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  1. Plastic lights???? Vinyl top??? Crank hole and no place to put the crank? Hummmmmmm.
  2. I have tons of Crosley parts and will be bringing some to Hershey. If you have a special need let me know I will will try to bring it. Post your needs here. Dale
  3. Need a exhaust manifold for a 1971 Lincoln Mark III for the Right side. Other years may fit. Email me at skyliner1155@windstream.net with price Thanks, Dale
  4. I a looking for a bird hood ornament for a 1951 Crosley Stationwagon. Like the one pictured. If you have one email me at frederick1146@comcast.net Thanks, Dale
  5. Please Delete this thread, They are sold!
  6. dalef62

    Ford carb ID

    That is the # on the box. And that is what I found when I googled it too?
  7. dalef62

    Ford carb ID

    Id on Ford box: C9HZ 9510 E. Id on Carb C31-9510-D LIST-2156-1 It is a lightly? used remanufactured Holley carb. Need to know what years and engines this carb fits. What is it worth, does anyone need it? Thanks, Dale
  8. Both left and right parking light assemblies in nice shape. Very little pitting, should clean up real nice. $350.00 plus shipping or best offer. Email me at frederick1146@comcast.net Dale
  9. Thank you!!! Anyone interested in them?
  10. Are they Crosley? I have two of them. For Sale
  11. What do they fit? Someone has added metal to the leading edge of the hood panels. For Sale
  12. dalef62


    What does it fit?? Maker is VITAG? For sale.
  13. What does this fit? I have a pair of them. They are for Sale.
  14. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to go almost nowhere. I started in the green field flea market and exited the field at Hockerville Road and had to make a big circle around the Giant Center to enter the show field, just to get my dash plaque. One of the biggest problems I saw was necking everyone down to one lane through the crowded Car Corral and spectators not letting Show cars move through. I was told "feel free to run over anyone in the way if it wouldn't hurt my car" by one of the officials, which I know he didn't mean, but he was upset that people were in front of the yellow caution tape. I think that the dash plaques should be put in the registration packets, and make Hockerville Road two lanes in, entering both from Hershey Park Drive and from 39 through the Car Corral. Hershey is a HUGE undertaking and I commend all those who work to make it what it is. To work with Herco and the grounds that are available take a lot of planning and cooperations from both partys. Everyone must remember that Hershey Region only uses the grounds that are available to them, paved or grassy.
  15. Don, I left you a note in your mesages.
  16. Hi, I have read all the comments about this vehicle and I am sad to say that I was one of the judges on this team. I first must apologize for the conduct of the team and I was very embarrassed at how one of the team members acted. As far as the deductions, I can't tell you how many points were deducted. I do know that you showed the team captain the MCA sheet and it was noted on your score sheet that the "engine compartment should be semi-gloss, not gloss". I was not the "engine judge", but it was felt that it is a incorrect finish and a deduction should be made (just as MCA did). There was too much chat between the engine judge and the team captain and I know that more than just the team members heard it, which was very unprofessional on the part of the engine judge. As far as point deductions in the chassis and exterior, the lower pinch weld should be painted black and overspray should be on the chassis (which we spoke to you about). The Mustang class is a very competitive class and very nice cars alway show up to go through the judging process. Your car is very nice and will do well in AACA judging!!!!!!! Please bring it back to AACA. Dale