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  1. Bob, thanks for the link to the QCMC overview. As I believe you know, the previous post of the 1908 Packard with the QCMC pennant shows the driver, P.D. Folwell, who was president of the QCMC in 1908 when the club sponsored the first of the Fairmount Park races. He was a speaker at the first AACA banquet and hosted the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th AACA meets at his Merion, Pa. house.
  2. Perhaps a repeat but one of my favorite Packard Twelve phaetons, especially since I can see it every time I visit the Collier Collection.
  3. Last I knew, Joe Van Sciver still had his and I know that he would be very happy to assist you in any way possible. I believe his is pretty original,
  4. I think I was there but I sure don't remember the football game!
  5. Actually, you are probably being generous to call it yellow since it was closer to a not very pretty orange.
  6. You might keep in mind that a spotlight was not correct for that year raceabout.
  7. Send it to Nisonger Instrument on Long Island. They have been repairing them for over 60 years and they are reasonable and reliable.
  8. Writing on reverse says "Suffragettes on March in Washington, D.C. 2-12-13" along with names of people.
  9. A little too early for me but perhaps others will enjoy it.
  10. Here is an interesting photo taken in 1916 of Joseph White in his 1912 Moon Roadster according to writing on back of photo. Question for Walt G. - do you think that this is the same car that Austin Clark owned in 1948 and was shown at Pebble in 2016 when it was owned by Leland and Marissa Powels ?
  11. Not a nice way to treat what appears to be a Winton circa '06 or '07.
  12. Monty Roberts at the wheel of Harry Houpt's Thomas in Paris June 1908 awaiting arrival of winning round the world Thomas.
  13. 1905 Model N Packard owned by Wm. T. Hunter who allowed Packard dealer to use as display with new 3rd series twin six Packards. Hunter was furious when the dealer nailed a sign into the rear of the aluminum body.
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