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  1. John2Dameron What a cool & fascinating story you told !! You bridged it back to the beginnings and then on to a rear Admiral that founded the Navy flight program.. I myself, find that very interesting, let alone you knew him and his wife. respectfully, John
  2. Paul, and or others which may know Aviation History. >> you mentioned Harry Hawks as another early aviation pioneer >>> few would know that ! Does anyone one know an early aviation pioneer by the name of' Dallas Spear. In the teens maybe ? I hope that I have it spelled correctly. Thanks in advance, John
  3. Frank, I missed the reply this morning. Yes, I do have tea pot parts, and whole carbs. I sent you an email. John
  4. Mercer 09. First off, I do have all of the specail parts that are needed to put the 292 or the 312 into the baby bird. Mnay think that because valve covers say Thunderbird Special, that a passenger car engine will drop in, WRONG. Sent you a email. What year do you have 55,56,57 ? Auto or stick> How much on the hard top, port hole or not?
  5. Guys, Has anybody at AACA, ever read the original book manuscript that Gordon Buehrig wrote ? It is located at the ACD Museum archives. If so, please let me know. Ben's Speedster was noted in it, don't know what exactly, or how much. Gordon's daughter Barbara told me that it was about 4 years ago, and I have a letter that indicates it also. Gordon and Ben were friends for over 60 years. Have spoken to Sam at the Museum, nobody there has read it. He gave me the OK to come over and read it, but would be much easier if somebody here had read the manuscript. Her and I also found the whereabouts of a car which still has Gordon's name on the title. Neat how things come about after so many decades. After 30 years, trying to wrap up my research work Thanks in advance, John
  6. Curti, Thanks for the tip. I did call, but ended up speaking to deaf ears. Do truly appreciate the tip though, true car guys are good people. John
  7. Greg, The wheels are 100% Dayton built. Axle stubs and inner hubs and carrier were all special Everything, besides the actual wheels, was also specifically machined. BTW, it is well documented in the corporate offices of Spicer-Dana, that this was the first half shaft the company ever built, long story, but true. Greg I am aware of the Alvis. Thank you for bringing it up. Cord Ruxton and a few others were producing also. Ben was not first, he just simplified and cut the weight in half or more. He was a highly regarded Engineer, designer and race organizer, among many other things. I still look at it in amazement, as it just shouldn't have been, don't know how else to put it? I am just the care taker of Ben's remarkable Speedster >>>> after 30 years of research, I am merely starting to report what I have found. Continuing on, >> I do truly need to "" identify "" and source as many parts as possible. One thing people do not realize, this car is the basic size, height, width and length of an AC Cobra or a D Type Jaguar. SIA page you posted above, is from an old Hemming's magazine, think that one was 5 pages. Thanks for the heads up Greg. That picture shows V-8 Ford caps, Ben used them for aerodynamic advantage. They cover the Dayton wire wheels We have accumulated magazines from 1936-1963, and 1983-1999. we have been keeping them under wraps for a submission to the library Of Congress in Washington. We continue to search for more though. If somebody would volunteer to post the pics, email me and i will attach my picasa pictures motorcarinvestments@gmail.com Thank you guys, John
  8. AG2 & CURTI. Guys thanks for chiming in to help out. After 30 years of research into the man & machine, and trying to identify obscure parts, I have burned myself out. Did just find some pictures of Ben, the builder, with Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney and Sterling Moss. So I do have success from time to time. This guy was remarkable, and his car Sensational, as on National magazine put it I have tried to post pics, but trying to move from my picasa to the site, something goes wrong, plus I am pretty bad at navigating', nit wit better describes it !! Have some good pics to post, but can't get them on. They are bolt on wheels, 5 bolt pattern. I actually have pictures of the wheels on Midget race cars, late 20's-1932. CURTI, I spoke with somebody at Dayton probably 10 years ago, they were not accommodating at all. i WILL try your guy mentioned, in hopes that he may have some idea's >> or knows where the original stamps are, if any left. One never knows. A fellow member told me he has some, but have not heard anything back in several attempts, happens a lot with parts for this car. THANK you guys, John
  9. Edinmass, First off, thank you for the guidance. It has been, and continues to be, very hard to identify parts Ben used from manufactures, and or one off parts he actually cats & poured. After 30 years of researching the man and his machine, I found out he was a major race organizer too, 1951-1963 Recent pictures came from the Henry Ford Archives, Ben with Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Sterling Moss. He was quite the man. >>>>>>>>>>> Moving on' I can't get pictures to down load correctly, as a person could see the box for ID purposes, and its steering adj linkage's and more. It has friction shocks also, which again is another guessing game in hopes that somebody does know what they are from, maybe even a old indy or midget, who know's, I pulled the numbers from the side shaft box in hopes that it can be narrowed down, as you kind of mention above.Edinmass ROSS Sand Cast #'s 202944 Stamped #'s on the box's pad # 190465 Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you, John
  10. I am in need of a 1930 ish Indy or midget car ROSS side shaft steering box. Anybody have one kicking around. A few pics would tell me if what you have, would work. Thanks John
  11. Does anybody have old records of pre war V-8 Horch cars? OR, anybody have records back into the 40's-60's that have David Biggs from Clarksville Missouri? David Biggs had two 1960's racing Ferrari's, Mercedes chain drive race car, 500K cab Mercedes, one of 3 pre war Blown Alfa's and MUCH more To the point; I ask, because I have a mid 1930's cowl tag off a Horch Cabriolet he owned, complete side cabriolet roof folding rack to windshield, big rear folding hinge side cowl panel. And the original cowl tag. Is there a Club that has any records? I want to sell these parts, but want to find out what I can about the car. It did not have side mounts, did not have wire wheels. It did have a rear seat, but was not seen when the top was up. triple hinge doors. It had a highly angled spare tire rack on the back trunk area and the framing that supported it was quite heavy and bolted directly to the frame rails.. Please let me know Regards, John
  12. By chance, are there any libraries on the old National Speed Sport News publications.? Specifically, April 1952. I want to BUY one !!!!!!! It is a Special Edition print of an upcoming Chicago Event. Or, is there another area of AACA that I should be looking? Of all things, Watkins Glen has control and all editions from the Chris Economaki ( sp ) estate, and this is one of the few that's missing !!!!!!! Respectfully submitted, John
  13. By chance, are there any libraries on the old National Speed Sport News publications.? Specifically, April 1952. It is a Special Edition print of an upcoming Chicago Event. Or, is there another area of AACA that I should be looking? Of all things, Watkins Glen has control and all editions from the Chris Economaki ( sp ) estate, and this is one of the few thats missing !!!!!!! Respectfully submitted, John
  14. $um fun, I truly wished they had the same hub. Have searched and looked at every style of hub, for about 10 years. Mnay midget racer cars went to knock off hubs, after about 39 or so. The wheels I need are bolt on 12 inch diameter Dayton midget racing wheels. I have looked at agriculture and airplane wheels too>>>> been working on this one off project many years. It really gets me down sometimes, but I keep plugging away !! Thank you for the post, and the help, I truly appreciate it. Car guys are the best group of people in the world. John