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  1. Do to someone's carelessness I am now looking for parts to repair my 1990 Ford Thunderbird and need a NOS headlight assembly for the drivers side. I need a New Old Stock headlight or one that is as close to new as possible. I have found the parking light assembly. If you have one you want to sell, let me know. Send me a private message or post here. Thanks, Dale
  2. I am working on a customers 1937 Chevrolet truck and looking to install the wiring harness and have a question as to where the harness goes through the firewall. There are two holes in the firewall, one on the passenger side that is about 1 3/8" diameter and one on the drivers side that is about 3/4" in diameter. Pictures below show the two holes, the passenger side has a grommet that I just installed. Which is the correct hole to run the wires through? I believe it is the larger hole on the passenger side, but want to ask those that may know. Thanks for your input. Dale
  3. Thanks for checking out my ad for a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe. This is one of dads collection that is for sale. It is a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe with the original 292 cubic inch V 12 engine. It has a 3 speed standard transmission with overdrive. There are 63K miles on this beauty! It was repainted many years ago, somewhere in the 1960's I would guess. It has it's bumps and bruises, but overall it is in good shape. The chrome is fair, glass is all good. The interior looks fair, some areas need some attention, while I was taking pictures of the interior I heard the clock w
  4. If Popeye and Brain are in Carnegie PA, that is not to far from where I am located. About 30 miles from me.
  5. Brian and Popeye must be in my neck of the woods. Nice car!!!!
  6. Taking some time off the FOR to sell my dads collection of cars. He has decided it is time to let his collection loose and let others enjoy the hobby. I have been quite busy showing and moving cars the last month. Several cars have sold but have lots to go. If you are interested, check out the buy/sell forum "Lifetime car collection for sale (pictures posted)" and buy a car.
  7. Curti, Yes that is the gas filler in the tail light. It is a 1953 Nash as it has the over riders on the bumpers.
  8. Just a short update on this, I received a refund to my PayPal account from eBay. I also received a survey from them, I hope they see how disappointed I am in them.
  9. I have been fighting with eBay and Paypal for about 3 weeks on a purchase I made with an e-paypal gift card. It withdrew money from both the e card and my paypal account, which overdrew my bank account as I keep very little in that account. I called Paypal, who said they know there is a glitch in eBays system but it was not their problem, transferred me to eBay, ebay says they can't see where it took money from both card and paypal and there is no glitch and transfers me back to paypal. After several calls, eBay says, "Yes, I see where it took money from both the card and your paypal accoun
  10. Starting to work on the body by clearing out the passenger area, removing the seat braces and such. It really is amazing that most of the bolts once loosened turn right out. I have a couple nut/bolts that are rusted enough that I can't get a socket/wrench on them and will probably need a little heat to loosen them. The next thing to decide is whether I want to replace the entire floor area or just sections of it??? I replace the entire floor on my brother in laws FOR and it wasn't that hard, with the exception I had to add some to the 4'X3' sheet of metal to make it big enough. Also a
  11. John, I will be making the wiring harness for this. There is not that many wires in the harness and I have made several before for the Crosleys, including my brother in laws FOR a few days before he took it to the national Crosley meet a few years ago. I do plan on using the cloth covered wire for this, all the other ones have been with the modern plastic coated wire. There is a gentleman in the club that makes wiring harnesses for the FOR but at $550.00 I will make my own.
  12. Paul, the front drums are the same on the 1950-1952 Crosley cars, the rears are similar. I need to work faster at times, some times I sit back and think of what I should be doing instead of doing it. That Farm O Road that is painted is my brother in laws, which I did about 3 years ago.
  13. Rubber hits the road!!! Well... garage floor. Got all the drums on and adjusted and threw some old used wheels and tires on it and it is now on the ground for the first time since last summer. Making progress. Hope to have it on the road soon.
  14. Last night I got the parts that were missing in the first order so I am back at the brakes again. I installed all the springs, all 4 or them and the emergency brake levers in the rear. Then I installed the rear brake drums and adjusted the rear shoes. Next will be the front drums, but I will wait till after lunch to grease the wheel bearing and install them. Might have it on its wheels this afternoon, even if they are junk wheels and tires. Might have it on the road soon???
  15. NASCAR has got boring. I agree with all the comments about STOCK cars and I think they need to get back to that. I think that would lower the speeds (no need for restrictor plates) and make it more competitive also. One thing I would like to see is to stop the yellow flag pit stops completely. In my opinion, yellow flag stops drag out the yellow flag laps (pits closed, then lead cars pit, then lap down cars pit then several laps just to line everyone up). Clean up the track and get back to green flag racing as fast as possible. Make them do all pit stops under green flag racing. If
  16. Yesterday was filled with stripping the old wiring harness from the body and removing bolts and clips and such. It is now ready for a major overhaul. And look what came in the mail yesterday, the brake parts and mounts. Unfortunately, some parts were not in the box that I ordered so a call was placed to the supplier, phone tag was the name of the game last night. I was missing the master cylinder, one wheel cylinder and 4 brake springs. Hopefully we can get that corrected and get the needed parts. The weather is to start warming up over the next few days so I hope to get a lot
  17. Those brake lines are a PITA! When you go to connect the front ones and the rear lines to the ABS unit it might be easier to disconnect the lines you already put in from the Master cylinder... I hate doing those brake lines on those Chevrolet Trucks!!! I wish you luck! Dale
  18. Mount that body to the rotisserie and begin the final bodywork on that Continental! Are you sure that is not a real body there?
  19. I started working on the body as I wait for the brake parts. First thing I wanted to do was work on the grill area, there were several areas where the grill was cracked and waving in the breeze. The mig welder made short work of the cracks along with some grinding. Some dollie work to all the dents and bent areas and the grill area looks pretty good already. Next project on the body is either the floor area or the sides? And hopefully the brake parts will make it from the snowy east coast so I can finish up the chassis. Choices, choices...
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