to provide information on wrecked car as to race, driver, and car.