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  1. Hopefully you got the carburetor as well.
  2. Pete, I've seen rear windows on cabriolet's with and without beveled glass.
  3. Sorry.......I forgot to mention that the rectangular rear windows on any Cord are not considered correct.
  4. Yes, you will find photos showing different rear windows. However, if you don't also know the serial number, the photos alone will not determine if a particular car is considered early or late. I have photos of my Cord (2288H) taken ~ 1939, which show the small window and one piece top (without the removable back curtain). A friend owns 2300H which was has won primary and senior at Auburn. It is also considered early and has the small rear window. I don't know what serial number is considered the end of the early run, but I can find out if your interested. There are other early
  5. West, To be absolutely correct for judging: The top on an early 1936 phaeton does not have a removeable back window curtain. The rear window on these early cars is the small oval, commonly seen on convertible coupe cars. Late 1936 and all 1937 phaeton tops have a removable rear window curtain, which uses the larger oval window. Try backing up a phaeton with a small rear window.....and you will know why the change was made.
  6. Early 1936 or late 1936 & 1937.....they are different
  7. When any true car guys leaves with his trailer, for a few days, his wife knows it won't come home empty..
  8. There was an L29 in Quebec in the 1950's with a slanted windshield. I wish I knew more about it but I have only seen photos.
  9. It would be so cool to have one of these crates.
  10. Ed, When you order the SJN, please pick a dark colour. I would be happy to pick it up at the factory and deliver it to you......free of charge (I'll even pay for the gas).
  11. The little face in the back window belongs to a dear friend who is now in his late 70's
  12. John, I resume that this is J256, early in its life and long before the side mounted spares were added by Pete Warvel in the mid 1960's. Do you have any information on where the photo was taken and when ? thanks, Mike
  13. Ed Is the correct carburetor available ?
  14. Absolutely, those 41 Cadillac grills sold for peanuts
  15. Don, If it ran better before, the kit is likely not correct for your carb. I suggest you call Jon (Carbking on this site) at the Carburetor Shop, give him your carb number and he will provide a kit specifically for your car. Jon only answers the phone on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  16. When I lived in a large metropolitan area finding a capable machine shop willing to do one of and multi operation type work was very difficult. Now I live in a small town with two great machine shops and an experienced, well equipped engine builder close by. There is a huge antique boat customer base in my area, so the machine shops maintain there older equipment and are used to one of type work. It's not inexpensive but I am able to get most things done locally. Hard chrome, porcelain and any type of plating are all hours away with long turn around times.
  17. e There are two of them, both owned by the same collector.
  18. For me, it will depend on access across the US border !
  19. Also check to see that your shift linkage is not interfering with any wiring.
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