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  1. "You want that whiskey on the rocks?"
  2. Check out his other videos, love the rocker panel repair. He also has a video on a "su'boat'aru" amphicar, check it out John!
  3. If you can get the flywheel cover off the car, it is better if you try turning the crank from there. Nice car!!!
  4. I guess you will be out cruising now and not on the PC!!! Good For You. Have fun and enjoy.
  5. West, That is a Crosley "Gasporter". Used at small airports and such.
  6. Love how she is cleaning and working on parts of the car in the house on the white carpet! If I did that my wife would have my head. Glad to see another youth getting into the hobby. My step daughter loved to work on the Crosleys as she was growing up.
  7. Happy Birthday John, and many more happy motoring years to go.
  8. Doesn't look to be auto related. Looks more like a divider rack of some sort???
  9. John, Do the front parking lights come on when the switch is in the parking light mode? Some cars front parking lights from that era only came on in the parking light mode and went back off in the headlight mode. Just a thought. Dale
  10. Weds, Thurs, and Fri.! Too big to do in one day. But if you only have one day I would say Thursday as by that time most venders are there, set up and selling. By Friday some venders by noon-2Pm are closing down and getting ready to pull out.
  11. Looking good!!!!! Some days are Diamonds and some days are Boulders! Looks like you are having your Diamond days now. Keep on plugging away and you will be driving it soon.
  12. 20 minutes... That about how long it takes to change out a Crosley engine and transmission and be back on the road to eat.
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    Cars 036

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    Crosley hood ornament
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    Cars1 016

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    Wife's 1952 Crosley Super Sport
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    Cars 060

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    1957 Ford Skyliner
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    1951 Crosley Panel Wagon, coming together.
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    Painted 1951 Crosley Panel Wagon
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    Painting 1951 Crosley Wagon
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    1951 Crosley Super Wagon, stripped
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    !946 Crosley "Cow Car" Wauseon OH, 2005
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    Hershey flea market
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    1977 Corvette at Hershey
  23. Check with the Crosley club, Crosley Automobile Club Inc.- Home for all Crosley Car Owners or the group page to post a note http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Crosley_Gang/messages. The trannys are available, and there are a couple members in your area. Crosley trannys from 1946-1952 should fit with no problem.
  24. Looks to be a reconstructed or totaled car VIN.