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  1. Guys, Hard order to fill, BUT somebody has to have some. The Midget race cars back in the pre war era had Dayton made 12 inch diameter wire wheels. I need 5 of them for the 1935 Harris fwd Speedster. I would literally buy a complete Midget racer if it had these wheels. Wheels can be rough, I just need some. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also wanted, >>>>>>>>> Montgomery Wards racing dirt track tires>>>>>>>>>>>> ANY condition considered. I missed one on Ebay about one year ago. Thanks in advance, John please email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  2. Looking to fill holes in my SCCA magazine collection. Sports Car Club of America magazines, 1947-1951 Any race programs from Watkins Glen, Elkhart lake/ Road America, Guttenberg hill climb, Lime rock, Meadow Dale in Chicago, 1947-1957 ANY base races, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Studebaker proving grounds, Michigan, NY, Nebraska.1950 - 1956 Also desire any badges, banners, caps, patches etc from 1947-1957 Please email me; motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  3. harris speedster

    1955-1957 bird parts

    Stefani, Had 3, none left, sorry! Guess they break, or get lost during resto. Best regards, John I might try hills T Bird in Ohio >>> or Stan Levy, in Mass.
  4. harris speedster

    1936 zephyr tail lights, whole or parts, needed

    Larry, I was looking in the wrong place. I thought you meant here in AACA. I was looking in the wrong site. Thanks for setting me straight. I sent the guy an email, he is in the UK. No big deal though, as it can be shipped over the pond, as they say !! Thanks again, this is what makes AACA such a great club !!!!! John
  5. harris speedster

    1936 zephyr tail lights, whole or parts, needed

    RAY 500, Thanks for the reply. Yes, very hard to find now days, but needed for the futuristic Harris Speedster. Yes again, Boos Harrel did sell me some extra parts, 5-6 years ago, hell of a nice guy, straight forward and honest. I do check ebay often for the tail lights, or parts. ONE good thing, I do have extra parts for the 36 zephyr tail lights to trade off. Searching for a reasonably priced STARTIX also. 12 inch diameter Midget racing wire wheels from the late 1920's >>> 11 inch X 2 inch steel brake drums from what I believe are from a Chevrolet truck, mid-late 1920's.? Sooo many obscure parts he used to build his machine. Thank you for the reply, and the help, I TRULY appreciate it. After 30 years of ownership, I need to finish the story, and get the car to a recognized restoration facility. In the world this car will live in, people like me would be frowned upon for the process>>>>> I HATE that, because many of us here are as good>> if not better than those pedigree shops>> Oh well !!!!!! Respectfully submitted, John
  6. harris speedster

    1936 zephyr tail lights, whole or parts, needed

    Larry, I searched everywhere. Parts go back to sept of 2017. Went back into Lincoln/zephyr too. I must be searching wrong somehow? Can you set me straight, Thanks in advance, john
  7. harris speedster

    1955-1957 bird parts

    Paul, You are correct. But, there are at least 500 plus parts I am selling for an old friend. I have started lists before, but always get pulled away. I appreciate the advice, truly do !! Respectfully submitted, John
  8. harris speedster

    Taylormade graphic art

    Keiser, Thank you sir !! I could have called him, or emailed him, but felt like an idiot, because i could not find the posting>>> he has MANY>> ha Your tip led me to the Graphic art he did on the Miller race car. It was under Memorabilia, Toys, art etc. I am wanting to post a picture of one he did for me, which will end up going to the Library of Congress. Respectfully submitted, John
  9. harris speedster

    ERA Racer

    Here is more graphic art work that Richard did in 2016. He has real God given talent. Richard did a work up on my Speedster, I want to try and get it posted here also. Meantime, here is the other one he did, Miller race car. John Y
  10. harris speedster

    Taylormade graphic art

    I have searched until I am blue in the face, looking for a post by taylormade that displayed his graphic art done on computer. Was a very professional workup of a Miller race car. Does anybody know where I can find it? Thanks in advance, john
  11. harris speedster

    Wanted, original only or NOS, master cyl and wheel cylinders

    Viper 36, Going real slow. Had some set backs with a hip replacement and a few other issues. Back on track, working on some more history about Ben and The Speedster at this time. Taylormade, from herein the site, did some outstanding computer graphics of the car, and a blueprint. Going to submit the speedster to the Library of Congress, in hopes that they will induct it. We shall see They want a blueprint, that is why Richard ( Taylormade ) stepped in >>> great guy to work with, does not get any better AND his work is unsurpassed. If I knew how to move pictures, I would post one here, and would really like to post on ein the Speedster topic area>>> that will blow the guys away. Hope all is well, John
  12. Crazy me, wanting to buy some Miata's Have cash, and I am serious. Prefer low miles. LE,SE, M editions and R models especially !!!! 1989-1997 only. Headlights pop up and down. Serious, ALSO; have a large array of Miata parts for sale, inquire !!! Thanks in advance, john email motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  13. harris speedster

    1955-1957 bird parts

    I have a wide range of baby bird parts. Please let me know if you are needing anything. No soft tops. Thanks, John motorcarinvestments@gmail.com
  14. I need parts for the 1936 streamlined tail lights. Really need one of the chrome stainless rings that lock the glass lens into place. Also need two of the clear glass lens that illimnate the license plate. Could also use a license plate stand bracket; OR, a complete tail light. I do have parts I could trade off to get what I need. Thanks in advance, John
  15. YES, I am interested. Have not been on line for a while. Please contact me; motorcarinvestments@gmail.com