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  1. More progress, the lower fronts of the rear fenders were rusted away so new metal was fabricated and welded in place. Slowly but surely the thing is looking better. As asked I will post a few of my other Crosley's in the next couple post. Thanks for asking about them.
  2. Well progress has been very slow, but progress none the less. I have replaced the rusted metal at the front part of the rear section that leads down to the floor area. I also ground off some weld at the edge of the rear fenders, preparing it for mating with the sides of the car. I still haven't made the rear floor panel as I need to get metal, hopefully by the end of this week.
  3. Thank You Peter for all the work you have put in getting the site back up and running. Your work does NOT go unnoticed. Dale
  4. Work is progressing on the rear section of the Hotshot. I was able to weld the center section in today. I also sprayed a coat of sandable primer on the the inside of the center section. The next project will be making the new rear floor section that extends from the existing floor to the the rear bumper. Also the front part of the inner fenders need some replacement metal work. Have I mentioned yet that this car is in very bad shape? I hope to have the rear section ruffed in by next weekend.
  5. Jim, I hope to have it ready for next years Nationals! As you can see in the pictures the previous owners metal working was limited to ductwork style. If someone needs some furnace duckwork, let me know.
  6. I have been busy with real work, making money to fund the resurrection, but have been able to get a few minutes in here and there. I have set the rear center section in place to test fit it and patched a few of the lower inner fender pieces. I don't have my camera here so the next time I do I will get some pictures for everyone.
  7. I thought I would give a little history of myself and Crosley's. My dad was into antique cars when I was very young and I enjoyed helping him work on and restore his cars. When I was 15 he asked me if I would like to buy an antique car and of course I said yes. He told me he knew where there was a 1951 Crosley wagon for sale and we could go look at it if I wanted to. He said Crosleys were not that good of a car and maybe we should keep looking. We went to look at it and I liked it and bought it with my grass mowing money. Dad and I restored that car and serveral years later I bought my second Crosley, the 1946 sedan at a local auction. Then many years later, after I got married, I got the 1949 hotshot at the national meet in Wauseon OH. Then came the 1950 pickup in bad shape that found me, then the 1951 station wagon, which was in an estate sale, then the 1952 Super Sports, that the guy came to me asking if I would be interested in it, which I knew about from the time I bought my first Crosley. The 1950 convertable was from another Crosley club member and then this hotshot. It seems like once you get one Crosley you have to have more. Crosley's seem to grow on you, the more you have the more you want. Of course in with the Crosleys I have other cars that I like too. Yesterday I replaced a few sections of metal in the rear panel and then primered areas that will not see paint when the car is put together.
  8. As I know everyone likes pictures here are a few more. Third pic is of the inner fender under the undercoating showing the original light green paint. I wish I knew how to get them in order...
  9. I am starting on a project of restoring a 1950 Crosley Hotshot that is beyond bad. When I got it someone had started the restoration of the car and didn't do me any favors as they had used galvinized furnace ductwork for the patchwork.:mad: The car looks to have been sitting outdoors for many years, being neglected and forgotten, left for dead. I picked the car up in West Virginia, and that was a trip in itself. I think someone was trying to tell me to go home and leave the car there as we got lost serveral times using maps from online. Now most of you know that Crosley's were not built the same way a Chevy or Ford was and they were not perfect when they left the factory. In looking at some of the original welds and placement of panels I can see that the car wasn't built with exacting accuracy, dimensions are different from one side of the car to the other by over 1/2" in several places. Crosley hotshots are rare enough that I feel this one is worth bringing back. Most of the metal that needs replaced is flat and shouldn't be too hard to replicate. The first part of the restoration is with the rear section of the car. To remove it I drilled out about a dozen aluminum pop rivits and lifted it from the frame as it was not bolted down. The spot welds that held the center section to the fenders were rusted away to the point that a few tugs on the panel and slicing the two welds on the support brackets and it was free from the rear fenders. The trailing edge of the rear floor section needed replaced and a welded in. The entire rearward floor area that extends to the rear bumper will be replaced with a new piece made from scratch. Several areas of the fenders where they weld to the center section were rusted out and repaced with new metal and welded in. Tomorrow I hope to prime the under side of the rear panel and rears of the fenders as they will not be able to be painted once the rear section is welded on, then I can weld the rear panel back in place. Hope you enjoy the thread.
  10. How big are the two gas tanks? Are they for sale? Thanks, Dale
  11. What are the dimensions of the trailer, including bed width and length, and overall length. Also what is the weight of the trailer empty and max weight rating. Thanks Dale
  12. Click on his images and you will see the Mustang II front clip.
  13. Still available... Offers accepted.
  14. I thought you tightened the lugnuts.....?
  15. 1984 Pontiac Indy Fiero with 89,900 miles. 2.5l 4 cylinder with automatic transmission. It is in fair shape needing TLC. Has power windows, power deck release, and sun roof. Seat leather is torn in a few places but the cloth areas are in great shape, still showing the embosed Indy 500 Logo. Carpets are in great shape, and dash is good. Drivers lower exterior door trim is broke at the front end. Has all the emblems for the Indy Fiero, Indy decals can be bought for the car for about $200.00. Tires are good, backs are brand new (not in pictures). This is a fun car to drive and will make a nice show car with some work, getting harder to find the Indy Fiero's. Car does have a reconstructed title. Located in western PA, 25 northeast of Pittsburgh. Asking $2,195.00 Dale
  16. Mike, Have you made this trip yet? I have sold a car that needs to go from the Pitts. PA area to the western Ohio area. Send me a pm if you still are going this way. Car is a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado
  17. Easiest way to get that screw out is, next time you have the car out, stop by your favorite auto repair/muffler shop and have them cut it off with their cut off tool(die grinder). In 20 seconds it will be off and save you alot of sweat. Looking better every day.
  18. Check the cars for sell, My dad has a 1975 Eldorado convert for sell, $2500.00 in PA. It is on the second page. Thanks, Dale
  19. I agree with jpage. I have seen them behind the door panel, when they are there they push the panel and the escutcheon towards the handle and keeps the pin in. This keeps the escutcheon and handle close to the panel. I think after someone removes the panel, when they put it back together is when the spring gets put between the panel and escutcheon. My two cents worth. PS. Looking great!!!
  20. Looks nornal at first glance, then if you look closer there is an extra space between the middle louvers unlike any that I have seen. I am not a beetle person though??
  21. Just a few differances...
  22. Great pictures and hope you sell it soon so you can start on the next project!